Dining Table Decor: Tips to Decorate Your Next Feast

Decorating a dining table is one of the crucial aspects of every home decor. But how to do it? Leave it up to us and follow these easy tips.

Dining Table Decor

My first question as soon as I begin writing an article on decor is how to generate ideas and inspirations that stand out regardless of whether my readers are designers or simple homemakers. Coming from an Indian joint family, my grandmother has always made decisions regarding the interior decor of my ancestral home. Those who belong to the same country and culture might know that the only vital thing they cared in interiors was about a decluttered space. And for them, decluttering doesn’t mean emptying but storing hundreds of even useless things in such a way that they would look useful at an appropriate time. Even an empty bottle or plastic bag can’t go in the dump yard unless they have thoroughly used it. Since we lack the thorough enthusiasm for home-making that they had, I think we cannot accomplish their way of arranging and utilizing items. I still remember how my grandma quickly systematised a dining table in no time for guests coordinately such that they were more interested in food and warm conversations instead of glazing on the napkins and appreciating the chandelier above the table. Yes, these were the real-life experiences which I have gone through. Somewhere I think the old-fashioned taste of our grandparents in terms of decor was more classic than this generation of ours (Especially Gen Z). So, to encourage culinary etiquette by making our dining tables more inclining and inviting instead of getting a bunch of paraphernalia to do damage, I have epic tips of all times. So, let us start with an absolute dining table decor that will take no time.

How to Decorate Dining Table?

1. Dinnerware is the foundation of a successful meal. The best way to make a worthy meal is to experiment with colours, shapes and textures of different dinnerware according to seasons. For example, as spring arrives, you can use white plates with china rose pink soup bowls and yellow spoons. It is up to you what killer and classic look you create out of your dinnerware. Use your thanksgiving dishes, borrowed from your family and friends, as a way to get diverse dinnerware. This way you have more stories with your friends and any boring dinner can turn into an interesting one.

2. For an expensive look, white is a must. If you are obsessed with white colour on your dining, then you can simply use white danish ceramics dishes with Finnish glassware to complement each other. From dinner plates to soup bowls and dessert plates; you have got them all in beautiful sizes and craftsmanship.

3. Cut down the elementary ritual of perfect glasses. A home decorator must bring the best out of anything, so this tip is for last-minute fixers. If you have a sudden arrival of guests or friends, and you lack those perfect matching crystal glasses, then this tip can save you and your dining table decor. Use generic water glasses and colourful Italian glasses for serving wine. See, all you have to do is experiment with glasses of different heights, depths, and geometric designs to pull away all the attention of your guests towards your taste.

4. Get basic silver flatheads as a priority for your dining table. You already might have mixed colours and patterns of flatheads. It is crucial that you keep all of them which narrate a nostalgic story behind cooking. Maybe your grandma brought you wooden flatheads, so just keep them. But as a priority, get a set of silver spoons and forks, as they can go with any dining theme.

Polished silver cutlery for dining table decor

5. Dress up your dining table with a silk or cotton table runner, which will not only add a new look but also help keep things tidy. You can always choose a patterned one with motifs or a simple patterned design.

6. Always have a centrepiece on your dining table, either a clay candlestand or a crystal glass one. You can choose anything as per your choice. I still love the concept of candlelight dinners and peaceful melodies while dining. Until the end of time, it will remain my favourite thing. You can choose another centrepiece as per your choice.

7. Keep a ceramic flower pot with a fine floral arrangement, as they can really bring liveliness to your dining table decor. You have to take care that the flowers you use must be of minimal fragrance, so they don’t interrupt the connoisseur of your food.

8. Play with the accents of coasters and napkins if you are really looking forward towards a creative table. And if you belong to the group of minimalism, you can try everything white, including coasters!


Now that you are rich in tips for your dining table, go shoot your place with your creativity. Let your guests speak through their expressions and modest gestures! Meanwhile, don’t forget to prepare food in rush to make the best of your dining table decor. Let me see in the comments what you have.

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