52 Interior Design Trends 2023: The Charm You Need [UPDATED]

As the year change, designers get their creative minds to experiment with interiors. This read lists 52 such ideas to complement your soon to be favourite space.

Interior Design Trends 2023

Remember the last time you crashed at your friend’s place and something except their conversations seriously made you fall in love? Can you remind some more instances when a restaurant though its absurd food choices, made you delve into it just because it was beautiful? On a homogenous basis, last night, while talking to one of my good friends, he told me about his confusion about the perfect interior design trends 2023 for his new home. In decorating a space, the most crucial aspect is the interiors, which is also why I asked the questions above. It is funny that I replace at least one thing from my home to give it a new ambiance every seven days. Now that you know what the article is about, I like to reveal that you have been finding this complete guide for decades. Trust me on this!

I have searched the internet, different guidebooks, best interior designers’ Instagram feeds, Reddit and whatnot to make it easy for you. The following 52 interior design trends are just what you’re looking forward to for your different home styles!

Table of Contents

Interior Design Trends to Keep Track of This Year.

1. Pop Graphic Art Takes You to the Shores of 60s Design.

While the 60s culture intends to promote art and pop culture, this must and evergreen component can not be left untouched. Whether you are a lover of minimalism design or an expensive retreat lover, you can use your favorite artist’s pop art framed on your wall. This hack from the 60s till now is an essential point in the list of interior design trends 2023. You can either delineate the space through it or give an extraordinary shine to an uninteresting corner of your wall. You can buy a few of them through this.

2. Linoleum Floors for Your Comfort Space.

There are times when the flooring is underrated, but trust me, deciding the best floor design for your home is one of the most worthy decisions you can ever make. Linoleum floors come from the 1940s but are used now for their most renewable resources( cork, linseed oil). Use linoleum flooring under the chair of your reading corner to make it look outstanding. You can explore more ways out. Check out a few samples for your homeplace from here.

3. Those Tiny Illuminating Droplights.

Sometimes our space looks so occupied and less vibrant even after great ottomans and colours. It happens because of improper lights. You sometimes need to get rid of those heavy fancy lights when you have a more contemporary design for your home. It may be an evergreen option for home decor but for me, it is a crucial element in the list of interior design trends 2023. Why? Because maybe those airy surroundings with the vine crepes sitting space need an uncrowded lift just like your mood.

4. Clay Candle Stands Are All Your Mood Makers.

There’s nothing more romantic or energizing than candles for a romantic date with your partner or a quick energy boost with some saxophone music. Not always do you need a heavy restaurant for your quality time! Sometimes your home must have it all so that each night or day can be exceptional. As a matter of fact, I have seen them last in Travis Barker’s home on the YouTube channel. Quick fix all your interiors with these.

5. Bold Doors for Playfulness Within You.

When one has experimented with all kinds but still lacks to display her artistry, then comes the bold doors, and simple interior design trends 2023. No way! Boldness isn’t braless, at least for now, but colourful doors. We need to replace boring doors with ones that are vibrant and soothing to the eye and the mind. Why should we always negotiate with our eyes’ pleasure?

Colourful Entry door of Poppy & Rye Home

6. Mix up the Rustic Old Furniture to Showcase Vintage Vibes.

There is not a single person among us who never had a piece of old or antique furniture. I had an old dining table nearly 50 years older that still got some shine and contrast to match my perfect interiors. There may be a table, an unused saxophone, or maybe a radio that will fill grace and nostalgia in your space; I guarantee. Bring them into your interiors too to stand apart in 2023 home decor trends.

Vintage wardrobe for interior design trends
By Carters Furniture

7. Play With the Patterns.

The most terrific usage of colours is through patterns on walls and flooring. It essentially comes from Scandinavian minimalism, which is a kind of maximalism. If any escape room in your home is full of a good vibe, you can use maximalism there. There are ways of coloured patterns that are minimalistic and amazing. It can be a way to showcase new home decorating trends.

Maximalist design kitchen space for interior design trends 2023
Source: Architectural Digest, Photographed By Tim Street Porter

8. Clay Masters the Emotions.

Keeping clay vases and pots is not all about trend but is also a sustainable option for decorating your interiors. I believe that each corner must be overwhelming so that your glance at the particular brings that peace to your mind. C’mon there is no going back for this option. Bring those vessels of clay or make them for yourself!

