NFT Furniture: Big Opportunity for Designers to Make Money?

As designers look for better opportunities and independence, NFT furniture becomes a sweet spot for many reasons. But does it hold a future ahead? Here’s the most reasonable answer.

NFT Furniture

On the beautiful evening of the 90s, when the track Flashlight by Fuzzy was on famous radio stations, one never knew that the future change as quickly. Presently, there are two types of people in the market: those who are savvy on NFTs and those who have absolutely no idea what they are doing. I am sure you do not want to fall into the second category. Hence, I decided to write for you on the future of NFT furniture.

Before going into depth, let me quickly introduce you to the NFTs. Non-Fungible Tokens are a digital way to record, verify, track and own a particular asset, which is unique in either digital or physical form. It can represent art, music, design, furniture, and even real estate. There is no theft possible because it provides instant authenticity at no time. Smart contracts, powered by blockchain technology, are used to carry out these transactions. Let me give you a rough figure on the amount of money in NFTs. In the first half of 2021 alone, it broke a record of 2.5 Billion Dollars. Perhaps you are asking yourself why designers are moving on them and do it really has a future? Do NFT designer really have future? You might too have questions on the purpose of buying NFT furniture. Don’t worry, we have got you covered.

Bureau Rose NFT artwork by Benoit Challand

Here in this article, I have made it easier to study things so that you can get a brief idea by yourself.

How to Sell on NFTS?

I am so happy that you took the step to know or sell on NFTs my digital frontiers! If you are a digital creator or an artist, this is a great way to earn and deserve respect for your work. All you need to do is follow these steps:

  • First, you have to mint your digital assets as NFTs, which means you have to go for a digital certificate that proves you are the owner of the particular commodity. You can use Ethereum or any other for such a purpose. Remember, it is all about your creativity, quality, and dedication towards your asset.
  • Second, you have to select a marketplace where you can sell your assets in an auction. There are numerous marketplaces for this propaganda. OpenSea is the largest platform for this purpose.
  • Next, link your crypto account and upload your digital art. And you are all set to auction them.
  • Click on the ‘Sell‘ button and follow the instructions. You will have an option to fix the price and time limit for the auction. There will be supplementary prices which are basically called “gas prices.”
  • Once you have managed this so far, share this on your website or social media. Remember, once you remove them without selling them, you might incur additional fees. And the gas fees are non-refundable.

And this completes how you land to sell your precious arts on the NFT platform. And you are all set to showcase your NFTs design.

Market Stakes of NFTS.

The estimate of the increase in market share of NFT from 2021 to 2026 is at the CAGR of 35.27%. And surprisingly, this growth is attributed to digital art forms. The weighy five companies on the list of rising NFTs are- Binance Services Holdings Ltd, Decentraland Foundation, Funko Inc., Gemini Trust Co. LLC, and OpenSea.

Global NFT Market 2022-2026

Affect on NFT Furniture Industry.

Let us recall the moments from the auction by NiftyGateway tagging The Shipping when Andrés Reisinger made history by selling ten virtual pieces of furniture for $450,000.

The smell of pink by Andrés Reisinger

Assuredly, this witnessed the positive growth of the furniture industry on NFTs. It is an option to expand the notions of design and architecture. It is an inspiration to all the under-represented designers or architects that even adds extra income. Not only them, but it is also now the digital ledger that allows others to appreciate their artform.

It is possible to show off digital goods in the metaverse if you have NFT furniture like Reisinger’s, the trendy term for immersive, 3D-rendered online worlds like Roblox and Meta (Facebook). Morgan Stanley estimates that the luxury NFT market will reach $56 billion by 2030.

Benefits of This Digital Currency.

The pronounced benefit of digital art is that you can make lots of money with it. What more could you want? Not yet! The list is long. You can have the following benefits from it:

  • As with a prominent artwork, you can own them in a collection. Either way, you can have some abstract art or furniture on your mobile phones where you can take them anywhere. These are portable pieces of furniture you can take anywhere.
  • You can exhibit in your own virtual museum that can make you Richie-Rich on their entry. Some of the prevalent museums where you can upload your NFTs are the Museum of Crypto Art and the B.20 Museum.
  • You can even broadcast in your games if they allow NFTs. Interesting right? While you play your game, you have the interiors fixed by your NFTs!
  • There are some market spaces such as SuperRare, where you can upload your non-tangible tokens and flaunt!
  • And of-course, you can resell them anytime for extra income.
  • The crucial benefit that can not be neglected is that they promote artists, designers, and architects, which is a good way in the age of social media. It further engages them with a larger audience than just a small group or community.
  • You can even have them in your favorite corners in the digital frames, which is an acceptable way to showcase it to even others.
NFT market capitalization

Risks and the Future of NFT Furniture.

Where there is money, there are risks involved. Few risks associated with the NFT furniture are:

  • There might be a scenario when the hackers can lead to an attack on de-centralized finance systems and steal a large amount of crypto.
  • In the NFT markets, there is a price constraint that means they are solely dependent on the creativity and quality of the work. So there is a problem with the price evaluation of these assets.
  • These are linked with the crypto banks like Etherium or Bitcoin, so they might crash if these banks did.
  • There are risks associated with fake NFTs that lead to online crimes and cyber frauds.
  • They consume a lot of energy which leads to high CO2 emissions. Also, it concludes with the fact that it is environmentally damaging.
  • In many countries, it does not have federal laws to deal with. Hence, lawfully it sometimes tends to bring risks.

Talking about the future of NFTs, many graphs and studies support its healthy growth. Though it has no price estimate for a certain commodity, the history of bid and ownership changing remains to each person buying it. Hence it can be a risk for sure.

Popular Brands and Designers Who Took on the Opportunity.

Emerging in the newly pronounced category some of the brands and designers who launched their NFT furniture pieces are:

1. Andrés Reisinger.

Andrés Reisinger Floralia Chair

2. Meta4space.

Meta4space NFT furniture chair

3. Visionnaire.

Visionnaire's Apollo Belvedere NFT And Marble Sculpture

4. Romulo Temigue.

Stone NFT Furniture by Romulo Temigue

5. Misha Kahn.

Ten NFT Furniture designed by Misha Kahn

6. Dims.

Cleo chair by furniture startup Dims

7. Nomanzi.

Nomanzi Furniture collection

8. Mavimatt.

Mavimatt UFO chair visualization NFT furniture

9. OltreNFT by Saba.

OltreNFT by designer Saba

10. Monde Singulier.

Le Lagon Lounge NFT Furniture


I have already given you a brief on NFTs, their risks, and their benefits. Talking about the first day returns of NFT, it was 130% higher, which is the largest compared to any other IPOs. Hence it can be concluded that it has long-term benefits, but there are certain risks associated with the seller part as well as the buyers part. Buying a NFT furniture simply does not mean to just see on the good part but also the reality behind them. The future of digital art is in growth, having winners and losers on both sides.

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