8 Dangers of Artificial Intelligence & Why You Should Worry?

Artificial Intelligence is diversifying to enhance many tasks and amid the hype, we found it necessary to list some of its threats and a few ways to resolve them.

Dangers of artificial intelligence

There is rarely any kid or adult who has not availed themself of any AI application to date for their work, hobby, or pleasure. In the present scenario, from making the famous Girl in the Pearl through AI to changing one’s audio to a funny or eminent celebrity voice, you will see the internet go berserk. It’s like a Hindi proverb that states that throw a pebble in the air, and you will hit at least one person through it who is currently using artificial intelligence for fun. You have come across hundreds of stories through its invention and fascinating deals of features, but have you ever given thought to its opposites? Well, if you have not, then this article is for you. But before we thoroughly discuss its risks and disadvantages, let me share something with you. Honestly, behind these herds of AI, I was also a part of using hundreds of tools like a freak. I was also to testify again and again if artificial intelligence can replace the human brain, knowing that the robots or applications may have a better chance to process information in one go. So I have drafted numerous articles through AI writers and then compared them to my writings. Then I contrasted the finest graphic designers’ work with the artificial intelligence compositions. But I have never found at least one adorable result in AI’s favor, which proves that technology beats humans. However, I sensed it partly by checking only on creativity and not potential. Either way, it is a potential weapon of destruction, and you can’t neglect that AI is still refining, so taking care of its down effects is our responsibility. Hence here are quick-eight dangers of artificial intelligence that can blow your mind up and let you think deeply.

The Dangers of AI, Explained.

1. Downgrades the Medical Professional Human Understanding.

I am taking the most elementary example to make you understand the point. Just think about the world without the internet and stupid screens, maybe the renaissance period. It was the time when Italians, artists from Florence and Indians were intelligent that they were holding too many degrees at a single time. And look at the time now, when we can hardly remember what we studied the previous week. It is not because humans became downgraded in their knowledge but because of their over-dependence on mobile phones and the internet. Hence by improving and being over-dependent on technology, our brains will suffer.

Now, when it comes to profession, a medical background is the most concern as health facilities are crucial (which we have already comprehended in the pandemic era). Hence increased automation and use of artificial intelligence will only bring down the human physicians due to their over-reliance and lack of necessary vigilance in an automated clinical workforce. Think of one more example. In many cases, the surgeons or doctors give up their theoretical knowledge and do all those measures of lifesaving surgery in a profoundly-different way. How do you think will that happen in the case of machines? Additionally, do you believe in its malfunctions? What are the worst-case effects in that case?

It begs us to ponder will AI mistakes be so enormous that they surpass humans.

2. Great Risk to Human Intelligence.

It is no rocket science that it is a substantial risk to educated professionals and their job markets. You have heard all the time that artificial intelligence can really replace humans in terms of profession. Now, most among us retaliate with the fact, saying that the new technology will bring new kinds of jobs for us. But I have mentioned to you already the terrible effect on human intelligence by AI in the previous point.

Further, you can find it by yourself by doing a simple assignment I am giving you now. You need to utilise your next day on mobile phone, social media, youtube videos or shorts, and today with genuinely crucial knowledge through books or magazines. And tell me about the difference.

I am not reflecting on the mass unemployment here because I believe that there might not be an immediate loss of job prospects, but my utmost concern is to show you the various socially disruptive effects of making humans dumb which is one of the very dangers of artificial intelligence.

3. Bring Technological Inequality Globally.

It is one of the most provincial dangers of artificial intelligence for humankind. Let me give you an example. Consider that few developed countries have much more money to invest in AI, whereas there will be certain countries on the list that are not capable enough to provide themselves with enough budget. So, what AI will do is it will give importance to the higher money-making country. And further, it will create technological inequality, enhancing the already powerful nations and making the less developed ones more exploitable.