9. Hanging Woven Chairs Were Always Overwhelming.

Making out with your partner on those silky woven chairs isn’t a bad option on weekdays while they work comfortably. The thought even fills us with a nice happy moment. Why can’t we feel the same? Those woven chairs will add texture to your space, making it cozier and more appealing. Check out a few below.

10. Macrame Wall Hanging for Grandma’s Love.

You might be thinking that why bring all those old pieces of stuff back into the interiors of your modern ambiance? But let me tell you one thing, the misty smell of all the handwoven love of your grandma can never replace any vibe. Trust me on this blindfolded to enhance your ambiance through these interior design trends 2023. Considering its importance to interiors as it provides a texture to your room, which you will see once you add it to your space. Maybe put them back on swinging chairs or a lounge chair with a vase and some orchids in it. You will thank me later.

Coloured Tassel Weaving Wall Hanging
By Sunwoven Studio

11. Perfect Shelf Does Exist.

The quintessential element of any interior design starts with how you put things up in a way that looks outstanding. No home lacks shelves but arranging them is a big task though it sounds easy. You have put some antiques or older stuff that your mom probably abandoned and keep some good pots and a few books. And doing as little will give you a conserving look. If you are the one who loved the marvel collection or soft toys, C’mon Champ, it’s the perfect time to display them.

Minimal Styled Shelves with light background and side stools
Vitamin Design

12. Rattan Bar Carts for Our Entertaining Life.

Person after person crashes down in your house for the pronounced weekends of all time, and you are still uncertain about things that really entertain them. Well, for the starters, greet them with a rattan bar inside. And for more playfulness, add some pop graphic art behind it, and you are all set for your good days. In case you are not very fond of alcohol like me, there can be a coffee bar too! The blessing of the list of interior design trends 2023 lies here.

Handmade Home Rattan Bar Cart with glassware and lemons on top
By Zephyr

13. Abstract Art Is a Big Yes!

Collecting abstract art is the newest trend that you can follow in 2023. It’s not always about just the artist, but also provides a soothing glance to our eyes. Art is something to inspire us and take all the negative things away from our minds. In addition to occupying your living room and study area, abstract art paintings can also dominate your home vibes.

14. Not Moving Without Those Comforting Shaggy Rugs.

The ultra-soft, fuzzy, beautiful shaggy rugs add texture to your space and also brings warmth. Colourful mats are all you need for perfect winters. Adding dark rugs to light and bushy ottomans and liners will add a touch of elegance. It is not just one of the the interior design trends 2023 but a comfortable and relaxing option to fit in any era.

Living Room with off white sofa and grey colored shaggy rugs with a side table
By Layered

15. A Maximalism Ottoman Can Be a Great Fit.

Whenever anyone feels like they go for minimalism trends at all times, it’s for them. To even your sober homes and complete peaceful environment, bring a change by putting a bright colour maybe a yellow or red ottoman. We must have all the elements in our home to favor everyone’s preferences.

Blue colored Pouf by Haworth
By Haworth

16. Floral Pillows Make a Lasting and Comfy Impact.

If you are like me, who loves sober radiant coloured clean ottomans, this is for you. Last summer, I bought a few floral printed cushions that just changed my whole living room ambiance. Patterned fabrics are new friends of our mushy cosy couches.

Patterned zipper pillow
by Lia Griffith

17. Floor Pillows Are a New Lovie-Dubie.

As love is in the aura of our home, every seat and corner must be comfortable and loving. I believe sometimes laying on the ground with our pets and reading a book is a therapy that nobody can replace with anything. Hence, floor pillows of dark, light, and pastel colours are perfect. Whether you play video games with your friends or need an extra beer seat, it goes every time.

Urban Outfitter Floor Pillow with plants and a side table
By Urban Outfitters

18. Some Parts Can Have Neon as Well.

When I hear about Neon lighting, it brings me back to the world of the 1980s, when pop culture, saxophone, and record players were hyped, and looking expensive was a trend. Neon light removes extra disturbances from our room light and glorifies any particular corner. You can check my 80s design article, where neon lights set things apart.

Red LED Neon Sign saying The Naughty Corner
By Custom Neon

19. Rounded Brass Can Have Little Space as Well.

You can create a soft, warm atmosphere in your home by eliminating sharp things and bringing a circular theme to your interior designs. Shiny rounded abstract-designed shelves can sort the problem for you. Try it out and tell me some innovative ways you decided to go with.

