Get Inspired by the Expensive Home of 10 Billionaires | 2022

It’s easy to get inspired by bel air mansions and the few tweaks of luxury they have. And following this habit, we featured the houses of world’s top 10 billionaires.

Expensive Home Billionaires

Having luxury is no necessity but building a habitat you reside accepts no excuse. My brain put out these words during the worst of its economic crisis, so believing it is similar to knowing a fact. In India, we follow a cultural gesture of removing our footwear before stepping inside any home. It is the same gesture that we follow at a religious place. For us, it depicts how much we honour a space- the family has dedicated their life to. Whether rich or not, every person has a dream house where they welcome the cosiness, the thoughts that comfort them after a tiring day, a place that watches them grow old and spend the different phases of their life. To start with it, we collect inspiration on the web or the ones around us. As I mirror most of you and consider myself to be like you, I start the same journey with the luxury- let’s take a round of the expensive home the top ten billionaires own that you must know.

Expensive Houses Owned by Billionaires.

1. Elon Musk.

The real estate funnel of Tesla and SpaceX’s CEO Elon Musk is absolutely different from how he portrays it in interviews and on Twitter. The billionaire says,

“I don’t even own a place right now, I’m literally staying at friends’ places.”

but look what I found or precisely, WSJ reported in December 2021. The controversial billionaire has a multi-million dollar mansion in Austin that covers 8000 sq. ft. interior space on a peninsula that extends into the Colorado River. The property was the most expensive listing in the Texas capital when it sold a few years back.

Elon Musk Expensive Home

2. Bernard Arnault.

The LVMH chief, Bernard Arnault, sparked headlines when he sold an $84.5 Million property in Beverly Hills to himself the last month. I still wonder why that is shocking, knowing that the business magnate has only one person in the world who is rich than him, and he doesn’t even accept what he owns, so where would he sell his luxurious 10,000 sq. ft. mansion?

Bernard Arnault home in Beverly Hills

This expensive home was custom designed by Marmol Radziner, an architecture firm based in Sawtelle, and it sits on a steep slope in the Trousdale neighbourhood.

3. Jeff Bezos.

The man with an active portfolio of more than $500 Million in real estate- Jeff Bezos, is among the billionaires who own one of the most expensive properties in the history of California real estate. The $165 Million expensive home called Warner Estate was designed for Jack Warner in the 1930s, later occupied by David Geffen for $47.5 Million in 1990. The property extends to almost 9 acres in Beverly Hills, and according to a local agent, Kurt Rappaport is one of the most beautiful properties in the world.

Jeff Bezos Home The Warner Estate

4. Gautam Adani.

The Indian business magnate who dropped out of school worked as a diamond sorter and climbed all the way up until he became Asia’s richest man and the fourth richest individual in the world- Gautam Adani has ownings that may delight many. One of those is the Adani House in Gurgaon, the heart of Delhi, which he purchased for $50.1 Million. This expensive home stretches to an estimated 3.2 acres and is almost a century old.

Gautam Adani Expensive Home

5. Bill Gates.

The man who hates crypto as much as I hate readers who leave me alone in the middle of the content, so be my favourite and read along. Bill Gates designed and owns one of the finest properties in the city of Medina, Washington. It took seven years to load this expensive home into the final form. The property sits in the middle of nature with land as massive as 66,000 sq. ft. Valued at $124 Million- some reporters call it Xanadu 2.0 as a reference to the motion picture Citizen Kane.

Bill Gates House Xanadu 2.0

6. Larry Ellison.

Did you think the $500 Million real-estate portfolio of Jeff Bezos was crazy? Well, read about this one. Larry Ellison, the 6th richest man on the planet, has a $1 Billion real estate portfolio, as reported by Forbes in 2021. Out of many expensive houses he owns, one of the recent purchases includes an $80 million mansion in North Palm Beach. This luxurious property has over 520 feet of ocean frontage in the Seminole Landing neighbourhood and is Tuscany styled villa with 15,514 sq. ft. coverage.

Larry Ellison Expensive Home

7. Warren Buffet.

A billionaire by the outcome and an investor by heart, Warren Buffet is the only one on this list who lives a modest life. Situated in a quiet neighbourhood of Omaha, Nebraska, the 91 years old philanthropist bought it for $31,500 in 1958 and calls it the third best investment he has ever made. The happy place of the billionaire occupies 6,570 sq. feet and is in today’s market value at $652,619.

Warren Buffett Billionaire home

8. Larry Page.

The co-founder of Google, Larry Page, spends most of his days in New Zealand hiding out. And, when it comes to properties, there is no formal confirmation on him owning one in the same country. The last I checked, a fire that broke out at his secret estate where Google workers used to operate. After the incident, one of the residents said, “That place was a $7 million parking lot for security,” and nobody has lived there for a long time.

Larry Page House

So, I suppose- we will have to wait to learn about the latest developments.

9. Sergey Brin.

As much as the business partner of Sergey surrounds controversy about owning real estate, he lives in a home that many would desire. The Malibu compound saw the occasional presence of parked security, making the locals curious about the new owner. It later turned out to be owned by Sergey Brin and Nicole Shanahan, who is now estranged. With a valuation of $13.5 Million, it is now a residence of Shanahan, and as required, Sergey is on the hunt for a new expensive home acquisition.

Sergey Brin's Billionaire house

10. Mukesh Ambani.

The greatest of all time, Mukesh Ambani, the Indian multi-billionaire, owns a skyscraper mansion, which is the most expensive home in the world, valued at a whopping $2 Billion. It is equal to or higher than most billionaires’ real estate portfolios, and there are uncountable reasons behind it.

Mukesh Ambani's home Antilia the most expensive home in the world

Antilia is a 27 stories, 173 metres (568 ft) tall, over 400,000 sq. ft. private home designed to withstand a magnitude- 8 earthquake. It is located in Mumbai and was designed by two US architecture firms- Perkins & Will, based in Chicago, and Hirsch Bedner Associates, based in Los Angeles.

Not an Expensive Home but a Right Place.

The list continues to be more billionaires, and in one way or another, we all wish to own property as they do. The only thing I discovered while penning all this down is that it doesn’t necessarily take an expensive home but is more of the right place where you may welcome your true nature. The living proof of that is Larry Page.

Anyway, share your thoughts about these billionaire house. I will be delighted to hear your response.

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