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This Parametric Furniture Looks Compact but Acts Large

Parametric Furniture Design

By @robert_van_embricqs

Behind every calculated design, there lies the understanding and creativity of the designer’s mind. While we take the authority to please ourselves with the solution, it is only possible when they create the intimacy of different elements and make them available to the world. Only this is why the objects we surround ourselves with are the donation of living an easy life. Likewise, today as I was searching for resources on the development of parametricism, I stumbled across a parametric furniture series that attaches its importance to minimalism, creativity and solving problems associated with compact spaces.

The winner of the prestigious reddot design award, this series belongs to the catalogue of Robert van Embricqs. And because it is unlike anything I found in the past few months, I find it my duty to begin by familiarizing you with the designer himself.

Who Is Robert van Embricqs?

Graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Robert van Embricqs is a dutch designer who initially found value in natural forms and movement to develop his innovative parametric furniture series.

His initial impressions were to search for opportunities in chair making that retains minimalism, aesthetic appeal and functionality and is suitable for small and large-scale manufacturing.

1. Rising Chair.

As the name dictates, the rising chair is a unique piece of furniture that uses material knowledge to transform the natural wood, essentially in the shape of plywood into a chair. Unlike most creative objects, the chair features functional characteristics through its ergonomic setup and modern look.

According to the visuals and setup of this chair, the designer appears to have started with several cuts on a flat surface to put together beam-like strands that can be transformed into a sitting and uses hinges to retain the strength of carrying weight.

By @robert_van_embricqs

2. Rising Shell.

The rising shell is one of the objects in van Embricqs’ parametric furniture that uses a similar concept but provides the owner with a new way to settle for utensils that can carry fruits or other edibles and complement the abstraction of the space.

Though the designer hasn’t mentioned this, the rising shell appears to also work as a tray or an article that can sit empty and flat on the surface yet intrigue our minds to come up with questions about its emptiness, which is similar to a theory Japanese use for their interiors.

By @robert_van_embricqs

3. Flow Wall Desk.

Following the parametric furniture layout, Robert found the opportunity for a desk that may suit a majority of remote job workers or professionals who lack a dedicated workspace. The flow wall desk can be fitted onto a wall and when required, be folded into a hanging desk.

Though a glance may question its rigidity, a closer look explains the mechanism the desk’s flat surface uses to support itself through the wall.

Additionally, the geometrically designed desk serves as a frame when unfolded, making sure that it matches the aestheticism every time, unconditional of its form.

By @robert_van_embricqs

4. Rising Side Table.

We travelled through a small series of parametric furniture designs that can serve as a chair, a working desk or a basket. But when we closely determine the missing component, one of the things designers never ignore from their layout is the side tables. Robert- probably one of the genius minds at designing, realized the urgency of the same and implemented a similar concept into the side table.

With its family-like appearance, the rising side table is one of the pieces that can be paired with modern furniture to give the corner its focus and prevent it from looking uninviting.

By @robert_van_embricqs

5. Rising Table.

A centre table that requires the least effort to make it inviting, Robert van Embricqs’ practice of parametric furniture takes it a notch up for not only a having distinct look but also applications that may look little at first but have a lasting impact. The rising table follows a similar approach through a basket-like structure that forms upon folding.

Similar to other parametric furniture objects from Robert van Embricqs the rising table also comes in different finishes and can be carefully picked to complement your space.

By @robert_van_embricqs


Finding the right furniture becomes heavily traumatizing given how we stay connected to even celebrities on social media and compare ourselves with their standards. However, designs like this create a difference that even celebrity designers strive for. Not only Robert subjected his proficiency in parametric furniture design but he also made a great point with his foundation of embedding functionality and minimalism into them.

Tell me how intrigued were you upon watching these transform from a flat sheet to a usable furniture article, and which among these would you like to have in your home.

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