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Visiting the Calming Nobu Boutique Hotel in Santorini

Nobu Boutique Hotel in Santorini

As the hues of orange amalgamate with the soft-shaded red, the vast sky celebrates the preluding of the dawn. Somewhere around, there is a romantic gesture by the ether to cuddle the sun in the way that it blushes to give several blasts of emotions through its colour vividity. Well, I am unequivocally gonzo or stoned when somebody asks me to write about the emotional side of life through the blend of nature. So, I would not be continuing on the more inmost lines towards sunsets, but did I tell you previously in my articles how my childhood was inspirational through the arrival of dusk? Well, if I didn’t, get ready to hear about it. So, my father always inspired me to achieve great things by taking every situation positively and providing me with great examples to learn from. And one such thing was the story behind magical sunset. I once heard him say that the sun, though bright and powerful, gives life to everyone because of its radiance, but amid dawn, the sun settles in the clouds and lets the moon shine. Despite the bright sunshine days, there will be nights of darkness, but you must find the moon as hope and hard work to get another day of sunshine. And that’s how even in the darkest hour of my life, I hold the torch of patience to get another beautiful day. You might be wondering if I am here to put you into some philosophy class, but hey, it’s just my style to have a good conversation before we discuss anything. We live in a fast and stressful world, so finding some way to connect becomes essential. So, even if you had a bad day or frustrating job tiredness, relax as I am here to put you into a mindful escape through an architectural journey of Nobu, a boutique hotel in Santorini. And if you are still wondering about the sunset story, let me tell you that the article is thoroughly related.

Wine, Vineyards and Sunsets! That’s what every couple and single have been trying to find on Santorini island. It’s like getting to walk with your partner down the long thoroughfare with a mild breeze during the dawn and reminiscing about the old days you want to revisit. Or the perfect new date with fine wine surrounding nature with your love. In case, you have already imagined the beautiful getaway, then you should find a fun place to even live it up the most during your vacation in Santorini, or maybe I could help! Presenting you with the most luxurious yet homely comforting stay at Nobu Santorini. Designed by @stoneandwalls and @studiopch, this place is a must-stay during your visit. Now, allow me to take you on a virtual tour of the place without further ado.

Walking Through the Exteriors and Interior of Nobu Boutique Hotel.

The Exteriors.

As you walk into the hotel, there is a minimalist hallway, which will let you enter this place of heaven. The structure’s white colour contrasts with the blue oceans and sky and tints of green of the carefully selected vegetation, creating a stunning contrast. Let me take you to the poolside, which will further extend your exciting journey. The exquisite creamy white and comfortable lounge beds and long pine trees are worthy of sight after you pick yourself up from the deep dive you just took into the pool. Another thoughtful thing the designer did is use brown umbrellas and black staircases to provide an astonishing contrast to this boutique hotel in Santorini. You might find the exteriors calming, but we are yet to see the suites. See, there are numerous suites according to choice and budget, but I will show you my favourites. C’mon, this can be my privilege for a free tour.

Aozora Suite

A cosy floor rug welcomes you in this minimalist and elegantly spacious suite. Though the suite has a tranquil white look, it radiates different shades and textures through the softly shaded pendant lamps, black abstract chairs, abstract painting and jute vases. The best part is that it has scenery right from the balcony with simple yet mesmerising seating. If you are looking forward to visiting such beauty every day while you have morning coffee, you can go ahead, and book this one for your stay. And by the way, the only difference it has with the Mizu suite is the mirror placement. You can choose any of them, which is cheaper as they really have no difference. Even the scenery from the balcony is quite similar.

Zen Suit Plunge Pool.

As the name suggests, Zen is like a Japanese decluttered space for inviting more ideas. So the white blankness is about the little treat to your mind for thoughtfulness. It does have an open terrace for a beautiful landscape view of the Aegean sea. Further, the beautiful space has really sophisticated furnishing with a focus on only essentials. With a larger space option here, you can choose the suite if you want to be on the ground floor with an exciting rain shower in the luxurious bathroom.

Then, there are other suites and villas with private seating or a private pool. However, most of these have similar bedroom interiors. You can check the pictures, as I am attaching them.

Final Words.

I loved the concept of luxurious accommodation having homely and inviting interiors. There is slightly less chance that you are going to miss your home while you stay at this boutique hotel in Santorini. Additionally, there are restaurant and bar options for fine dining and lunch. The food looks absolutely delicious, which means your late-night cravings are taken care of during the staycation. What more? You can only find out that by planning your days here and enjoying the beautiful Greek Island, its streets, food, vineyards, and fine wine.

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