This Minimalistic Castle Interior Has Timeless Beauty

With a subtle appeal this minimalistic castle is the perfect mix of space and comfort that can be achieved. Las Perelli took care of the most minute details making it an essential bookmark for inspiration.

Minimalistic Castle Interior

An ocean of green trees, bright sunlight, a clear blue sky, a slow breeze, and a castle sound like something out of a fairy tale. We all want a home or at least a vacation at such places where we can candidly surrender ourselves in there. Are you one of the crazy fans of colossal castles? Then, stay with this article because we are here to inspire you to move out from your current places and get you into a mesmerizing beauty. On the other side of your dream, there is a reality of this contemporary home with a minimalistic castle interior. It is a project from @lasperelli, whose styling is done by @b.apib, and installation is carried by @transportes_ruben_ramos.

Contemporary castle Outskirts

Starting from the sitting space, it has a cross wood designed roof that makes the living tract bold and lusty. The ottomans have a white-colored Lawson sofa and a beige-colored Diwan sofa. The candles held there are making look more articulate and elegant. The color of the flooring contrasts with the other elements of the area. The extravagant old pillars are royal and add timeless beauty to the compound. The clay-white color of the walls and the painting with a glass tempered are also breathtaking. These walls make me remember the textured mud walls with imperfections and beauty. A sip of coffee with your loved ones amid monsoons in this castle can make go a romantic scene.

Living Space of the contemporary castle

The living compound consists of white chesterfields with lush green windows. They are bordered by the golden boundaries that are an eye-catching aspect. The rock-cut castle roofing is just like the ancient times that can bring that 90s era certainly. We think that simply stretching legs in the comfiest position and reading a book can undermine all the stresses. The wooden with a primitive clay pot and the green leafy plant brought up an ambiance to the space. The untextured old table beside the sofa, where books lie, is a conspicuous element that the designer embraced.

Walking through time could be the most epic feeling you might ever experience. The staircase reminds us of the medieval castles where architects used to build railings with black accents with minimal design. Similarly, the designer retains a similar design thought that contrasts with flooring. The window in front of these stairs gives an enormous amount of natural light to enter, and a bench sits just next to it. With the rough texture of tiles and walls, the designer has again complemented the beauty of this area. And don’t you forget about the royal gesture that the table provides its core. It is an essential component of the minimalistic castle interior that we are heading up.

Stairway with a minimalistic castle interior style

The most predominant aspect of any castle is the Queen or King-size bedroom. Here the lavishing bedroom with modest attire is consuming my spirit. Its charming factors are the ageless walls, unfinished woodworking, picture frames, and elementary bedside lamp. You can see the soft fireplace with a woven laundry bag that makes it look more conscious. Even the place of books contributes to its beauty. It is so just like my dream.

Good food brings good conversation. And good surroundings bring those conversations to life. Something similar describes this chapter of the magnificent castle. With a dining table that can accommodate a group of people and all of your pleasant food, it isn’t a surprise that the designer has done all their work to put together even the smallest piece a palace deserves. To add character to the area a fireplace is put together with a beautiful assembly of stones. Consider me being partial, but this is my favorite region of the whole castle.

Why Do We Love It?

We loved the minimalistic castle interior because of the simplicity and ethnic royalty it had in its aroma. Inspired by this castle, we are putting together our efforts to be in someday. The natural walls, high roofs, and antique furnishings are the reason for our love for even the designer. What did you love most about it?

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