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This Cosy Casa With Minimalist Interiors Is a Gem for Comfort

Cosy Casa

As I watched Lucifer’s final season, I felt again that Warner Bros’ production is stunning with his work to create an emotional attachment with the characters. During the finale, when Dan finally gets to the doors of heaven, the team contrive a remarkable way to showcase the happy place. And somewhere, I felt that heaven is not a place but a response to God’s love for his beautiful children. Now you might be wondering if this article finds its roots in biblical passages, but my pals, let me tell you that I am not good enough at the studies of the Bible, so we are here for something else. Of course, every single beauty I see on web series or movies connects to a real-life situation, so to celebrate this fact, I brought a happy place, which resembles a minute of heaven. So, get ready to take a visual tour of the astonishing cosy Casa Cieneguita, made with a gentle touch of tranquillity by Wabi, San Miguel.

Visiting Casa Cieneguita by San Miguel.


As you step into the region of this cosy minimalist home structure, you see substantial vegetation welcoming you with its greens, letting your thoughts vent out all at once. The outside exterior forms a minimalist white colour basis, which goes well with the superficially beautiful colours of nature. The entire property surrounds by greenery, which gives you a perfect location for a picnic spot and a lawn to enjoy the outdoors from inside the palace. If you look at one side of the wall, it has an entire family of creepers growing on it, which seems as if the artificial thing profoundly profuses with the natural environment. I think, amidst climate change and environmental problems, there is a must to include such kind of vegetation in our homes to beat the heatwaves and adore nature in its raw form. As you experience the soothing peace from the milieu, let us take a grand tour of the palace.

Entering Passageway.

As you first enter this cosy casa, you see an enormous minimalist space. The white ceilings with similar coloured walls and tiled floorings create a coordinated theme for this tenuous space. To neutralise the emptiness of this decor, the roofing has an extension in the middle, and an appropriate texture, which also embraces the open space. Further, there are glass windows and doors which give you a moment with yourself to enjoy the white lounge sitting. And ultimately, there exists a large rustic wooden table and a chair in the corner, completing the marvellous interior design. There are no doors to enter the living space, which creates an inviting space and a proper flow of conversations. Now, while you enjoy the area with rich Arabica coffee, gazing at the horizons, it is time to move into the living space, an area that forced me to call it a cosy casa.

Living Space.

A sheer form of soft curtains welcomes you towards the living room, filled with proper light and air. On one side, there is a beige-coloured sofa with a lounge chair and a rustic brown table, which gives you a bona fide interior hack for small conversations. And on the other side, there is a vast area with a three-sitter sofa, a lounge chair, an L-shaped chair and a dark black coloured table at the centre. Now, the colour schemes are well-taken to embrace comfort and cosiness of this cosy casa. On the opposite of the three-sitter sofa, there is a fireplace with a concrete object, a wood can for wood and another sitting nearby. Next, the final minimalist walls consist of artwork on one side and a wood-textured brown-coloured macrame. In addition to the sublime colour combinations, texture, space, and airflow through the no-doors entrance, the glass windows provide a beautiful view.

As you enjoy a soulful read or have a small get-together in this living space, let us walk towards the bedroom of the cosy Casa Cieneguita.


The bedroom has a grilled ceiling to create a more comfortable and intimate space with wood-panelled flooring. A soft-coloured smooth rug with a modern brown chic lounge chair and a heightened solid chair is all we see here. The bedroom features a lower-height bed with a Japandi-style connection to the earth and a beautiful art wall. The entire bedroom fills the purpose of having rest and comfort with no distractions while embracing the neutral colour theme.

Final Words.

The place, Casa Cieneguita, is a stunning marvel, which has a sophisticated design and warmer interiors, blending appropriately with the greenery from outside. From the moment you walk inside the doors, there is only one thing present, Peace! I loved this project for its simplicity, wise use of colour schemes and proper ventilation with doorless entries.

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