This Vacation House by Co-lab Has a Dreamy Casa Interior.

Casa Areca by CO-LAB is a Vacation house that takes the luxury of a relaxed ambiance and presents interior design that remains unmatched for longer than we can think of.

Vacation House

Have you ever heard the sound of love, just like the slow musical concert of Ed Sheeran but without lyrics through nature? Hey, Am I making you confused with my stupid questions? Well, not so idiotic as it sounds if you think deeply. Consider amid soft showers; you sip coffee while witnessing the slow yet powerful breeze romancing with the long yearning leaves of trees. Now with this sound, you will forget all your nuisances, trust me. Deep inside, we know somehow; that nature is bound to show her love through different mediums as if she is the source of immense love we pour into any field of our life. In the fast-paced world, we usually forget her sweet gesture, yet we crave it when we struggle through the dilemma of our surroundings. You see that you can easily extract peace through your surroundings, but the radiating source must not be neglected. Today, to give you a source of inspiration, I am introducing you to a vacation house that stands apart, not because of its beauty but because of its atmosphere or ambience.

Ruffled around the scenic beauty of Areca Palms, Casa Areca is constructed without compromising with the old trunks of trees and palms, bottling up their joy inside. The project architecture, construction, interiors and landscaping were held by CO-LAB and photographed by Cesar Bejar.

Allow me to take you into a deep dive into colourful and ambient visualisation where humans meet tranquillity.

Exploring the Beautiful Exteriors and Interiors of Casa Areca.

Embrace the New Entrance.

Feel the lush, green foliage of the palms welcome you onto the driveway, nodding their leaves as if they are throwing open their arms to have you. With a cool breeze blowing through your hair, you become more relaxed and motivated to move forward. In case you are like me and love being in water till you feel free, you may dive straight in or can rest in the living cum dining area.

The raw wooden flooring with the textured white walls goes absolutely fantastic with the greenery and blues of the water.

Now let us move indoors and see what is next.

Key takeaway:

If you have monotonous outdoors, you can use shades of palms in cement pots or earthen pots to give a flourishing look.

Lounge Time in Living Room and Dining Area.

The best thing about entering the indoors is that we still have fresh air because of the ventilation and open doors from the sides. You will see the replenishing grey colour ottomans with the minimalistic raw brown furniture, drop dead gorgeous with the white walls. There is one more twist here that the setting is low that embraces friendship and warmth alongside. Sometimes, when I think about the simplest sofas, this idea of using the least and making out the most blends with this kind of sitting. There is a wooden round table on a textured jute mat. In addition to filling colours complementary to the design, they also give an exquisite texture to the piece.

The dining area of this vacation house has an 8-sitter modest sitting with pendant lights over it. The kitchen platform with white and wooden cabinets goes well with the dining area. It is also important to note that the black taps maintain a consistent appearance of lavishness. There are more plants to the front where we see the staircase with white and plain balustrade. The entire look completes by the long vessels with a naturally dried flower bouquet.

The flooring of light grey cement provides a fresh look to the area with a perfect way to compliment the pale white walls in the bespoke furnishing. It goes without saying that the place is well-designed.

Key takeaway:

You can arrange your living area with simple wooden cabinets that match your walls to make it look tidy. Rugs and vessels with dried flowers can add more colour and texture to your space. Additionally, if you have plenty of time to change your living space, use lower furnishing.

Why Do I Adore This Vacation House?

The adorable entrance with palms throbbed my heart for this place. Furthermore, the use of peace-radiating colours enough for the calmness in the surrounding of this vacation house is a wise choice. I particularly loved the use of contrasting black taps to the complete area of the kitchen with pale white walls to make you catch your eye.

A close look at the living room of vacation house

Tell me, what you like most about it in the comments below. Meanwhile, I will show up with another project sooner!

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