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80s Interior Design: A New Fashioned Way to Plan Your Bedroom

80s interior design

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Amidst the nostalgic rainy season, when I hear my grandparent’s stories of moving into their first homes and decorating them, the first thing I can think of is the gleaming pop colours and the beauty of consumerism and materialism. Yes, the 80s interior design is back and is on fire. Before getting them into our bedrooms, let me ask you one thing, do you know the vogue of the 80s culture? If you don’t, I will introduce those to you briefly. It was the time of saxophone and trumpets when people waved their bodies on the Euro disco tracks with their lacy bold and colourful patterned dresses, swinging their bouncy teased hair on them. That was the same time Billboards burst due to Michael Jackson’s songs, and all those old lovers had the same music on their record players. If this enthralled you already, then wait for the exciting part, which is yet to come. I have a bigger surprise for you than a sneak peeks into their lifestyle. Can you guess what it is, or should I proceed for that Aww moment? I am presenting you the ultimate guide by which you adore the vibes of the 80s bedroom so that you experience and fill the gap of time travel.

It doesn’t take me long to provide you with this guide, but rather, you have to follow nine vital steps for your 80s interior design and you’re done! Let us begin.

9 Easy Steps That Will Take You Straight to an 80s Bedroom.

1. Use All Those Symmetric-Asymmetric Shapes.

Shapes are not just visual articulation to our eyes but also a part of dramatic energy. If you have seen the rectangles in logos, then you must wonder about it. It comes with stability and comfort, likewise, circles have their importance which displays earthbound. Triangles follow masculine power, religion, strength, or conflict. Based on your personality, it is easy to pick up a shape or the kind of aroma you want in your surroundings. Once you have picked a shape, it is time to collect colourful alternatives for it, like red, green, pink, blue, and even white. Keep reading if you’re wondering where to place all these shapes. Find the minor corner on the wall with the least space and where natural light can reflect those shapes. Well, if you don’t have natural light in your room, don’t worry. I will make sure that your shapes still dazzle with the gleaming luminosity.

For example, if you want to stick an abstract pattern on your wall, pick all the shapes and try to pour your creativity into it through your intellect. If you still find yourself helpless, stick to this step. All you need to do is, take a pencil and draw a shape you want to fill. If you want your entire wall filled with shapes, it might be easier for you. Stick your colourful patterns on the slightly cornered wall of your 80s bedroom, and the first step is complete.

2. Don’t Go Without a Mirror.

Remember that 80s interior design is incomplete without an enormous decorative mirror. Why? Because mirrors reflect positive energy and are responsible for the spaciousness of your comfy bedroom. Also, if you think about how you must choose one for those vintage vibes, don’t think, read. Pick a rectangular, oval, or square mirror with a golden boundary. Now, emphasize the golden accent because it is the only thing that is pivotal.

Putting the mirror in the right place is the next step once you’ve selected the right mirror. Either, you can use it as a dressing table, paired with a vintage chair, or you can hang it on your most prominent wall for a vintage feel in your room. The idea to place the mirror on your above-made shaped corner is also not bad. It all depends on your taste and creativity for your 80s bedroom decor.

3. Marble Furniture and Upholsteries Are a Big Yes!

If you are wondering about marble furnishings, then you have to know that it brings some boldness to your space. Hence you can not compromise with this step. You can have black and white marble or some peach-white combinations. Choose a marble colour that your room lacks or has a faint vision. Once you have fixed the colour, then you find the purpose of its serving. Either use it as a table platform for quick conversations, a platform for keeping antiques, or even a bedside table. The core of this step is to bring playfulness or boldness to your 80s bedroom. Now comes the upholsteries that are nothing but comfortable padding for sitting. I love the leather upholsteries of bright colours that are stain-proof and comfortable. The padding can be used in lounge chairs or the reading corner before classes, or you can extend it to your bed. Now be wise with colours. Do not use simple colours but use some floral prints, bold orange, playful yellow, and even suicidal red works. The essence of vintage or 80s interior design is you have to look expensive. Not ridiculing, it’s true! Use your partner’s wit and let him pick at least one corner by himself. I am sure while redecorating your bedroom, your fun moments will get alive.

4. Bring Those Childhood Toys to Get Distracted.

I take credits as no joke and, therefore, I will take no appreciation (You can still do that secretly) for the inclusion of this point. The other day, I watched Thor Love And Thunder, and we all secretly admire Marvel novels and toys. By the way, the movie was epic, and I will not give any spoilers as I am trying to be good, but you can’t deny the timing. Marvel, the word itself, brought me the idea of throwing in some robots, comic books, and other colouristic elements like rubric cube that you can play with both actually and through design. Align them on marble slabs or any other corner and let the game begin in your 80s bedroom.

