AI Website Builder: Definition, Cons & Best Tools to Try

AI website designing is the newest addition for web designers to grasp. Read on to find everything about this and the best tools to give a try.

AI Website Builder

One of my closest friends recently opened a local online gift shop to attract buyers from local areas by presenting alluring offers and providing surprise home deliveries. A few weeks ago, when he asked me to recommend a good website builder for an online website, I told him to use WordPress or Shopify since these were better for commercial purposes. And yesterday, when we went to his shop for the opening ceremony, we talked a little less about the business, but one of the things he mentioned that helped him to create a website while being an absolute beginner was an AI Website builder. I have of course heard many things about Artificial Intelligence, whether text-to-speech generators, writers, or an AI website builder, but I never trusted them enough to help with my purpose. And that’s when I realize that everyone must have options to check for, which let me write an article introducing you to the finest AI website builders. And not to forget, my friend gave me a few names he tried, and after an entire night of test and trial, I am providing you with the best list of them. So, let us get started.

What is AI Website Designer?

Simply, understand that in earlier times, when the internet just came around, there was a need for higher technological proficiency, which was not just limited to website designing but also coding, and other things to create a website. Not everyone can easily get their website built, but today with an AI Website builder you do not need that much coding knowledge. So how do they do it?

Any AI website builder use machine learning and language processing to generate a website that is made as per your specific needs, and it streamlines everything from designing a site to organizing the content into the appropriate pages. So all you do is just drag components, streamline high-resolution AI images, and your personalized website is ready. But it is significant to know that not all AI website builders have all the features as few specific capabilities make them stand apart. It simply means that some builders are more advanced in terms of functionalities, such as optimal SEO optimization, image recognition for automatic content tagging, and chatbot integration, whereas some of them provide AI design assistance only. Furthermore, some AI website builders create everything on a website through simple text prompts, whereas few have options for automated layouts.

Besides everything, there is one more significant thing, which you must consider reading before we go in-depth on some of the best AI website builders, and that is their pros and cons. Now, despite all the advantages of easiness, which AI bring into web design, there are still many limitations that one must not neglect. The way my dad put it: anything that is meant to be difficult but goes with ease has fatal consequences. Therefore, I don’t want you to have any hidden spots for any business tool you use. Hence the cons list.

Disadvantages of Using an AI Website Builder.

  1. The foremost thing which comes under the con list is that though many AI website builders offer various customization options, they do not necessarily provide you with uniqueness. Also, the users will have a restriction in design or functionality. Now, inside this, there is one more significant thing linked, which is the Google Ads placement. It is for sure that side ads or other kinds of advertisements will be difficult if any kind of restriction is imposed on the design.
  2. Next, you will have only the generic designs for the website, which means you have limited options. You can’t buy a completely different look for your website than you can have in coded websites or wordpress.
  3. Next, you will have SEO-related disabilities, which means you can not have the best SEO practices despite your best efforts to it. And moving onto manual platforms, I realized that WordPress offers the best SEO optimization options than any other, even Wix. Trust me, the more manual codes you apply to any website, the more efficient it will be. So, AI-generated websites will surely have these difficulties.
  4. Lastly, there is a platform dependence, which means you can not directly import or export content to the other website when using an AI website builder. You will need hundreds of edits, which will just kill your time. Hence, migrating your website is not a good option.

It says all the cons. Now, the foremost pro here is user friendliness and easy website-making from scratch without any coding knowledge.

8 of the Best AI Website Builders to Give a Try.

Now, besides every pro and con, we are here to check the list of the best AI website builders. So, let us head to it.

1. Wix ADI.

Wix ADI is an AI website builder, which has an innovative AI assistant to process easy designing of the website without any technical skill requirements. This platform enables users to create visually appealing web pages, landing pages, and online stores. And once you easily create and design the website through Wix ADI, you can easily move it to Wix’s standard editing interface for advanced features, or you could continue using the AI tool for design.

Wix ADI AI Website Builder

There is a really easy procedure to create a website from scratch. All you need to do is create your Wix account, pick a theme, and let AI do the work. You can change the text style, images, and everything in minutes. The best people to use the Wix ADI include small businesses, portfolios, and freelancers.

Pricing: Create a Wix site starting at $16/mo.

2. Hostinger AI Website Builder.

The Hostinger AI website builder is the best service among the entire list of the best AI website builders. The starting process goes with the description of the type of website you wish to create. Understand it just like the prompt of Midjourney, where you are explaining everything you need for the website. Then, choose the type of website and finally define your project. Finally, to the ready side, you can drag and drop everything as per your needs, and it is done.

Hostinger AI Website Builder Form

What I like about this website builder is that it has more than 100 pre-made templates for getting started easily. Further, it provides an AI logo generator, tools for SEO, and heatmaps, which will help you get started quickly on your website.

Again, small businesses and beginners can try this AI website designer and builder.

Pricing: Plans start at $6.99/mo.

