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This Sea Facing House in Mumbai With Stunning Interior Details

Sea facing house in Mumbai.

I was looking for something extraordinary last night when I stumbled upon this sea facing house in Mumbai. I intended to show my favorite folks that inspiration can be anything. You can not run out of them even in your personal life. Even a single tree or pen or paper can inspire you to evolve and perform better! Don’t worry; this article is not about philosophy on inspiration but a showcase of the same. You might have heard about the Suitcase Museum by Dayanita Singh. How she found a perfect solution to present her 44 book objects carried in a single leather suitcase was a wit and inspiration. But we are certainly not discussing her books, but a structural beauty in the form of the house stimulated from the Suitcase Museum.

This graceful space is from the creation diary of Samira Rathod and captured by Niveditaa Gupta.

Before I reveal the pictures of this art, I want something from your end. If you frequently read my articles, you might know that we always have a virtual date here. However, today’s menu will differ because of the raging heat waves that trouble us. We will have a chocolate Frappe instead of our usual cappuccino. If you struggle with the recipe, don’t worry, I am here to help. You might be thinking, why these tantrums! But this is how I am. Without delaying more, take a quick glass, add ice, and a shot of espresso with some milk, a sweetener, and of course, melted chocolate! Shake it, and you are ready. Once you have it, have seating in your reading corner near your bookshelf. It seems that you are all set.

The living room features a greyish white wall complemented by a wooden roof. The marble flooring also leaves a balance in our eyes and follows a minimalistic approach here. As you finish admiring the textured walls, you are met with long, glass windows made from light brown wood, bringing grace to the room. The ottomans include a large sofa with two single chair sofas and not to forget the snuggly cozy cushions. They have pale grey-white color filled in their fabric that goes well with the flooring and roof. Keeping the intimacy of the flooring with the rectangular long center table with marble cuttings is a brilliant choice by the designer. While you enjoy some great conversations with your partner on the ottomans with the balanced sunrays of the dawn, you have fresh air splashing your face. It is perfect for the ottomans’ backs to fit a bookshelf containing numerous compelling collections of books.

The wooden rack with the elevated lamp revives the space as well. On its end, there is some space with grayish textured platforms and a wooden window where you can make up a short bar or a living space! The black and white picture fills the wall and the ambiance.

Upon entering the bedroom, you will find comfortable bedding. Each morning the sun rays from the long window cum door beside the bed promise to wake you up. One-sided white lighting solution with a lowered bedside table is trimming the furniture look. Here we see the abstract art paintings fill a volume of the walls. It does not give you a sense of emptiness. The spacing block where an antique is kept also graces the space. The colorful patterned flooring with the half-white walls and the high brown roofing is also a good choice by the designers’ team.

I love this sea facing house in Mumbai because of its ventilation and minimalistic approach. The furniture crafting is well developed and implemented. On a note, a key takeaway to any space is filling colors appropriately that are more balanced.

I’m bidding you farewell for this time, but I promise you to see another structural beauty soon. Take Care.

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