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The Home Make the Best of the Green Exterior

Green exterior of Victoria house

Before moving ahead with this article, let me raise a question for you. So if you are working in your kitchen, probably making dinner, or watering the plants on your balcony, take a break. Have a one-double shot expresso latte with extra foam and grasp peace sitting in your comfort. Now think and answer that which is your favorite corner of your home? You might be thinking of all this hustle for just a simple question. But that’s what the article is about. We have always given preference to our interiors over the exteriors. Unlike I came across Victoria– Terremoto, I would have never openly discussed the importance of the surrounding of our homes. There is crucial importance in the fact that the exteriors of your place are a reflection of how you see and express yourself. Now that you know one, you have to dig deep and find the other secrets as well. Meanwhile, in this article, we will explore the beauty of green exterior the place has to offer, and it’s my promise till you have the last sip of your coffee, you will be done with a worthful read.

Starting from barren land, the architects and designers have explored the place wholly. Looking at the entry point to the place, we see lush green plants and stone flooring interspersed with concrete. The Palm Leaves gives divergence to a place in terms of contrast and color. Alongside, the pink Bagonvelia adds tonnes of expressions to the minimalistic walls.

Stepping in brings new energy with a splash of fresh air to you. The most attractive area to me is the pool. It seems like swimming while on a jungle safari as it surrounds long green trees. Additionally, the cemented exteriors are worth watching as the color brings intensity to minimalism. The back wall with piercings adds up a texture to the area. Whether it is a pool party or calm bathing, I wish to be invited here.

The sitting area awaits once you’ve become mesmerized with the pool area. A solid textured table along with the lightly weighted chair completes the look. From a geometric standpoint, it is best for a quiet cup of tea or a soulful book reading. Or the other sitting option with abstract chair design and a large dome table with enough space to even enjoy the sweet heat of a bonfire and the perfectly designed green exterior. A rocky smooth textured wall above the bonfire adds incredible visual appeal to the place. The minimalistic walls and clear glasses of the home are filling the gaps of imperfections. It also presents the space with a convenient placement of furniture that is well proportioned, thus giving it a more comfortable atmosphere to live in.

The lobbies with the same pavemented flooring and different shades of light through plants give clear goals of a romantic staycation. Every space complements each other in such a way that you will find yourself immersed in different moods and shades. How can it be that everything comes together so well? This place is a testament to the designers’ wit and creativity. To me it is the most accurate home exterior design ideas one can be inspired from.

Why We Love This Place?

It is tough for me to describe a single thing that attracted me the most. Every architectural element and atmosphere blend seamlessly together. Certainly, the contrasting colors, natural light, hues of tone, and vibrant proportions produce a memory.

By the way, did you still think that your interior has got some better vibes than this epic green exterior? Let us know in the comments what you loved most. And I will see you on another coffee date with the same order!

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