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These Farm Buildings Are A Solution To Eco Modern Life

Farm Buildings

Often when someone asks me, what do you mean by architecture? I answer a form of art that envisions different living states. Today on SimplyKalaa, we are leaning towards a masterpiece that complements farm living with modern farm buildings and nature’s tranquility.

The Magnolia Barn, designed by Kovac Design Studio, spreads across a gently sloping two-and-a-half acre site. It is a nest of farm buildings that functions as different rooms. The central building or the main house is a set of two barns connected with a soaring gambrel roof. The designer has also provided a connecting bridge between these two buildings, under which lies a space that can serve as a living and dining area. The same area is connected with exteriors through a large cutout on both sides. To close this area 18 feet high doors utilizing a mechanism similar to antique farm machinery are employed.

On one of the buildings [situated in the main house], a metal-clad silo is built for accomodating iron and glass spiral stair that connects an office on the top floor to the wine tasting room and cellar below grade. As we are at a point of talking about the exteriors of the building, I will throw some light on other elements as well. If you look closely, the architecture mirrors farm buildings from past days. The attention to walls, windows, and pillars to play the role of the fireplace is a resemblance to that. Indeed in a modern way but very particular to the design. One of the buildings even has a wagon wheel atop it (in its beautiful fashion). To further develop connectivity with exteriors, a sitting is taken care of on a balcony and near the fireplace of the building with metal clad silo. Besides this house, situated in the middle of the gentle slope, the upper slopes contain mature oaks, while the lower slopes contain sycamores. You can also find a guest house and gym standing alone and next to a pool. The garage and office are additionals that are taken care of.

While a person like me would most likely wander around on a property like this, getting in is equally important. So let’s get familiar with the interiors. Walking in, the first section you see is the living or dining space. We have talked about it before but let’s elaborate. The designer has incorporated elements like a fireplace, a sofa, and a coffee table. A dining space is created as well and is located near bookshelves. To entertain the members present in this compound, an artist like me (sarcastic) can play piano, and if you are lucky, you can get your crush to fall for you (not going to happen, so don’t try). To create the farmsense, the designer has added a parallel wooden ceiling accompanied by four wagon wheel chandeliers. Opposite the fireplace, a couple of stools stand in a manner that may indicate a minibar. To enter one of any of the farm buildings of the house 2 openings are provided that extend from the floor to just under the roof and accommodate space for the bridge as well.

Now, let’s talk about the bedroom, where you fall in the arms of rest after a hectic day. It, therefore, had to be remarkable, and Kovac design studio did everything they could to make it so.
The large wooden cross pillars are incorporated to bring out the old-style farmhouse style. In contrast to the same type of roof as in the building, its flooring is also noteworthy. The sliding doors in the bathroom and balcony enable easy mobility while adding luxurious style. Natural light fills the airy bedroom, spreading into all of its corners. Both the modular sofa and bed add comfort and luxury to this room. Finally, the bookshelves add some intrigue to the monotonous walls.

As an author, I am advised to be not partial towards anything, but then I am human and have some things straight. Like when I talk about house architecture, the kitchen fascinates me every time. It is a place a family (especially when you are an Indian) dedicates most of their time. Magnolia Barn is yet another creation in architecture that gives liveliness to the house through this space. The layout of this room has all the essential elements. Comfort, check; a view while cooking, check; lots of cabinet storage, check; design, of course, a check; an extra bench for kitchen platform, check; ventilation, check; I mean, there are more boxes, and it checks all of them. Talking about the design, the contrasting black cabinets with golden accent handles go well with the light interiors. The glass windows make you feel that the space is substantially larger. The presence of a sofa will allow you to cook and entertain or exchange conversation at a similar time. It is a remarkable approach for a house that is supposed to resemble farm buildings.


Magnolia Barn lays a foundation in one of those areas most fail to. It provides an excellent example of living in harmony with the environment without sacrificing luxury. We thank the designers, owners, and everyone who dedicated their time to bring such a wonderful creation to life. Architecture is all about changes and providing solutions to a lifestyle. Today we covered one of those epic inspirations and learned how a great thought can modify your living even in farm buildings.

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