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21 Tiny Homes: Spaces That Guarantee No Adjustments

Tiny Homes

Casa Xasteros | Source: Stephan Julliard / via Elle Decor

Upon waking up today at 6 in the morning, my first thought was, why is the first of the month already here? Like the winters are on the shore, and festivities are coming along with the holiday season vibe, and guess what, I am still here writing articles to fritter away my time. In addition to these, last night, my friend followed up on our New Year plan, which I made hurriedly without even looking at my calendar. And I poured the soup of lies over her buttery curious empty bowl of mind that yes, we are going, and that lie extended to such limit that we were literally looking upon the stays, where I am not going! I didn’t want to lie, but what option did I have when my friend was already facing her terrible career and disappointments? Maybe I will do something about it to spend some time at least to distract her, but the holiday is impossible. Since not everyone looks forward to their strenuous timings, I have curated this list of 21 exceptionally beautiful tiny homes; some of them can be booked, and others are so delightful that you can take inspiration to construct your own tiny vacation home in just a few weeks. So, what are we still waiting for? Let us start!

21 Elegant Tiny Homes to Bookmark for Inspiration.

1. Biv Punakaiki.

Biv Punakaiki is a project, which is inspired by the historic gold-mining huts local to the area, bringing such an impressible exterior and interiors that nobody can say NO to experiencing this living. This two-floored tiny house is private, cozy, and lovable for couples or groups of friends, or even solo writers and artists. The surrounding place is Instagrammable and beautiful, giving you a chance to even swagger around your family and friends. A few more pros to the place besides its solidarity and connection to nature are that it is highly insulated, has active ventilation, and a perplexing fireplace for ambiance. Personally, I feel this tiny home to be aesthetically mesmerizing, and it is worth giving a shot! You can experience this beautiful home by yourself on Canopy Camping.

Biv Punakaiki | Source: Fabric Architecture

2. The Brook.

You might have seen this already- one of the most popular Australian tiny homes, The Brook, captures the perplexing wetlands surrounding the Gasometer, framing Moyne rivers and lush paddocks with a sight of domestic animals. This two-story tiny house has a large living space with an expansive opening to the nature fields and an open kitchen with enough space to cook and dine with your friends. One of the things that has created an illusion of more space is the skylight over the higher ceilings of the ground floor, which made the living space more spacious, generous, and open. As you walk up the stairs, there is a small bedroom with comfortable lower ceilings to make it more intimate, cozy, and close. Fitting into the landscape of rusted red farms from its exteriors, The Brook is made with locally sourced and recycled elements, representing life with minimal damage to nature.

The Brook House | Source: Derek Swalwell / via Archdaily

3. Looking Glass Lodge.

Looking Glass Lodge is my favorite space as it greets you with an open space, minimal furnishing, and lots of comfort. Previously, I covered this tiny home as an architectural project, which is why I am adding it to this list so that all those who did not check it out in the first place do not miss the best. This tiny space is part of the ecological biodiversity of the nearby area, which enables you to get a closer look at fauna, flora, and nature. The best part is that it has some height, which separates your stay from the site’s bat activity, helping to secure the long-term habitat of this protected species and giving you the closest touch to nature. I loved how the interior designer and architect blended elements together to form such a compassionate piece of beauty. Like the bathtub with an impressible scene to the lush surroundings, the living room with the statement black hanging fireplace and cozy bedroom are everything needed for a perfect vacation.

Looking Glass Lodge | Source: Tom Bird / via Archdaily

4. Casa Xasteros.

Casa Xasteros is a Spanish tiny house, which is more like a portable office, perfect for every course of work. Surrounded by pine trees in the heart of the Terra Remota winery in Alt Empordà, 15 km from the Mediterranean Sea, this is the perfect and classic example of small-scale prefabricated architecture of the 20th century. Besides looking like a tiny UFO, it has maintained the design standards up to the mark from the interiors. From the inside, you can see that the theme chosen is from pop culture, representing the designer pieces from the 60s and 70s, such as fiberglass armchairs and coffee tables by Mariot Sabot. What makes this house or office more interesting is that it resembles the idea of the space age. Trust me, whether you are looking for a perfect office, video meetings, or video sets, Casa Xasteros differentiates with thousands of tiny homes on the web and is perfect for everything.

