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This Italian Villa From 1909 Is No Lesser Than a Fairy Tale

Italian Villa Peduzzi

To all the lovely people committed to reading this article by giving their precious time: I wanted to start again with a question. What is your first thought about an abandoned place? If I were supposed to answer, I would have replied with the sweetest dilemma, “A mesmerizing beauty that expressed itself with all of its faults in a captivatingly beautiful way.” My destination is the Italian Villa Peduzzi, a place that crosses every boundary of being belle.

Through the designers’ website, we know that this exceptional beauty lay its construction in 1909. The charming command of this Italian Villa is the view of northern Italian Lake Como. Its communal areas, including a library, a piano salon, living and dining rooms, and a family kitchen, lie on the terrace. The above two floors have two bedrooms with high suited bathroom, and the final floor includes entertainment lounges, a games room, and a bar. Are you excited to veil the ultimate glance of the modified residence designed by Studio-Daminto? So am I! But before we discuss the final pictures, you must know the inspiration. And which is the original painted wall and ceiling frescoes in Liberty-era pastel tones. The furniture and lighting solutions were customized and had a vintage look.

Approaching the living area, we find greeted by a well-lit and ventilated stretch with large windows. The greyish faded white ottomans are comfortable and are well proportionate. In addition to that, the center table takes all the credit for the charms. The window-side sitting and piano make the space more vivid and contrasting. Just imagine playing piano for all your friends with refined wine glasses. In addition, the overhead lamp, spotlight near windows, and lighting solution near the piano are well embellished and throw perfect light to the area. The wall panels match well with the stoned flooring. Don’t you think we are still missing something? Yes, the concrete fireplace that provides a flawless texture to the space. I still crave the late evenings with my friends gossiping about my relatives with a piece of soft music. For this specific reason, I’m nostalgic about the place. Tangentially, did we forget the abstract art on the walls that gives a sensible vibe to the area? Do you have such memories with your loved ones? This Italian Villa is the key to good memories!

I am already hungry so let us continue to the dining area; the teak finished furniture and the pair of hanging lights nicely blend with the minimalistic walls. Additionally, the minibar residing in a sliding closed compartment with gleaming light is also a key takeaway of the space. The color tones used here blend well with the airy space. There is no way going on the reason of not flaunting and inviting our guests here.

The kitchen space of this Italian villa is filled with natural light aside from being greeted by a connoisseur of good food. The L-shaped sitting with chairs and a long table near a window is a provenance of a good mood. With a slow splash of breeze and birds chirping, I can visualize you enjoying the healthy oatmeals. The marble platforms for cooking are marvelous that would inspire someone to cook more often. One excellent design decision by the designers is to incorporate the cutlery storage into the cooking platform. The tripod stools are a component of minimalistic design. Spotlights on the roof, brown sliding doors, and white walls blend well with the flooring. The kitchen connects itself with the balcony through a white door.

The other sitting area consists of a pleasant view of mountains while comforting with the green ottomans. The pillow colors fill them with grace, while the center table adds a major subtleness to the area. Choosing a white lamp-shaded drop light is a gratifying choice among designers. The nicely arranged piles of books draw anyone’s attention toward a soulful reading.

Next is the study corner or work corner, designed fantastically. The perfect smooth dark brown furniture with sliding storage panels urges us to finish the work on the same day. The abstract design of the chair is impressive, and the vase is additional contrast to the area. Here we can take a tip that with a dark ottoman or furnishing, golden or silver vases work wonders in improving the decor.

I am covering the two bedrooms of this Italian villa that witness a high-quality comfort and artists’ impression. In the first one, the long white glass-paneled windows exhibit a couthy panoramic view of the mountains and lake. When it comes to the room’s insights, comfortable bedding and gleaming chair furniture are the highlights. The L-shaped straight black light is a minimalistic light solution that I loved most here. On the opposite side of the windows, a white almirah is placed with a platform to keep things tidy. The bedside table is uniquely crafted and goes with the space. Besides, the artistic roof with minimalistic walls and wooden flooring also adds contrasts to the area. The overhead white lamp complements itself with the surroundings. The other bedroom has a diwan sofa on the window side with a piece of well proportionate furniture. The wooden drawers give a vintage look and complete the final look with the option of storage.

The outstanding ventilated bathrooms with tonnes of natural light; craft itself using white color tones. The white textured flooring that is similar to the one of the sinking platform is truly a masterpiece. Alongside the sitting stool and bathtub is pure white which balances the calmness of the area. The other restroom finishes itself with the rosy tone marble. It extends itself through the bedrooms.

The entertainment area, including a pool table, a reading corner, and a natatorium is mesmerizing and relaxing. The finished light brown furniture with wooden flooring is a perfect choice by the designers for complementing the pool table. The jointed stools are classic and exhibit vibes from the old vintage proportion. Additionally, the reading space table and the extended sitting space near the wall make it look more spacious and lively. The leisure pool of this Italian villa embodies to provide calmness in your eyes while giving a view to the lake.

Why We Love This Italian Villa?

Every corner is designed in such a way that it will make you feel butterflies in your stomach. The minimalistic design of the walls and the vintage furniture are the key takeaways here. The color shades chosen are vibrant and give a classy view to each of the spaces. There is one more thing that I loved about the project, which is the careful proportion of ottomans.

Now it is your turn to let me know what you like most about this Italian villa? Additionally, let me know if given a chance, whom would you take over to such a place?

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