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This Landscape House by Andrew Trotter Is a Modern Asset

Landscape House by Studio Andrew Trotter

By Klaudia Adamiak / Behance

I still remember the night I got overwhelmed by the classic Stephen King movie, It 2. While I was watching it alone and the clown especially hit my nerves through fear, at the other end, the beautiful friendship and pure love of Ben towards Beverly made me syrupy. Now you might wonder how the sudden architecture project had just turned its introduction towards the movie review. So the fact that I am revitalising those older moments of 2019 for you is because of the house of architect Ben in the movie, which was a mirror house. I especially loved those architectural structures because of their enormous space, star gazing nights, early sunrises and a quick minimalist yet simple open space to live in nature. Today, when I just saw this project, I remembered the movie, which gained off-target appreciation due to its perplexing storyline and beautiful moments. With so many architectural projects on the way, I always thought of making at least one similar structure for living in the woods, and I am sure to choose this one! So, keeping the same energy, let me take you on the virtual tour of this landscape house.

However, before we start, the final information is that the structure was designed by Taylor Charlotte, rendered by Klaudia Adamiakand and the project led by Studio Andrew Trotter. Additionally, it is part of a luxury landscape hotel located in Zion, Utah, and is under construction till 2024.

Visiting the Landscape House Amid the Delights of Utah.


With a higher elevation, the property is literally in nature’s lap overlooking the scenic beauty of rocky mountains and vegetation. If you look closely, the silverish-grey material of the landscape house blends well with the environment, giving it a smooth contrast. The spaced pillars of the roof add flexibility and geometric balance to the infrastructure of this landscape house with relatively greater strength. Further, you see a little widening space between the direct entry to the construction, which helps to bridge a gap between the outside world and the inside. From the outside, it is no less than a dream house with sleek modern design.


Moving towards either side of the entryway, let us explore from the end, which means from the bedroom. The neutral-warm ceiling and flooring colour combine perfectly with the furnishing colour to create a calming, nourishing, and comforting environment. Glass windows cover the remaining portion of the area with a few spots of privacy provided by walls. If you look closely, there is a blank space with an incoming light through windows behind the bed, making the space even more adaptable and open. Specifically, these areas are usually used to eliminate all empty corners, which look deserted, and bring out new energy and a vibe of spaciousness. Further, the soft wall lights above the bed in decluttered positions and silverish accent, an opening space to cover the job of the bedside table, and a modular black seated firm chair are some of the additions giving a neat look to the bedroom. Even the neatly steamed grey bedsheets don’t compromise with the accent of the design of the bedroom. The triangular soft-shaded lamp on either side of the chair leaves no blank area for isolated seating. It is time to see our living room after enjoying the landscape beauty from the chair or bed.

Living Area.

Escaping from the long passageway from behind the bed, you see a restful living room with all the amenities that it can have. Utilizing the accents of the walls, ceilings, wooden chairs, and silver-grey accents of a few furnishings, it complements the colours of the bedroom in the same way. There is an open library or bookcase, which adds aesthetic value to the living room. If you look in proximity, there are sleek modern design silverish lamps extending from the open cabinet, which makes it a part of itself. The most significant theme of the entire space was to make your living a more airy and lighter way to keep you away from all the stresses and thoughts. Hence, there is the usage of open shelves, fewer walls, open doors, and a more calming colour with the natural accent of the furnishings.

Further, the lower furniture, like ottomans and chairs, make the space more grounded and inviting. The sofa style looks sleek and snuggly as if merely lying on it replenishes your mood. The abstract-shaped black chair and lighter brown more like a lounge chair, are perfect additions to the tiny space to make it look enormous. In front of the sofa, there is a wooden fireplace which further completes the look of the living area inside this landscape house.

Kitchen And Dining.

Moving forward, we have our kitchen and dining space which is not just for good food but also great conversations. The silver accent of the entire landscape house is carefully maintained in the kitchen wall behind the stove, utensils and tap material. Further, the dining table is an elegant look with convenient options for storage. The use of a metal look, abstract matte black furnishing, and wooden furnishing is outstanding. It’s more like cooking and enjoying candlelight dinners in the lap of rocky mountains with being inside the home.


Though the entire space of this landscape house throbbed in my heart, this specific area made me go crazy. The large bathtub with a panoramic view of the wildlife and greeny vegetation is no less than a therapy. The shower head above the bathtub and the modern silverish tap are worth noticing here.

End Words.

The architectural place makes an impression for its thoughtful interiors and construction. Every single component is carefully considered while making such a comforting place. It takes peace inside to emit it through the work! The silver-grey metal hues, wooden finishes, open doors, enormous space, and sleek modern design furnishing are happily commingled. The designers, architect, and entire team have done an outstanding job with this landscape house, and finding the time to enjoy a staycationis one of the ways to connect with exceptional standards it has to offer. Let me know in the comments what is one happening activity you desire to do at this place.

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