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Sculptural Furniture by Brodie Neill: Conscious and Modern

Sculptural Furniture

Exhibition view of Brodie Neill's Furniture Series | Source: Brodie Neill / Instagram

Whenever my brother and I are knackered after an exhausting day, we usually go biking in the most remote places to be swept away by nature through its purest form. The other week we drove to a road surrounded by Nilgiri hills, with every inch of the space covered with tall banyan trees and bougainvillaeas. Now, often our discussion turns to the creation of designs through nature since we have decided not to talk about any of our work chores or personal lives at this time. Hence, we discussed the clouds’ formation, the different shapes it forms and what we really see in them with the colour gradations. If one looks closely at them, sometimes it feels as if the backward clouds approach the forward one. We all know it’s all in our head, but don’t you think it would be better if designers used anamorphic designs, which interact more with our mind in a friendly fashion, and help us to get better concentration? Now many designers do it, and the result is outstanding. For instance, I previously wrote about Mavimatt, a designer famous for his luxurious interiors, and you guys loved it. Today I am highlighting a designer with designs that really captured my imagination with his stunning sculptural furniture series. And I am sure you would equally love him. I have selected ten of his Edition designs, which cover a lot of his work. Before starting you must know the name of this innovative individual, Brodie Neill.

A Sculptural Furniture Line That Gets Too Far With Its Uniqueness.

1. E-Turn SS.

This exclusive sitting bench is sleek, modern and a masterpiece. With extreme precision and superficial overlapping, the E-Turn behaves like a ribbon which twists and turns into a seat. When I look at it, it seems to me that it is like a loop, which constructs itself from a free-style pencil revolving on canvas. The blunt edges of the bench look as if it inspires by traditional Greek architecture, whose only intent is to give a warmer and cosier look. I seriously loved the width, which looked like increasing or decreasing, giving one’s mind better lessons in perspective and geometry.

E-Turn SS | Source: Brodie Neill

This bench is the perfect fit if you are casting around for something shiny and modern to add a touch of sophistication to any corner of your home. Either blend it with the brutalist architecture or maximalism interiors; it could go well with each.

2. Meridian.

Ever thought of a big wooden spoon with sliding comfort, which could take the shape of a sitting? Well, Brodie Neill, the designer has implemented this thought to carve the setting from the African hardwood, sweeping the smooth contours and edges.

Meridian | Source: Brodie Neill

As if sculpted by a modern artist, this sculptural furniture article offers smooth undulations that contrast with the dark tones of hardwood, revealing the offset construction. If you notice carefully, the upper and lower curves give a side profile of a 3-d structure.

The functional strategies focus on the elementary use function of the article with an aesthetic value of the psychological benefit. Here the curvilinear setting of the rectilinear table indicates better amounts of pleasant emotions, such as feeling relaxed, peaceful and calm. And most probably, the material of African hardwood provides an ecological sensibility to the structure through its appearance.

If you probably love the part that furniture must hold some psychological value, then this is for you.

3. @Chair.

The @Chair is a seamless form of an entity with polished stainless steel through burnished arches. The entire configuration of a chair is in a single wave with an extraordinary physical appearance and aesthetic values. With a shiny gleaming grey colour and extensive support to the back, this chair is a contemporary classic in the list of furnishing by Brodie Neill. This drop-dead gorgeous conveys soft energy with an emotional effect through its smooth curves. Hence, you can say that this piece of furnishing can create a functional feature and a pleasing ecological sensation through its design.

@ Chair | Source: Brodie Neill

Starkly pair it with a floor lamp and a cosy carpet with better texture in your corner, and make the most out of this sculptural furniture piece.

4. Atmos Console.

The rectangular table has sharp edges, giving the extended top of the table an aerodynamic appearance. Designed using recyclable bronze, which reflects the beauty of nature from an ecological-aesthetic perspective, it represents luxury and purity from a materialistic-perspective. With a two-toned technique of mirror-polished void and satin metallic exterior, it is shinier and has a hyper-reflective vortex. It is a true expression of metallic craftsmanship with the excellence of patience, which makes it a dynamic piece of sculptural furniture.