20. Make Pastels Your Thing.

You can’t resist using pastels to create a calm and neutral ambiance in your home. Due to its simplicity and boldness, it is my favorite theme. It sometimes acts as a base of the design. Furthermore, add elements like furniture or antiques to make the best out of them. This is a certain option in interior design trends 2023 you can not miss.

Pastels interior design with pink and green striped walls

21. You Can’t Resist Palms for Your Space.

I have been in love with palms because of their fulfillment in the atmosphere. In my writing corner, there are a few palm trees, which sound beautiful when a breeze flows through their leaves. There is no way to go back if you have once decided to bring all nature’s touches to your home.

Palm plant background with a cat resting in her bed
Unknown Author / Via Pinterest

22. Mirror for Wholeness of the Area.

Mirrors are something that adds vastness to even small spaces. Just put an antique mirror in your place where the direct lights incident the surface, and you will be shocked to see the results. It illuminates the area differently. And if you are using palm trees beside, it will bring tones of serenity to your space.

Mint Green Curvy mirror decor on pink walls
By Gustaf Westman’s

23. Mini Libraries for Everyone’s Needs.

I have seen a lot of people who can achieve heights in designing interiors but end up getting messed up just because they forget to bring a mini library to their place. Maybe you are not so fond of reading, but you can use it as a space for your office work. That escape place of our post-pandemic times is directly related to a good and calm library. Like every architecture represents something, so does our library. It signifies peace and so you can not miss to have a mini one from the ultimate guide of interior design trends 2023.

Colourful reading nook
By Mally Skok, ChairishCo

24. Green Effect for Your Coolness.

Most of us are in love with the white colour themes or sometimes a patterned wall, but you can not miss green coloured walls. Green walls can add security and nature’s touch to any space, even a small one beside shelves or a reading corner. You can even use green cabinets or furniture pieces for better interior designs.

Dark Green room for interior design trends
By Laura Fulmine

25. Boho Doorway Curtains.

No matter what interiors there are in the world, my love for Bohemian design will never cease. Its simplicity and ambiguity is the first thing that I love about it. Use boho doorway curtains if you have two spaces together but want to separate them with a good end. Portiere is derived from a french word and was used in the early 4th century that depicts doorless doors. Just a knowledge addition to brush up on your knowledge.

Bed decor around boho curtains
By Quiet Minimal

26. Stonewares Brings a High-Fi.

As much as I love Italian cuisine, I have the same depth of love for stonewares. Whether you are using an item of stoneware furniture or some saucers or pots, it all looks great. The stoneware effect, what we call, distinguishes a space through a modern and distinctive colour effect.

Blue stoneware decoration
By Mignonne Decor

27. Expensive Teapots Bring Multi-Utility.

Whether you are a tea drinker or not, flaunting teapots can never go in vain. You can especially put them on your shelves or dining area cabinets where one has all the right to see and compliment you for your epic taste. I won’t mind even if you don’t credit me for the idea!

Premium Cast iron tea pot with induction cook top
By Umi Tea Sets

28. Throw Blankets Add Vibrance to Your Needs.

Throw blankets are the easiest way to capture anyone’s attention through your starling colour taste. While you are watching a rom-com and snuggling in your partner’s arms, but you need a little more warmth, these throw blankets are a big yes for those moments. Additionally, it provides a different kind of warmth and instant fixer for your interiors when you don’t want to replace those old couches!

Throw Blanket on leather couch with room brightened up by sunlight
By Valley Cruise Press

29. A Gazebo for Your Outdoor Spaces.

Outdoor living space is something everyone needs in all weathers, whether it be tanning summers or romantic monsoons. Just design a minimalistic pavilion with all the colourful vines on the ceiling and low furniture sitting, and you are set for your all-weather common getaway place. If you ask me to suggest a must thing in it, it would be a hot water tub!

Beachfront Gazebo space with palm trees nearby and using marble design from India
By Architectural Digest, Designed by Savin Couëlle

30. One Game Table to Satisfy Your Mind Porn.

Occasionally, my mind freezes, and I cannot focus on anything. During those times, I used to go out, but now I have my gaming corner with a pool table and a few more board games with my fixer friend. To escape the stresses and frustrations of the world and work, we must have a gaming area. And it even fills the monotonous corner of your space and makes it look more desirable.

