Freewrite Smart Typewriter: Because You Need No Distractions

For writers who are looking to avoid distractions, Freewrite Smart Typewriter is the best option which allows saving their work on the cloud. Here’s a brief about the device and if you should consider getting it.

Freewrite Smart Typewriter

One of the quotidian problems I face every morning when I begin to write is interrupting my state of mind and concentration with endless notifications and utterly nonsense pop-ins. It makes me contemplate the sudden thought; what happens in just one night on my Gmail that it begins to flood my device with messages in the morning? And due to the same problem and my untraceable habit of checking my phone every 5 minutes, I take hours to write an article. Not only the time but my productivity and quality also remain affected. I don’t know if it happens with you too during work. However, my writer friends around the world do discern the pain. So to withstand the ongoing situation, I brought up a fascinating solution today. The only thing I found on the internet which is particularly relevant to all of us is Freewrite smart typewriter. Hey, do I sound like a marketing commercial? Excuse me for my accent, but I am too excited that I can’t hold on to anything. Controlling this delirium, I am now on my way to doing a product tour with you.

Freewrite Traveler Smart Typewriter.

Traveler is a typewriter from the Freewrite store, which is stylish and so compact that it even fits in your trek bag and handbag. You can write anything over here without any disturbance and interference from your exterior surroundings. One of its exciting features is the ink screen, putting you away from screen time, which means no fatigue for your eyes. Consider it a typewriter with the same persona and the tik-tick-sounding keyboard, but with a desirable compact look.

Freewrite typewriter with glossy black back and Freewrite logo
A perspective picture of Freewrite Typewriter
Freewrite Smart Typewriter, Traveler
A picture of Freewrite Traveler showing its ink screen

Coming to the storage and writing connectivity, you can write 1 Million words at a time and upload everything on the cloud or EverNote effortlessly. All you need to do is connect your WiFi to it and start writing. After you are done with the writing job, you can upload it to the cloud and further edit it on the laptop with the specific writing tools you use. Easy-breezy? Oh wait, you can choose models of Freewrite typewriter too. There are- Classic & Original, Alpha and Hemingway among other models. You can check those from here. There is certainly no point in waiting for more. We have everything now, world-class writing skills, improved concentration, good storytelling and a world-class typewriter. Let’s build stories together!

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