Atmos Console | Source: Brodie Neill

Now, for all who have a European taste and interiors or rustic and traditional mixes, you can blindly add it to your cart and give your home what it truly desires.

5. Gyro, Second Wave.

Usually, we reflect our personalities in our interiors. For instance, I have been much interested in humanities; hence every single desk in my house makes sure that it includes a thing to intrigue me. Similarly, those who are really interested in galaxies, the cosmos, satellites, and earth radiations could give their home a better look with this table. It is a contemporary physical render of a 19th-century specimen tabletop made of ocean terrazzo, which is genuinely a glimpse of nature. You might notice a white and blue design over the top. In a nutshell, it is a kaleidoscopic diagram depicting the longitudinal and latitudinal lines of the Earth.

Gyro Second Wave | Source: Brodie Neill

I think it will go fabulous with those having minimalist interior homes and Japandi designs. Adding a few chairs around it is all it needs, and you don’t even need to decorate the table.

6. Jetsam.

The story of Jetsam begins with the creation of Gyro tables which produced a lot of waste. In order to improve waste management, the artist mixed bold greens, yellows, and reds to create a new foundation for the structure of this sculptural furniture. This Ocean Terrazzo dining table is a low elliptical table with smooth curves and different front and back legs. With an easy design, it plays a crucial role in the catastrophic presence of Flotsam and Jetsam in oceans.

Jetsam Desk | Source: Brodie Neill

The table can be advantageous in hosting your summer parties with a boost of colour. Either bring inside your Scandinavian interior designs or take away the attention of your luxurious interiors; it goes with all of them but with an appropriate approach.

7. Torso.

Sculpted from laminated and reclaimed Panga Panga parquet, which are rare and endangered tropical hardwood floors in Leicester schools over a period of sixty years, the Torso side tables resemble old wood logs. After refurbishing this old waste wood, the series of three tables, Torso was the genius invention by the designer to give a message that reusing and recycling could make anything superficially beautiful and worthy without harming nature.

Torso | Source: Brodie Neill

The circular dome-shaped sculptural furniture items are perfectly finished and greatly curved, having an excellent sense of modelling. The functional design of Torso blended with an aesthetic arouses any user’s cultural and emotional resonance, which takes care of the human-inner peace and spiritual qualities.

8. Altitude.

The Altitude sculptural Chair is a rich-toned wood with brass rivets structure with a structural moire pattern of the longitude. It looks like a well-grided form, where the balance and symmetry it holds are excellent. Now, you can simply pair it with a good end table for your mid-modern century interiors and make your space look desirable.

Altitude | Source: Brodie Neill

9. Remix.

Remix is the 21st-century hot bench with a low elevation. With a multi-coloured continuous flow of patterns, it is a low-chaise longue carved with the material, typically a mixture of plastics and wood. The website mentions that there is a random selection of materials laminated into a block, and then it was contoured by a 5-axis CNC cutter, which ensured an organic surface with a fantastic texture and bold lines. The aesthetics of curves form stability concerning psychological terms.

Remix | Source: Brodie Neill

As a result of its colours, it can be used in dark and light lightening conditions to achieve the best interior look. Brutalist architecture is the best kind which could display the impeccable beauty of this sculptural furniture piece.

10. Capsule.

An hourglass, linked to antique and rustic décor, can give us a feeling of how, despite our best efforts, time does not stop, just like the sand in it. The Capsule collects the same nostalgia of a traditional hourglass but by switching sand with fragments of multicoloured-ocean plastic. The masterpiece displays the present condition of our oceans and the beaches, around the world, where this microplastic has outnumbered the amount of sand. The design of this sculptural furniture fabricates the excellent craftsmanship of a curvacious hourglass with a symbol of the world’s map on the top.

Capsule | Source: Brodie Neill

Perhaps this is the best design I have seen in many years with a clear message.

Final Words.

With a value on aesthetics and ecological balance, the sculptural furniture designs of Brodie Neill are functionally and physically effective. I loved how the designer crafted the entire series of Edition with sustainability, waste management and innovation. These will lead the users to experience the beauty of nature, along with respecting the intrinsic value of nature to reflect their life profoundly and secondly getting a functional value with the spiritual and cultural function. I hope you loved the article!

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