Home Mini Bar: How to Set Up Your Soon to Be Favourite Corner

Having a mini bar for entertaining any party at home is perfect. But do you know where to start? Worry less, this guide is here to help till the end.

Home Mini Bar

Imagine it’s a Friday night, and your last bombast meeting with your manager is finally over; what is your first call? If you are unable to guess now, that is perfectly okay. Because we have just entered the ocean of imagination, there’s more to it. Your laptop screen has just popped out of your hands with a modicum of frustration, but there is hidden happiness that finally, the weekend is here. Moving out from your office desk, you texted your buddies to catch up for a drink! However, the exciting part is the Premier League. That’s what you decide to watch together with them. But wait, you are missing something out! Drinks, of course! And doesn’t it sound delightful to gather at a private place rather than a club or a bar? So, here we are solving the purpose and building the perfect home mini bar from scratch while maintaining the orders of space efficiency.

Pink stone designer home mini bar
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6 Efficient Steps to Bring Bar at Home.

1. Find Your Place.

Getting a drift to that perfect place in your home for a home mini bar is essential. Undeniably, the choices may differ from person to person, so whether you prefer a classic, modern or rustic space, you must settle for calmness.

Living room with mood lights for mini bar setup
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For instance, my relaxing pill is a lukewarm bathtub with a glass of Screaming Eagle Cabernet Sauvignon, so I find it fascinating to develop a bar there. But obviously, it can’t accommodate people, making it unsuitable for the cheeky ones like my disturbing neighbor who add one large group of people to show off. Hence to accommodate every need, finalizing a place is a crucial part. You can ask yourself a question in this regard. Which corner relaxes you well, especially on Weekends? Now, as per your reply, bring the component here and fabricate it into a home mini bar.

2. Arrange Your Cabinets for Quick Storage.

I am not only talking about the cabinets that can house your exquisite bottle collection; but also reserves room for the barware. It might be sensible for some of us to have a wet bar with a sink, a refrigerator, or just a bucket of ice to hold up!

Either way, it is not that complicated. We can start scouring for the best cabinets first, followed by the other essentials.

One of the crucial things, however, is to keep up with the theme of the corner you selected from the first step. I am pulling a few slides to help you pick the best option.

Now, let us move on to our next part- Having refrigerators or an ice bucket. I have suggestions in either of the cases.

Preferably, there are three ways of arranging a refrigerator with your cabinet- Beneath them, Sideways (suitable for larger refrigerators), or inside them (suitable for compact refrigerators).

Further, we need some lights or good quotes to add weight to our decorum and demarcate the existing space. Here, I have added some for you to add exceptional beauty to your home mini bar.

3. Perfect Stools for Your Home Mini Bar.

A comfortable sitting is a key to great conversations. Imagine having to sit uncomfortably, and trying to get your body posture right every time while having a conversation, sounds embarrassing? To ensure that you are covered from all sides, I have some perfect stools that will keep their eyes drowsy in you!

4. The Bartender Kit for Fantabulous Cocktails.

To be efficient at making drinks for everyone, you must always have the right tools. With a few right bartending tools, you will just rock your home party. A good cocktail party needs a jigger, an ice scoop or ice thong, a bar knife, a muddler, a mixing glass larger than your regular glass, steel straws, ice buckets, Boston shakers, lemon squeezers, strainers, wine key, bar blades, and liqueur pourers. If you want to read more about them, visit here.

If you have a beautiful bartending kit, there is a greater chance of making great drinks for everyone. Hence, I found the best options for you in that case.

5. Pick the Trendy Glassware.

You probably are thinking that how would you decide on glasses for such a vast number of drinks? But in general, you would need 6 of the essential ones. And trust me, you can serve most of your drinks in them. They are- Beer Mug, Champagne Flute, Highball Glasses, Martini glasses, Wine glasses, and old-fashioned glasses.

You can have a look at these below.

Cocktails are made to enjoy with flawless glasses. All you need to do is pick them carefully! A few safety tips are coming on your way below:

  • Never fill ice from your glass but always use an ice scoop.
  • Do not put ice if your glass is warmed since it can break the glass.
  • Always pick glasses with stems so that they do not fall.
  • Never stack two different drink glasses at the same time because they might join, unable to separate.

6. Stock the Base Spirits for Cocktails.

Whether you are a beginner bartender or a professional one; you must stock your bar very carefully with spirits. The key to developing your favorite cocktails is experimentation and mastering them. You can, however, nail some of them through books like The Savoy Cocktail Book, Tiki: Modern Tropical Cocktails, etc.

Do not try to get them all at once because you will pay a hefty amount for that plus, you will have every day as a weekend night! In particular, liqueurs, mixers, apéritifs, and digestifs are things you should accumulate over time.

Hence, you can have the following as basics –

  • Gin
  • Bourbon Whiskey
  • Scotch Whisky
  • Tequila
  • White Rum
  • Dark Rum
  • Vodka

Once you have them all, you can experiment with garnishes and fruits to explore and get the best taste out of your home bar. Well, we are about to complete your home bar station. And I think there are enough elements to entertain a party.

Make sure you are good with the lighting and sitting. This way, you don’t lose the vibe at any course.


Now that you have planned everything for your home mini bar, you could have all those expensive drinks at home. Additionally, you have an opportunity to flatter your guests. I hope this guide helps!

Important note on alcoholism and non promotion of it

If you have more awesome ideas for assembling your mini bar setup, let me know in the comments. And I will see you at the bar.

Frequently Asked Questions.

What is a home mini bar?

A home mini bar is a space designed to entertain a group of people with drinks and conversation without leaving the comfort of home. It accommodates a small portion sufficiently roomy to house bar kits and bottle collection.

Where can I set up a bar at home?

Though setting up a bar at home only requires a bottle and sitting, a designated space should be located anywhere calm, be it a balcony, a corner of the living room with books and a cityscape, or even an open patio.

What is needed for a mini bar?

For a mini bar, you should have a bar station, cabinet, mini refrigerator, and barware, such as an ice scoop or ice thong, a bar knife, a muddler, a mixing glass larger than your regular glass, steel straws, ice buckets, Boston shakers, lemon squeezers, strainers, wine keys, bar blades, and liqueur pourers.

What type of glasses should I have for a home bar?

Some of the glasses you may have for a home bar are Beer Mugs, Champagne Flutes, Highball Glasses, Martini glasses, Wine glasses, and old-fashioned glasses.


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