AI Voice Changer: 6 Applications That Are Worth Giving a Try

AI Voice changer helps you transform your voice into whichever character you desire. Here are the best tools you can use for the same.

AI Voice Changer

Back in my childhood, I still remember that to call myself off from studies and my overly manipulated mom, I used to stay at my dad’s local bakery, where of course, pastries never intrigued me, but his company did. So I used to stay with him till midnight when one of his favorite old classical music channels broadcasted on the radio and dominated the vibe. I still remember how those deep cuts from 90s songs quickly relaxed my dad from all his hard work of the day. So clearly, the sweet voices on the radio deserved the worth, even in the late night shifts. And I always used to think that not everyone could have such a mesmerizing voice as the radio jockeys. Looking at today’s generation, the quick transition from original voice artists to future AI applications for the purpose has both pros and cons. And sometimes, I think that the original voice of someone carries a persona in them, which directly hits the listener, which we can’t achieve from AI, at least now. However, I am not here to express myself but to introduce you to a few best AI Voice Changer applications, that can literally make you sound like even Morgan Freeman. Also, I never wanted to be mean with it because as time progresses, we must too. Have I let you contemplate on your bags of memories? Excuse me for the moment but return to the present as we have a joyous activity to do. Yes, we are learning and further experimenting with ai voice change and seeing which application does it best. Let’s start.

AI Voice Change: What Are the Best Applications to Use?

1. Murf.

You do not have to have the experience to produce the best voiceover. Because on number one, we have Murf. It allows you to switch between ‘non-professional’ recordings and professional AI voices. All you need to do is just record anywhere, upload it to MurF Studio and swap the AI voice to the same script within minutes. You can browse their library and choose your favorite voices, and they will automatically appear in your script. You can convert text to speech and change voice by simply uploading regular audio. If it seems like a lot, don’t worry, as its user interface is intuitive, quick, and easy. So it is not worth panicking – unless you’re not a certified audio engineer.

Screenshot of Murf ai voice changer interface


When it comes to voice changing, numerous people forget that the accent of the language is crucial too. It simply means that whether you are talking in French or Spanish, you need to have an exact intonation, like the native ones. So, to prevent the listener from this sort of issue, provides a natural accent in 142 languages. You can create a text-to-speech voice-over and even get dubbing done here. At first, the trial provides you with 600 free words for it. There is also a free library where you can choose the dub artist and get your print voice ready with one click. Additionally, you can upload audio and change it into your favorite artist’s voice. Hence, it works both as a voice generator and an ai voice changer. So champ, try it! It is worth it. AI voice change screenshot

3. Resemble AI.

If you run an industry of video games, movies, tv shows, numerous tech projects, IVR, and applications, then Resemble AI is worth making a shot. It supercharges your synthetic voice paired with low-latency APIs to build great experiences. You can change your own voice here and even add emotions to it. Basically, it is an AI voice changer with moderation tools in it. You can have a free trial and check your usage. There are hundreds of collaboration tools, audio manipulation options, and recording options. So try it and thank me later.

Resemble AI homepage

4. Voicemod.

If you are a Gaming and content creator, then you can use Voicemod a real-time ai voice changer and soundboard. You can create your own unique voice skins and sonic identities with its audio tools. Briefly, you can convert your voice into the voice of a woman, girl, or robot online with a simple voice modifier and transformer. It’s just a matter of downloading it and plugging in your microphone to create as many voices as you want. Sounds easy, right?

Voicemod AI voice changer tool


For some of us, expressions play aloud more than just a matter of speech. To take care of them, we have on the list of the ai voice changer. A real-time voice-changing and enhancing service that adds human emotions is what you need, pal. You can use it on hundreds of different platforms like VRChat, Zoom, Google Meet, Roblox, Sandbox, Decentraland, OBS/DAWs, YouTube & many more. The listener needs more than robots, so here, you can use any voice without disrupting the connection. website screenshot

6. offers professional voice artists for a fraction of what you’d expect. There is no need for voice modulators since you can change your voice to one of our carefully curated portfolios or custom voices to create compelling professional voice performances. You can use it to effortlessly get into a professional voice, whether you want to run your own podcast or a youtube channel. Altered Studio offers exclusive access to Speech-To-Speech, Performance-To-Performance Speech Synthesis technologies that push the boundaries of what is possible with ai voice change. No more sudden thoughts, try it.

Official screenshot of Altered AI ai voice changer

It is the end of my list, not because I am tired of trying and writing here, but because the internet owns less in the industry. Now that you know a few AI voice changer, let me take you to the next section of the article.

Benefits of Voice Changer AI Applications.

The first one is about developing a fun hobby. C’mon, champs! Not everything needs your sincere attention. AI voice change might be a fun activity to do every time. For example, you can use voice filters while you play on Discord and even make out a few voice-over situations. It can be an excellent platform for communicating with other players while playing Fortnite games or skyping and zooming in on different voices with your friends and family. Briefly, anything will work until it is not an espionage attempt. Changing the sound of your disguises can be like being a chameleon.

Next, if you are a YouTuber or are in an audio-making service, the program can help. For privacy reasons or making things anonymous, you can always go for them. Furthermore, if you want to eliminate nuisance telephone calls from a salesperson, you can also get yourself to buckle up with them.

The third benefit is that with several clicks, you get a transformative voice-over. Turn all unpolished recordings into captivating ones, as you can choose from hundreds of voices in nearly all languages. It can be quicker and more affordable than conventional voice-production techniques.

Further, are you looking for multiple voice actors and equipment that would make a successful story possible? Then it may help you here with a quick solution. And the last one, you can also create a cartoon parody anyway!

Final Words.

AI is a fun activity where you can turn your work simpler. So all I ask you after the not-so-long article read is to do your utmost here and let me know how you felt in the comments below. Also which AI voice changer are you going to try out next?

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