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A Brick Design House That Emulsifies Art and Architecture

Saint Peter Brick Design House by Cafeína Design

When it comes to Mexico, the first thing which comes to my mind is the colorful street that fills brightness in anyone’s life. My friend who visited Mexico a few days back suggested that it is one of the most romantic destinations in the world. In the midst of these, however, Cholula is a place that is inherited famous for its architectural beauty. One such terrific brick design house that can blow your mind with surprise is Saint Peter House by Cafeína Design. Now you might be thinking that when will I tour guide you the place virtually. Let me tell you it’s time! Vamos A Empezar.

The construction of the house is through high-tech and local handmade materials. Since the region of San Pedro Cholula is renowned for its red brick production, hence it uses as a prominent material in the house. Look closer at the way the bricks are arranged, and you’ll see a pattern conveying a modern, stylish look, providing good ventilation through the walls. It makes a precise and bold statement, also making it low cost. This brick architecture has a contrasting black roof with window and door outlines that is just way too impressive at first sight. Allow me to let you introduce its beauty through separate places inside it.

You are greeted by a kitchen with a dining area as soon as you enter the long glass doors. The white ceiling with parallel lines articulates itself with the brick white walls. For a divergence, the designer had chosen a blue wall panel on one side. The kitchen cabinets allow storing tonnes of snacks, blending themselves entirely with the surroundings. When my sight is on the kitchen, the most attractive personality, or call it a showtaker, is the dining chairs. The well-knitted support of the chair allows your back to get comfortable and let your eyes shine. The mini-space for plants is the perfect element chosen for the space. Plant pots are another added element that provides a spectacular ambiance.

As you dreamt of sipping a coffee in the dining, you will see a snuggly sofa taking support from the brick wall. The minimalistic approach to curating furniture is fit to the place. Combining a black table with a high-quality lamp is an elegant and modern style. You can view it as a corner for your lovely conversations with your partner or a space for a reading corner.

Once you have a delightful time here, it’s time to go upstairs and have a soulful view from the bedroom glass windows. The two classic bedrooms are an example of a modest yet trendsetting enviornment. Comfortable bed spaces with simple lighting solutions and a lot of natural light are my favorite frameworks for the ideal bedroom. Both the rooms differ with their flooring and ceiling, giving apparently a choice to move to another space. The simple furnishings add a sense of spaciousness to the rooms.

The contemporary look of the overall brick design house is blessed with elegant and modern minimalistic elements, making it unique for the residents. I am personally mad about living there. Thanks to the designer that gave us a whole new visualization through the home. Which aspect of the space do you love most? If you were to add something to it, what would it be?

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