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A Minimalist House That Adapts Norwegian Landscape

Minimalist House in Norway Visualization

The dreamy landscape and the modern architecture of Norway are known for many reasons. As much as I desire to talk about the different aspects of this subject (preserved for another day) today, we came by Fritidsbolig Johansen. A minimalist house that habitats between nature. Imagined by Handegård Arkitektur, let’s learn about the creation.

The designer worked on a modern architectural design that is short of functionalism. A large part of their approach remains to assess architecture through space experiences, sun/shadow, terrain adaptation, views, insight, access materials, etc.

Looking closely at the design of Fritidsbolig Johansen, you will find the attachment to nature and the adaptation to the terrain by a sophisticated design. The wooden architecture used here is a modern way to deal with environmentalism and reduce emissions.

The exterior builds a relationship with the surrounding through large glass panels and a sitting option outside.

The 2-bedroom minimalist house creates a demarcation between the 2-halves through a corridor. Each room, including the bathroom, has a glass-panelled window carrying on the design template, and the presence of open land and water body provides privacy at the same time. The outer wooden pad has a dedicated area for an additional room and stairs to access the roof.

Why Do We Love It?

This minimalist house engages with different elements and the habitat in a pure form. With the structural design one may find nowadays, the building retains minimalism as well. It creates a suitable living option for a small family with privacy and a space to keep engaging at the same time.

The applied architectural techniques are also a formula to take inspiration from. My favourite component is how the design behaves around different trees and utilizes them carefully.

It’s not every day you come across an idea that lies ahead of its time and meets your requirements precisely. Now the task is for us to knock you with more monumental architectural forms. Don’t worry we will keep up to your expectations and excel in our intentions of making the world aware of artists like this.

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