Living room game table
By S.R. Gambrel

31. Intersecting Lights to Fit Your Room.

Many modern homeowners put expensive lighting solutions in their homes that don’t provide a comfortable environment. Intersecting lights are a latter-day minimalistic solution to your home. Do I sound like a boring commercial? Even if it does, you can’t excuse me without exploring all the options. Bossy am I!

Intersecting minimalistic roof lighting with modern furniture in a living room
By Caffe Latte Home

32. Rotating Windows That Bring Air to Your Face.

These kinds of windows that are all-weather windows are not unlike the shutting and opening windows. Instead, they rotate in a panoramic view and look best without holding any grudges against your perfect interiors.

Midcentury design circular rotating window in a bathroom near a bathtub
By Handelsmann + Khaw

33. Wooden Logs for Comforting Your Booty.

If you love the rawness or wood finish without a good polish, this option is irreplaceable. Wooden logs are the splendid sitting solution that gives even the fattiest sexy booties to fit on them. Wait, I am not body shaming anyone but exploring some ways so that you love to read and explore without getting bored. You can put these in your bar corners, balcony or hanging out area and enjoy every moment.

Wooden logs for seating near Kitchen Platform
By Yana Design Home

34. Circular Sofas So That You Are Never Alone.

Sometimes I think the lounge sofas are the epitome of all my laziness. Do you think the same? Well, at the moment, when I define circular sofas, it is like the world to me in a living room. Circular furnishing completes and is a remark of wholeness. Bring it to your house and experience it!

Living room with circular sofa
By Nareg Taimoorian

35. Wall Growth Plants for Your Bedrooms for Modern Interior.

Numerous people love the thought of living in a wild forest. In reality, only a few people end up designing their place as they dream. Wall growth plants look beautiful, as they bring more ambiance and serenity to your bedrooms.

Bedroom with wall growth plant
By Svetlana Shadrina

36. Low-Sitting Furniture for the Inner Child Within You.

You can bring sleek to your space only by low-sitting movables. The minimalistic style of the interior stands apart, focusing on only the slender beauty of the furniture, obstructing all distractions. It does an excellent job of portraying other elements and some contrasting objects in your background. Hold a few tea parties with your friends to bring back all those childhood memories with them!

Minimalistic low sitting furniture in a living room
By Light Render

37. Rustic Metallic Pots for Your Modern Interior Plants.

Rustic metallic pots are an attractive element for your indoor plants that live for a longer period, giving you a sustainable living option. In addition to giving a vintage look to your interiors, the rust on it also provides essential iron nutrients to your plants. It is a big yes to all those recyclable and reusing freaks like me!

Rustic plant pot in the bathroom
By Anthology Creative Studio

38. Wooden Sliding Doors for Your Perfect Space Separation.

Sometimes creating a whole new wall for separating spaces takes away all the illuminance of the particular area. In that case, wooden sliding doors are a great fit. It also adds a texture to your plain and monotonous interiors. You can add a few more things like a coffee bar wall or library space so that the corner never gets wasted.

Sliding wooden doors separating staircase and living room
By CaroLine Dethier, Marie-Astrid Pelsser

39. Decorating Walls From Textiles.

Textiles can be of different patterns and colours. Using them to enhance the kitchen interiors is a 21st-century idea. It doesn’t matter if you want it for your complete wall or just a section. You can complement the kitchen cabinets and appliances through a contrasting textile-patterned wall.

Pantry walls decorated with green accent textile
By Molly Singer Home

40. Those Perfect Creme Curtains for Everyone’s Needs.

Oh! Look how far we reached but we forgot curtains for our modern interiors! You might be thinking how silly I am! Curtains that are long and sheer, giving a vintage look are best for the airy space, plus, it does not take away your natural light!

Creme curtains in a well lit cozy living room
By @saratornblad / Instagram

41. Floor Lights Are a New Trendsetter.

Floor lights are the showstoppers of every win-win situation. Just kidding, imagine you are having a great time with your lover, and the freaky lights on your eyes are pushing you from taking that optimum pleasure of frowning in your partner’s eyes. How would you feel? For those uncool situations, we have these floor lights! The relatable commercial isn’t it? Okay, let us focus on enhancing the interior design. Placing ambient lights at a particular distance creates a uniform light plus gives you a greater chance to feel warmness in your bedroom.