4. Can Cause Heavy Damage in a Military-Industrial Complex.

Knowing that we must be war ready to initiate peace is a strenuous and painful understanding. Now, think of it as the military-industrial complex having artificial intelligence in them. They will become more audacious and bold because AI warfare is insensible to humans. If artificial intelligence has to save national lives, then it will not hold any sympathy towards the civilian people. It will only focus on winning through destruction and damage. In this way, the tyrannical nations will be more oppressive and uncontrollable. And surprisingly, the Sci-Fi movies we see today for entertainment will pose as a prediction of the dangers of artificial intelligence.

5. Bring Down Human Apathy.

It is ordinary to know that humans understand emotions and intent, so they are good at decision-making. It is something essential in court or an interview. Mentioning the AI, it can’t connect emotionally in any such scenario. So you can’t expect results on fair terms through the use of artificial intelligence.

Further, you will see fragmentation and extremism in the heterogeneous society as there will be difficulty in radiating and addressing social problems. AI-generated social media can bring no good but only the spread of misinformation from one to another. Our world revolves around social media, so we definitely can not neglect the point. It will bring no good to us, resulting in apathy in our attitudes.

6. Behaviour Manipulation Among Customers.

You already know that AI will give real-seeming social media personalities, which you can’t differentiate from the real ones. Hence, there is much probability that your personal favourite star isn’t the real one. And once they are deployed on social media sites, the consequences are terrible. And when you see something promoted by them, you will obviously buy it. Not because you needed the product but because your favourite star is behind it (not the real one).

Similarly, certain voices or video deepfakes can manipulate your brain to be more likeable, and your latter action will not be decided by you but by those waves. Now you know that by using machine learning, the company knows your preferences, and taste and influences your mood on buying something. Now, if AI has natural language processing, if it is clear enough to fool ordinary people, it will play with the overly possessed and emotional side of humans.

7. Autonomous Weapons Bringing Damage to Human Life.

One of the other dangers of artificial intelligence is that it can launch any autonomous weapon on instruction and cause severe harm to human life. One biological munition is more efficient than any nuke. You know it very well. What if artificial intelligence can manipulate them? Or let me give you a more relevant example. Deliberate of this, you have a few AI-guided missiles, which your enemies hacked for all your data and manipulated it to their terms. It is disastrous!

Remember that nuclear weapons are hard to get as they include raw materials which are not cheap and abundant. But if there are AI missiles, they will be low-priced and an option to mass-produce. It is mere destruction and nothing more.

8. Stock Market Volatility.

The stock market is already volatile, but what if there is some algorithm which can bring down the entire financial system? Advanced wall street, it is. Now let me tell you about algorithm trading to make this point clear to you. An automated trading system executes trades based on preprogrammed instructions without being influenced by instincts or emotions that could cloud a human’s judgment. These computers can make trading decisions that are tremendously high-volume, high-frequency, and high-value, which could result in immense losses and extreme market volatility. In today’s markets, algorithmic high-frequency trading (HFT) poses an extensive risk. In essence, HFT involves placing thousands of trades at blistering speeds to sell for small profits a few seconds later. A large chunk of change can be made every second by thousands of these trades. In our markets, human emotion and logic still play a much goodly role than HFT because of the interconnectedness of the markets.

We are near the end of the article as we have already discussed the dangers of artificial intelligence, but there is still something more. Let me take you to the next section to make you understand it.

A Fast-Forward Solution to Counter Some of the Risks of Artificial Intelligence.

There are a few solutions to the dangers of AI that we may be able to deal with. They are:

  1. Create a better welfare system for all the unemployed to improve their skill and education levels, so they can bring a change to society.
  2. There must be a heavy tax system for all the businesses which are saying no to manpower. They must be regulated in a better way and aggressively.
  3. There must be a kill switch or shut down option for all the artificial intelligence tools in case of any vulnerability or threat.
  4. There must be the globalization of AI technology by banning new or older AI patenting.
  5. There must be a proper and unbiased international monitoring system for AI technology.

Final Words.

AI can provide tremendous challenges, but it can still be quite good in some activities, which risks human life. But there is a point which we can’t miss that the new technology can provide anything. It totally depends on the person who made it. What do you think about the technology, and to what extent do you think that artificial intelligence can benefit without harming? Also, do you think the dangers of ai should be neglected for its outcomes?

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