This Dreamy Architecture Visualization Is Fanciable Than Reality

Channel Beju and Studio Kage together visualized the most stable structure that can accompany your living on the shores of an ocean while providing the bliss of nature.

Dreamy Architecture Visualization

I heard beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. But, that is not the case with this piece of art designed by @channelbeju and visualized by @studiokage. This blissful & dreamy architecture visualization made with the classic design aesthetics expresses its glory of minimal nature. It is a perfect outcome of simplicity with the ultimate connection to the fresh breeze & interior dynamics. Such marvelous designs came out of the designer palette only once in a while, built with natural earthy color tones & textures yet eye gleaming. The designer’s creative thoughts enhance the essence of space by artistically developing the wood log as the center of your comfort. The creativity of developing this balanced design satisfies the visual & sensory pleasures giving out enchanting vibes.

Dreamy Architectural Vistualization at Seychelles

What comes & becomes one with the beautiful designs, definitely the surroundings & pleasant atmosphere. The vision of making it with natural materials; perfectly blends with the transparent water flowing below & distinct yet close mountains. It depicts the beauty of designing skills to use the knowledge in favor of it. The minute details of making around grills like wooden structures pour out the nostalgic view while comforting on the bed, touching your inner self with positive and spirited rays, & blesses you with new life energies. The holistic view that captivates one serves the purpose & ambition of the designer behind it.

Living space visualization by Channel Beju and Studio Kage

The rendered living room sets the mood with its preoccupied antiquity. The colossal beauty is magnified with the large vessel at the entrance and a silverish metal vessel in the wall, enhancing the complete setup. The elevated platform of the room provides a more classy look with smooth floor texture & blue lagoon-like feeling flowing under it. The low flooring sitting depicts the design glimpse ongoing in the current fashion with an elongated sofa that suits top-notch in matching the color & tone of the flooring. Asking for more, it already comes with the fan as a touch of comfort & making it whole.

Another aspect of this space is the connectivity of the living area with the bedroom by a short path & it feels like moving within a place that is open & surrounded by serenity. The bedroom at the edge is the perfect layout for someone looking for privacy. The rustiness & simplicity of light color tone between the wall & ceiling in correspondence to the floor’s smooth texture blooms the overall effect of the bedroom. The bedside, facing the pathway to the living area with open grills like a partition, is made from wood. The classy chair at the side offers the contrasting effect of royalty & simplicity while enjoying nature’s stillness & its peaceful silence.

The Environmental Bliss visualization by Studio Kage

Why Do We Love It?

The mere stay over here is itself a rare chance of experiencing the glare of the architect’s vision. The stunning view, either inside or outside, captures all the emotions with various forms of sustainability. If you look closely at certain factors like light, materials, proportions, and tactile qualities that make you fall for this marvellous space & its almost physiological experience. And what we most like is richness in details, its intuitive functionality with nature & the delicate look for transcendence where all of those impact the ultimate effect of a piece of dreamy architecture visualization.

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