Casa Xasteros | Source: Stephan Julliard / via Elle Decor

5. Piil Tree House.

Tree Houses have always been in trend charts and obviously are most popular for those who love living inside the shadows of large tree trunks. The Piil Tree House is the most confined and beautiful structure, which stands on one leg, suspended over a terrace to create an open-spaced living room. What I love most about it is the discreet door that brings you inside this sublime architectural project. The interiors are all about binding this architectural structure with great elements. You have a king-sized bed for comfortable sleeping, two working tables where you can work while gazing at the astounding views of trees and long green fields, a kitchenette, ample concealed storage, and a big bathroom for an experience.

All the elements of this tiny house are designed, in such a way that all of them can deliver to remote and scenic locations. Literally, it is one of the best off-site fabricated tiny homes, with triple-glazed low-E glazing and well-insulated accommodation.

Pill Tree House | Source: Yifan Liu / via Archdaily

6. GlamBOX.

GlamBOX is a tiny house that operates more like a leisure home for woods to just eliminate all your stress and disappointments of the week or month. What I love most about this structure is that it has barns and huts in its surroundings, and it itself acts as a modern hut, giving you the subtle image of consolidated landscapes of the Alpine rural areas.

The 5 x 3 m tiny home has a chestnut wood module with two levels: on the ground, it has a bedroom and bathroom, and on the mezzanine, it has two more bedrooms for children or your guests. One more interesting aspect of the bedroom is the bed on the wheels, which even allows you to stargaze at night before you sleep. What more do you even need in your holiday?

GlamBOX | Source: Studio Officina

7. Teton View Cabin.

Teton View Cabin is the most relaxing, calmer, and beautiful space, which is situated in the heart of Teton Valley. Located in the private acres of the Teton range, it is minutes from the downtown Driggs for shopping and restaurants, which makes the property perfect for enjoying solitude and personal space while enjoying shopping and fancy foods from the city. One of the most absorbing aspects of the space is its surroundings, which enable one to enjoy the serene and calming surroundings of mountains or perhaps a stargazing date. The layout of the cabin is like a box with a master bedroom, generous window day bed, open living and dining area, bunkie room, and bathroom.

What I love about this tiny home is that it has more than enough space for living with the soulful sunrises and sunsetting landscapes. Also, the property is spread over acres of land, which is accessible and has privacy, making it perfect for a stay.

Teton View Cabin | Source: Airbnb

8. The View.

All the Jacuzzi lovers, I have something for you! This tiny home, which I took in this list because of its exemplary natural looks, having mountains, lakes, and alluring landscapes, not only has a comforting space inside but also has a jacuzzi with sufficient space to sunbathe or even stargaze. With the stunning beauty surrounding this cabin, it does have some great features like a skylight for the starry starry night and mood lighting, enough space, and a modern bathroom. If you are wondering about the bedroom, this space has two sleeping spaces with the furnishing of the bedside table, desk, and chairs for your late-night reading or even attending a few video calls. Amidst this solitary tiny house, you have a jacuzzi and projector with a functional kitchen, all that you need for an epic vacation.

The View | Source: Sogndal Fjordpanorama

9. The Forty-Five.

The Forty-Five cabin is a perfect vacation stay for a group of around eight people due to its spacious three master bedrooms and two bathrooms. Due to its custom-built with a 45-degree angle, you can see the breathtaking views of the surroundings.

From the interiors, the tiny home is well-built in the coziest and most elegant way with good mood lighting. Now, one of the bedrooms in this cabin house has a bunkie, which makes it space-friendly. Not to forget, the living space has a work or dining eight-seated table with a view to the outside.

The rustic furniture, open space, greeting atmosphere, and modern lighting all make it a perfect space among other tiny homes and Airbnbs to accommodate more than six people.

The Forty-Five | Source: Brandywine Grove

10. Sol Duc Cabin.

The Sol Duc Cabin is a 350-square-foot cabin near the landscapes of the Sol Duc River. Located in one of the few temperate rainforests in the world, the cabin is purely safe as its stilts protect it from the clammy dampness and occasional flooding of the area. The structure is hefty as it is made of unfinished mild steel and structural insulated panels, with wooden interiors for comfort and warmth.

Personally, I like the simplicity of the cabin with a kitchen, living space, and bathroom on the ground level, with a sleeping space on the top. The entire space flourishes with heaps of natural light, subtle interior lighting, and dramatic natural landscapes. However, its single-spaced design distinguishes it from other tiny homes making it suitable for office purposes.

