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This Japandi House Design Is the Coziest You Can Get To

Japandi House Design

As I lay on my comfy, amputated sofa that needed momentous repairs, I was scrolling through my phone, looking for the best interior idea from a reputable designer. As a broke woman, replicating similar styles is what I do to impress my guests. As I was doing that, I suddenly remembered that I had written several articles on the best home architecture from around the world. Nevertheless, while guilty eating on the same sofa yesterday, I found several similar designers whose work I didn’t recognize. There is nothing else I can do for them except to present my best writing skills in homage to them. So this time, I am back for rocking on the web to introduce you to the best designers and architects, which means the whole month is about to inspire you. We’re off to a great start with this month’s first. Starting with the new project Goodman Home from Prydalna Interiors, designed by Japandi interior designer Yana, and visualized by Soroka, this is a tiny house based on Japandi house design, which fulfils the need for the perfect vacation house.

Before we go through the fantastic interiors of the place, we will surround you with a good environment so that these three minutes of reading nurture your mind. Just grab your favourite cushion and put it behind you, giving your spine the support it always wanted. The beverage on today’s menu is the hot chocolate mug with marshmallow topping. While you make one for yourself, let all the flavoured candles of lavender take away your stress for the day. Now when you are all done, let us move on to our article part. If you are among those who think this is silly, then I request you to bring that silliness and try to escape from your thoughts. You will thank me later!

A mug of hot chocolate with marshmallow topping | By @foodistika / Unsplash

As we sit close to the mug (some might be preparing it), let’s accompany the heart of every home- The Kitchen. The design splash of this area from the concept of Japandi house design embraces modernity and minimalism to please everyone. The cabinets and ceiling are wood-finished, complementing the texture of the simple white-washed place. Moving further, we see the raw-ish wooden logs acting like dining stools and bringing liveliness to the japandi style home. A close look will take you towards the mud vessels that are probably not from the Harrapa civilization but complete the emptiness of the space.

The pendant lights are some things I am obsessed with, so you can not resist the fact that the designers have excelled the minimalism even through the lights. There is enough light to enjoy the sunlight of every phase of the day and the moonlight as well. Imagine you witness the fantastic cooking skills of your partner while listening to your favourite song on the radio and embracing your pet’s fur with your soft hands. It can not be less than any vacation. But wait, that’s not all you’ve got for your quick trip in this Japandi house design.

As soon as the food is finished, it’s movie time, where you have all the right to snuggle up in a comforter for warmth. So here goes the extended living room with the kitchen, which has an L-shaped traditional couch with extra comfort through colourful pillows. To the peace-loving white walls of the home and the wooden finish of the ceiling, there is extended texture through the hand-woven textured rug and sitting ottoman. The small wooden desk with a finished vase and dried flowers enhance the whole area with subtle beauty. Furthermore, the stone art in the fireplace completes the wall look of the tiny home. There are mud vessels and a few books on the wooden raw finished racks that exemplify minimalistic beauty. None of the artefacts can beat the sober and well-designed mud vessels that are sustainable and fantastic for decoration.

Last but not least, we have the royal bedroom, which retains the same simplicity and texture in this Japandi house design. As you walk through it, there is a low elevated soft-charming bed, which fills the gap between you and the perfect sleep. The macrame wall hanging completes the wall look, and the same goes with the fur drop pendant lamp, which extraordinarily adds boldness to the space. In addition to the sophisticated table and dark pottery, a colourful rug adds an extra touch of vibrancy. There is a wooden ladder in the form of hangers where you can put your jackets or towels, which is an accomplishment in room decor for lazy ones like me. Finally, there are stone bathroom vanities at the back with a wooden rack to keep towels or extra utilities. The glass shower area is always the perfect thing to have in the bedroom.

We often think of minimalism as an element that takes away the materialistic beauty, but it is more about the connectivity with yourself with so much space around you and less clutter. This minimalistic Japandi house design has sober interiors, but with the pottery and wooden finishes, it looks extra-ordinary beautiful. Now that you have completed your cocoa mug, all you need to do is blow the candles off and wait for me for the next article coming up, and I will see you next time.

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