Stylish Red Floor Lamp on a concrete floor near a couch
By Favius

42. Bamboo Baskets to Fit Everyone’s Laundry Clothes In.

Several times I don’t want to do laundry, and it looks ugliest when there’s not a good laundry bag. With a sustainable option of bamboo baskets, you can be lazy like me always, finding an excuse not to wash clothes! It brings a texture to your space and is an exceptional innovation of the year to hide all your clutter. It can be the best way to rejuvenate your surroundings as it can be a trendsetter of 2023 interior design trends through a sustainable approach.

A set of Bamboo Baskets
By Søstrene Grene

43. Sculptures to Bring Out Artistry Inside You.

Sculptures are not just showpieces but a curiosity in a creator’s mind and a story behind the unapproachable brain. It adds a rescue plan to your current emotional drama. Additionally, it also serves the purpose of converting a boring place into a center of attraction.

Grey coloured sculpture on a wooden cabinet with a painting of fish beside
By Jack Eagen Sculpture

44. Colourful Appliances for 2023 Interior Design Trends..

The usual grey-coloured fridge and gas stoves seem pretty boring, so to stand apart, let’s bring some more colours. If life is pretty, so does our kitchen, serving savory dishes. You can combine it with patterned flooring or contemporary style as well.

Smeg mint green fridge and beige toaster in a kitchen
By @smegitalia / Instagram

45. Vintage Telephone Booths at Home.

When you have everything to set your home apart, now is the chance for the final touch, the telephone booth. The old-style telephone dialer not only brings vintage vibes to your space but also contrasts the current background of your landscape. As the matter of fact, it topples the list of 2023 interior design trends.

A couch with a fallen black vintage telephone
By Vogue Living

46. Wooden Ceilings for the Extra Rawness in Your Space.

The wooden ceilings bring vastness and a rough texture while complementing our walls. Have you ever visited an old Italian mansion? It is common to see wooden ceilings, with a bit of textured wall. Though a rich history, it can be in 2023 interior design trends. It also absorbs sound and keeps unnecessary heat away. Still, finding a reason to switch over?

Minimalistic Luxury bedroom with wooden ceiling
By Bonvivant Concept, Photographed by Salva Lopez

47. Dark Wooden Furniture for Your Warm Space.

Dark wooden furniture compliments your light pastel-coloured walls and helps to bring out other elements of beauty. Sometimes it is freaking stupid to go for the light furnishing with already darker walls. Choose wisely, after all, it’s you who decide!

Grey Coloured Bed with white sheets in a pastel bedroom
By Viv Yapp

48. Marble Benches for Your Spacious Bathrooms.

Having a bathroom with the perfect sitting is a desire of many. You might find many designers pushing up their efforts by tweaking or adding elements and a marble bench is one of them. The trendsetter marble, especially the pink ones, are mood enhancers and brings out creativity within you. It is the first thing you can have on the list to enhance your home through interior design trends 2023.

Pink marble bathroom with a bench
By No. 17 House

49. Brass Taps for Extra Showoff.

While you have checked everything out for your dining space, kitchen, bedroom, or even bathroom; you missed the most crucial part. It is our taps, showerhead, and basins. Steel fittings remain outdated, but the shiny brass ones are the real influencers. You can’t compromise with them anyway.

Nina Dobrev's house showing her kitchen with Brass Taps
By Architectural Digest

50. Metallic Colour Blocked Walls for Your Staircases.

Metallic coloured blocked walls are a spectacular idea to create a mirror screen with reflections of tonnes of light. Don’t put it in a way to separate spaces because it would simply ruin the aura. This is one of the outstanding options in interior design trends 2023.

A staircase with green wall decorated with mid century mirrors
By Benjamin Moore

51. Open Hangers for the Tiny Space and Minimalism.

Every time I check my cupboard and there seem more clothes that are unnecessary. Hence a quick fixer is open hangers that embellish your space alongside providing a minimalist look.

A navy blue shirt hanging on a rustic wooden cloth hanger
By Suket Dhir

52. Fireplaces That Bring Out Old Conversations.

Fireplaces are one of the best additions to a mid-century home, and there is no one I can think of who can say no to a fireplace let alone a crafted fireplace. They bring out lots of conversations and are simply perfect for adding volume and texture to any place.

Crafted Fireplace of The Pod

Final Words.

Now that we have an updated list of interior design trends 2023, do you that there need to be more ideas and if yes, what did I miss? Let me know in the comments below and I will brush up the article as per your perfect opinion. Your soon-to-be favourite writer, I bid you a goodbye for this time but promise to bring something innovative soon!


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