Sol Duc Cabin | Source: Benjamin Benschneider / via Archdaily

11. Cabin ANNA.

What if I tell you that you can remodel your house exteriors again and again according to your mood without even construction? Sounds interesting, right? So, let me introduce you to the fully sellable, inhabitable house that can be built and rebuilt anywhere, ANNA. This cabin is more of an inspiration as it is a dynamic tiny home, which has an open platform with the configuration of the layers of the house. Whether you want a closed and intimate bedroom or an open stargazing one, you can dress it yourself through the layers of the house.

Cabin ANNA | Source: Tõnu Tunnel & Jorrit ‘t Hoen / via Archdaily

12. Bruny Island Hideaway.

Personally, I feel that the Australian tiny homes are more generous, open, and comforting at the same time. I mean, look at this Bruny Island project, which is a marvelous tiny home because of its enough space, minimal design, and soft look. Just upon entering, a living space and kitchen invite you with a spacious dining or work table. Certainly, the bedroom is upstairs, and don’t forget to check the luxurious bathroom. What I love most is the open bath on the deck in the outdoor area, which provides astounding views while you relax in a bubble bath. I love how the exteriors and interiors are articulated together to provide a safe, private, and beautiful cabin for your next stay. Surrounded by 99 acres of a conservation forest, it has abundant wildlife and is the best stargazing spot at Aurora. There is nothing better than a vacation in this tiny home while getting mesmerized by the breathtaking landscapes of Australia.

Bruny Island Hideaway | Source: Airbnb

13. Tini M Refuge.

Looking for pre-fabricated tiny homes? I got you covered. Tini M Refuge is fully furnished and is like a small refuge place for a single person or couple. More importantly, this module is manufactured in Spain within 60 days and transported anywhere in the world. It occupies a space of just 34 m² but still has convenient and spacious interiors. The project is integrated into the Holm Oaktree with no impact on the environment as if it had always been there. Structurally, it is made up of a corten steel facade, birch wood, and natural oak. What more? The tiny home is well furnished with a wood kitchen, having a Corian top and sink with all the modern amenities needed to live. It consists of 14 cm of recycled cotton, which provides reflective thermal insulation. Hence, you experience a warmer space, connected well to the nature. The open glass space that connects your bedroom with nature is really an interesting point to notice. If you are even looking for an off-grid fully-furnished office, this can be an option. Instead of a bed, you can incorporate elements to form a good office space.

Tini M Refuge | Source: Paco Marin / via Archdaily

14. Spyglass.

Spyglass is one of the best-looking and best-reviewed tiny homes, located in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. It is a private and cozy space that is raised 10 ft above the ground in a large canopy of trees around it. Whether you stir a cup of hot cocoa with your lover over its deck to see lush green trees or just enjoy into cedar soaking tub, it is just a perfect space in the natural sanctuary. The bedroom and bathroom are cozy due to its mood lighting, warmer accents, wooden furnishings, and circular curves. A few amenities include a cedar soaking tub, an elevated deck for dining or wildlife watching, a private fire pit area, Wi-Fi, and a fully functional and furnished kitchen for quick meals. One of the most adoring things about this home is that besides this, it has the whole experience of the tree house, which has enough space to sunbathe or even swim. Hence, I feel out of all these tiny homes, this space is more inviting, which does not seclude you in a distant forest.

Spyglass | Source: Stayonera

15. SULA.

Previously, I have included this tiny home in my article on A-frame houses. This prefabricated A-frame cabin is beautiful and much spacious. Built with materials, like wood, stone, metal, glass, and PVC, it maintains sustainable construction without much bothering the environment. SULA has 2000 custom-made components held together by 17000 screws and pins, which can be meticulously crafted to form the structure. 

What makes it a good option for tiny homes is that it has transportation flexibility and is adaptable to different environments. It can be disassembled and relocated to different spaces, making it a purely DIY but structurally strong structure.

While the outside appears industrial, the inside seems comfortable and cozy.

SULA | Source: Photography by Jag Studio / via Design Boom

16. The Hut at Dutton Ranch.

The Hut at Dutton Ranch is an award-winning off-grid cabin, which covers an area of 600 sqft through an entire front, wide plank pine flooring, shiplap throughout with a great design. From an exterior point of view, it looks simple and like a modern hut, but as you walk through the interiors, you come across the sanctuary of tranquility blended with minimal modernism. Through the upper triangular portion, the cabin gives the illusion of more ventilation and space. Inside the tiny house, initially, you are greeted by a large living space blended with a bedroom with cozy furnishing and lighting. It includes a roomy kitchen with fully functional amenities. I see this cabin as a functional, spacious, comfortable, and beautiful space that can be a leisure home or even a good tiny home.

