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Mahal Design of the Leela Palace in Jaipur | Quick Tour

Mahal Design of Mohan Mahal by The Leela Palace

To my gorgeous audience who were deliberately scrolling their phones and found this article, I bring you royalty-infused romance this time through a masterpiece Mahal design. Starting from our same rituals, like in my previous blogs when we talked about architectural beauty, here is your question. What is your kind of romantic dinner with your partner? For this time, I am skipping the answer. When I utter the word candlelight dinner, our minds shun over our hearts. And that’s what this architectural structure represents. This candle light dinner hotel is just not a place but a castle in Spain!

Before reading through this, I have two conditions! I intended to be bossy today, so, in particular, you couldn’t skip any of those. There are two things you have to do. The first is you have to make yourself a good cup of cinnamon coffee, and the second thing is that you have to give me your time properly without getting distracted by other things. Let us get started now with another epic read.

We are covering a romantic place today which is traditional and has a special place in the history of mahal design in Indian architecture. Mohan Mahal, a venture from Leela Palace group, inspires itself from the Sheesh Mahal of Jaipur. Before diving into its architecture, let us first have a glance at the Sheesh Mahal. It ensures the passage of time and a changing cityscape that is now a reflection of the beauty and grandeur of Rajasthani royalty. It has always taught the world how to use mirrors in this beautiful world through its fine mirror works. When I recall the story of using a mirror as decoration from my grandma, I remember that it used to adorn the outside of the mud walls of the thatched huts. A magnificent piece of art made of thousands of pieces of glass and precious stones was presented by Raja Man Singh. The exquisite reflection of mirrors will provide excellent photographs to any visitor there.

Now coming to our subject, Mohan Mahal has crafted from 3,50,000 mirrors by hand. Designed so that the reflection of light through them illuminates everything, the place is true to its inspiration. Surprisingly this magnificent space has no artificial light in it but only candles. Fascinating, right? The old-fashioned wooden ottomans are comfortable and fill a texture to the place. Its walls and ceiling showcase Indian art in the perfect form. It have traditional design made from the mirror work. Also, it is carved similar to a mahal design architecture.

The dining at Mohan Mahal | Source: @theleelapalace_jaipur / Instagram

Each table has a candlelight holder that gives an experience to the Rajputana darbars. If you visit this place, you will perfectly drown in its scent and beautiful conversations with your partner. Coming on what they are serving, they have a whole menu of Rajasthani food that is a connoisseur of food. The copper cutlery they use is another extraordinary experience. While writing this article, I am so impressed with the dining experience that I crave to visit this place.

The meal (Thali offering) at Mohan Mahal

Meanwhile, your last coffee sip might relieve you and energize you to work on your day. While planning your next vacation, ask your partner to experience this royalty. I always dreamt of living or eating in a place that have some drops of mahal design. If you belong to same category then, you will definitely have a dreamy experience that will stir your soul. And yes, don’t forget to answer my question in the comments below!

I will see you shortly with another epic read; Take Care Folks!

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