5. Crepes, Spiders, and Palms Are New Buddies.

Crepes, Spiders, and Palms not only fill your space with lots of perfect reflection of natural light but also with positive energy. Pick your favourite interior plant, especially the one which extends its branches long, and then use them as decorating agents near your balcony or windows. On a special note, make sure, your room has sufficient sunlight penetration for the step. The 80s interior design includes all those long greeny leafy structures that are by the way oxygen promoters too. We have a dark bedroom that has fewer lights, so skip this step if yours is like ours. I love crepes so much that I have extended my balcony crepes to my bedroom via the outside windows. You can do this too, but you have the nearest distance to your balcony. If none of these things turns out to be effective for you, I have one more option for you. No, not artificial crepes; they look filthy! The crepe will still grow under LED spotlights but at a slower pace and for more help you can find some of the nicest and easy growing indoor plants listed in this read. The fact that I can offer so many tips related to this topic might prove to be a blessing for you 😉.

Unknown Author

6. Bring Everything for a Noisy Ambiance.

When it comes to 80s interior design, use all those noisy antiques that fill your space rather than leaving a minimalistic touch. Of course, those shiny antique lights, hanging lamps, dark-shade lamps near the bedside, spotlights, all are in. Think of covering every corner with a light, and you will certainly find your perfect match. No Peps, things don’t work this way; I am ridiculing. You have to be specific with your color combinations and what you pick. Two bedside lamps and a few hanging lights work but remember it must be at serving at definitive positions as provided in previous steps for your perfect 80s bedroom. On an important note, do not forget neon lights as they are the soul to the 80s interior design.

7. Sassy Graphics Can’t Be Left Behind.

Graphics are something that you can’t miss in the pop culture era. Imagine you create doodles or your favourite artist’s graphical picture or even your new NFT (which is not profitable anymore I guess)! Everything comes with a refurbishing technique and so does the 80s interior design. You can use your last bought NFT, put it in a digital frame and satisfy yourself with the million-dollar art you bought.

Coming back, yes, those who are wise like Bill Gates and me, let us use our conventional graphics and try to bring everything into our bedrooms. I have used a graphical poster of my favourite artist Eminem whom I just wish goodnight before sleeping! Of course, you can too, and let me know in the comments what you used.

By Ikea (1986 Catalogue)

8. Say Yes to More Prints and Florals.

This is something I have been keenly waiting to introduce. When my bedroom is in the worst condition, but I have to still sleep in the same bed, then I prefer a floral bedsheet, and trust me, it already has a makeover for a night. Prints and florals are something that lightens up the ambiance and provides you with a scenic visionary. The next time you make a blunder in your bedroom, use florals. The best part is that it comes in too many colors that you can’t resist. Not only in beds, but you can use florals in even armchairs or sofa or sometimes the wallpapers. It is totally up to you. Even lacy sheer long dense curtains look great in the 80s style bedroom.

9. 80s Interior Design Is an Obsession of Glittery Gems.

The last and end game to your 80s interior design are those glittery gems. A model wearing pearl necklaces, those precious fake gems in a basket, and disco balls are all the best recommendations by my side. Once you choose them, arrange them accordingly. For example, if you choose the basket of fake gems, it has to be on your dressing table or those shiny marble slabs. Find more relevant searches based on what you like, even CD players works. Align them, and your bedroom is ready! Go surprise your partner.

By Anna Unwin


An 80s bedroom is a key to those nostalgic days of happy moments. If you want to bring back those days when you had fun in your grandparent’s vintage homes, start decorating today. C’mon, I have made your task so simple, what you have to do is pick a day and buy things and rearrange. Let me know what more I can provide you with 80s interior design, and I will certainly update it.

Meet you another time with an epic read!

Frequently Asked Questions.

What interior design style was in the 80s?

The 80s interior design consists of geometric patterns, mirror decor, neon lights and comfort through various means especially, an upholstery.

What is 80’s furniture style called?

Art deco is the common term used for the 80s furniture style. The idea was to make the furniture look artistic and comfortable with a sense of colour, prints and design.

Is 80s home decor coming back?

80s home decor is most certainly coming back mainly because owners want their space to look bold instead of aesthetic.

How can I make my room look retro?

An easy way to start is using floral bedsheets, minimalistic white curtains, carpets to define flooring and art deco furniture to intensify the look.

What shapes were popular in the 80s?

During the 80s, circular and triangular shapes were the most common.

What is 80s decor called?

The 80s home decor uses Memphis design which is identified by bold colours, retro furniture and geometric patterns.

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