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Welcome to the most classy, legit and informative virtual haven where art, architecture, decor and design intertwine to create a host of creativity and inspiration. Perhaps you are wondering what sets us apart from the thousands of websites on the web. So let me tell you that we have an eclectic team of individuals who immerse ourselves first in the guided information via several authentic autobiographers and verified historians and then channel the learnings with the tints of inventiveness into our articles.

Dedicated to delivering the most enjoyable reading experience, we continuously work on our commitments through strategic planning and discipline. We are here to source inspiration for design enthusiasts, art nerds, and architectural dreamers through our writings. Our mission is to bridge the gaps between boring history and reading enthusiasts through the best form of creativity.

Started in the slow shimmering rainy season, June of the year 2022, fueled by our boundless passion for art and design and desire to knock every mind through the transformative power of reading, we embarked on an audacious adventure to revolutionize the learning experience of various subjects through our website.

So, let your senses run wild, and your imagination soars a little more to emphasize learning, which stands you apart from the entire society. Together, we will strive to be the most developed homo-sapiens who never fail to impress anyone with our deadly knowledge of humanities and design with the beauty of creative expressions.

SimplyKalaa Author and Founder Mahima Sharma

Mahima Sharma

Founder and Writer at SimplyKalaa, Mahima carries the job to curate the most informative reads while ensuring they are backed by trusted resources.

Sahaj Sharma Simplykalaa Founder and SEO Expert

Sahaj Sharma

Founder, Editor and responsible for SEO management, Sahaj works on the different aspects of the website while making sure the reads remain up-to-date.

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