3. Site123.

SITE123 has been the easiest to use and simplest approachable AI website designer as it truly focuses on the client experience by utilizing the AI website generator, giving you a subtle, well-rounded website. After you have made a website through AI, you just need minor edits.

Best AI Website Builders SITE123

With SITE123, you get an AI website builder, which builds a responsive site for further final edits. After you have built a responsive website, you have the AI editor for which you can edit the entire landing pages and website. You can choose among a variety of fonts, colors, and display options. One of the remarkable things about this AI website builder is that though it does not have plenty of features to the site, there is a plugin section by which you can get plenty of helpful additions.

The best people who can use this AI website builder is for the businesses who wish to create a contact for bulk orders, or something. Or should I say that it is perfect for landing pages, which do not have that need for SEO requirements?

Pricing: It provides a free plan and some paid plans, with the basic plan retailing for $12.80/mo.

4. Jimdo.

Jimdo is an AI website builder, which has the primary specialization of easy user interface with the use of versatile templates. The website is best for small business solutions, majorly for the e-commerce part, as it gives you everything from the contact form to a location map and even customer reviews to help your business get started. Also, it might have a specialization in the particularly online portfolios. You can also edit photos and create logos through AI without any hassle.

Jimdo AI Generated Website Builder

Providing a range of useful tools, it sets up an easy store, integrates Google Analytics, and manages business listings, which can enhance your online presence.

Again, you will have easy-going series of questions by which you can generate an interesting website template. And once it is done, you will finally have a responsive website, ready for further edits.

Pricing: From $9/mo.

5. Bookmark AiDA.

Bookmark AiDA is another AI website builder, used to create a professional website in no time. Leveraging AI to streamline the entire design process of the landing pages creates an attractive and functional website.

Besides its quick-to-launch website creator, it also offers AI optimization of on-page content and other analysis to give you better page results.

One of the cool features of this tool is that its AI translates the entire website into three languages. For small business owners and freelancers, who deal in different languages, this AI website builder is the best choice to generate our website.

Pricing: Starts at $14.99/mo.

6. Appypie.

Appypie is a website and app builder that makes AI do the job of website creation. Its entire homepage invites you to describe how to build the website, either by writing or speaking to the program. Its actual design is created by AI, and no coding or technical requirements are needed.

Appypie AI Website Builder

With his AI website builder, you can express your thoughts in plain words and don’t need any technical knowledge. So with a few sentences, the system will analyze your inputs, and through this approach, whatsoever you write will turn into reality.

It is best for small businesses and personal projects.

Pricing:  From $18/mo.

7. Shopify.

One of the best AI website builders for merchants, Shopify receives the best-analyzed customer behavior and targeted marketing campaigns. Like most AI website builders, it will ask a few questions, and based on your answers, it will create an online website.

You can build a website with Shopify using a drag-and-drop interface that simplifies strenuous tasks. You will still be able to customize text, columns, images, make collages, and more, even though the design flexibility is somewhat limited.

The Shopify Magic text generator is one of its highlights. It is an AI-driven text generator that analyzes thousands of books, websites, articles, and blogs to detect patterns and effects between words and sentences. There are many things you can do with it, including generating product descriptions, headings, email subject lines, text summaries, and answering burning questions. If your results are nonsensical, do not be surprised. Emotions and artificial intelligence don’t mix well.

Pricing: The starting price of Shopify is $29.00/mo.

8. Framer AI.

Framer AI is a beautiful AI website builder which generates your entire website from a single text prompt. The best way to use it is to build a professional landing page or a dynamic blog with a built-in CMS. All you need to do is write text as per your requirements for the website, and you will have a user-friendly, intuitive, and beautiful design website. It provides you with such easy options that even with the no-code visual builder similar to Figna or Webflow, you can create a project and then migrate it to the Framer with easiness.

Framer AI Website Builder

To add the content, images, and SEO settings to your new website, you can always use its tools, which further make the entire process fast and efficient. One of the best features I found about this website is that it integrates with popular third-party apps like YouTube, Lottie, Eventbrite, SoundCloud, and more.

Once all your design is complete, you can publish your website for free or upgrade plans to get your own hosted site with a custom domain. Also, if you don’t wish to start everything from scratch, you can always use a free or premium template.

One can use Framer for a good-looking AI website builder with powerful combinations of design tools and AI generation.

Pricing: Free and premium plans start at $5/mo (paid yearly).

The best-known AI website builders are now in your hands; however, the most important question is whether it will be helpful to you.


I think the only use of an AI website builder is to get an idea of a better design for your new project. And if you are just creating a Business landing page or portfolio, it is helpful. But for blogs and online stores, the best kind is using the actual coded website as you have many advantages. For instance, I have shifted from three platforms, but the best is WordPress, ofcourse leaving behind its support. A properly coded website is better in every case as it provides you with generous opportunities for marketing, SEO-optimisations, and web management. So, mate, this completes the article.

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