The Hut at Dutton Ranch | Source: Levim Kelly / via Instagram

17. Kererū Retreat – Mt Hutt.

Wandering around Pudding Hill, Canterbury, in New Zealand, this Kererū Retreat is like a tiny alpine retreat in the serene woods. From the outside, the place looks exciting while drawing a complement from the wood and galvanized iron. Since it is topped with solar panels, it operates with renewable energy, just what an off-grid home needs.

With its elevated queen bed topped with linen sheets, a hypoallergenic wool duvet inner, and a locally crafted wool throw blanket, Studio Well Architecture has created the perfect alpine retreat. The dining room, kitchen, and sleeping area adjoin the raised platform via a flight of stairs. In the bathroom, a mesh of steel and wood creates a design contrast. Copper tapware sits atop a wooden cabinet, while steel-clad shower spaces shine in silver. Hence, I feel that this is the best cabin to give a go for your vacation.

Kererū Retreat | Source: Airbnb

18. Portable House ÁPH80.

One of the most ideal and readily placed tiny homes for two people is this dwelling, ÁPH80 by ABATON. Acquiring 23 m², this place is the most simple and sturdy tiny home with a super-friendly and in-depth interior. ÁPH80 embodies the principles and objectives of ÁBATON: well-being, environmental balance, and simplicity. Walking through the interiors, you can see a living room/kitchen, a large bathroom, and a spacious bedroom. With the gabled roofs of 3,5mts, its materials are recyclable, which also meets the sustainable criteria. The building is calm, hypoallergenic, and balanced, with such great views of the field blended with the privacy needed to be in the bedroom. What I love about this project is that the living space is just a glass door away, from nature, and the bedroom is completely intimate and close.

Portable House ÁPH80 | Source: Juan Baraja / via Archdaily

19. The Maldhi.

Maldhi is an off-grid house with spectacular home interiors, spacious and elevated outdoor seating, and cozy exteriors as if they blend with the surrounding exteriors. I literally loved the color tones of the interiors, making it extremely good-looking and intimate. Upon entering, you see a roomy living space and kitchen adjoined with great coordination. And then, at the backside, there is a king-sized open bedroom. The greeting atmosphere inside Maldhi and the early sunrise landscapes while sipping coffee on the deck make it a wonderful place to stay.

The Maldhi | Source: New Atlas

20. The Far Cabin.

The Far Cabin is a 42-square-foot space, exclusively designed by Winkelman Architects. Located on the rocky landscape of Maine’s central coast near a forest and rocky Atlantic ocean coastline, this is one of the most beautiful and low-maintenance tiny homes and cabins with generous space for a couple. With a minimal and modest retreat, it has a sophisticated kitchen, airy bedroom, screened-in porch, and bathroom with natural wood finishing.

Certainly, it has a good space where you can enjoy the entire day’s natural light and natural views of the beautiful surroundings. What I love most about the project is its front space, which makes a great living area, and soft color tones mixed well with even the outdoors.

The Far Cabin | Source: Photos by Jeff Roberts, Courtesy Winkelman Architects / via Dwell

21. Minimod Curucasa.

Minimod Curucasa is a simple, one-story structure with a green terrace over its top. The exterior of the tiny house is black with a grassy roof to complement the natural terrain with large expanses of glass to offer a breathtaking view of the surrounding valley. The home has two bedrooms, a living area, a dining space, a kitchen, and bathrooms with enough space. At the core of this cabin is the living room with a dining space and sitting area, and the two bedrooms are on either side. The kitchen, though small, is open and functional. The entire furnishing and interiors are made of wood, which creates a snuggling atmosphere. What I love most about this cabin is that it has two bedrooms with privacy and enough space to even call for a house party.

Minimod Curucaca | Source: Leonardo Finotti / via Dezeen

Final Words.

As we reach the end of the article, I hope you now know what things can you expect from a tiny house and how you can achieve it through the use of design and selection of materials. However, I am not entirely satisfied with the list, which means I am on the hunt for more uncommon tiny homes that are beautiful and functional. Hence, I will update this list as I find more tiny houses, giving you more ideas and inspiration. For now, it’s a goodbye!

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