This Weekend House Adoring Nature Is a Road to Calmness

Camelia is a weekend house designed by Mexican architect Romero de la Mora. Surrounded amid a natural landscape, it features an open layout and has cosy interiors to take warmth of.

Weekend House

As I woke up today, I watched the sun rising while casting a rose hue in the sky. The horizon mixed colours, and the light of orangish yellow spread through the streets in a dim form. With stunning colours cast on the lake behind my apartment, the illuminance slowly became brighter, making the water glow. Amid this evolving beauty of the beginning of the day, the tranquil surroundings suddenly had a soothing sound of birds, as if they were going to their work for the day. The romanticising morning breeze with the chirping birds and the infinite changes of the colours to form an endless beauty made me forget about everything. Seeing the farthest horizon, my desire to nod off suddenly disappeared, and I perceived that time, I was so fresh that I did eliminate my first cup of coffee today. Coming to the interiors as I turned on the computer to finally start my day, I found this weekend house, which has a lake, a golf place, and a wonderful mixture of nature to make every morning and evening prepossessing like mine. So let me take you to the finest, Camelia House.

Romero de la Mora designed this warm house in the state of Hidalgo, Mexico. The architect fused a simple concept, from opening up to the golf course and green spaces to living in a bright, airy, natural light-filled interior. The interior design concept navigates a rustic material with varying textures and excellent craftsmanship from Mexican artisans to create a relaxing atmosphere. Now let me take you on a visual tour of the project.

Exploring the Beautiful Weekend House in Mexico.


As you locate the place, you instantly see a wide range of vegetation surrounding the house, including trees and cacti. Now the minimalist off-white weekend house is alluring in the form of its fusion with the catastrophic natural colours. Upon entering the space, you instantly find peace with the powerful and calming visuals of plants, a small pool and a spacious area. If you notice how our brains react to our surroundings, you will find that between open spaces, and long landscapes, we feel more nurturing, happy and expressive compared to low-light closed space. And so on entering this space, the peace-loving white colour with the fusion of greenish lushes, trees, potteries, and water will just wow your mind. One of the things to find a takeaway for a change in our homes is to keep a minimalist white accent and add more textures and colours through natural forms, which really intrigue our minds. For instance, the architect used bushes, trees and an extremely natural choice of plants while using a brown pottered pot and softly accented light which gets reflected first and then comes into the surrounding to eliminate the harshness in your eyes. Now that you have seen a good view of the exteriors; let me take you to the passageway that takes you to the warming interiors of this weekend house.

Passage Way.

As you find your way to the home, there is a natural airy staircase n your left, but we will climb up afterwards. Moving straight, you see a large white-platformed greyish ottoman in front of the pool and the outdoor space. Now you can choose to read or have a quick conversation with the ones, who are in a hurry to leave. Describing the area, the architect has used grilled high ceilings, maintaining a negligible difference between outdoors and interiors to give a more comfortable and spacious look. You must note that the architect used a two-level distanced roofing, and the second level uses more grills. The use of glass sliding doors adds a sense of ventilation and spaciousness to the weekend house, Camelia. Now, the area uses a warmer accent through natural objects made of jute and concrete. For instance, the ottoman sits on a concrete block with two large jute vases, in the form of soft artificial lights on each side, forming an entirely natural look. Just in the front, in the outdoors, there is a four-sitting arrangement which uses a stoned table top and grey colours modular chairs. And on the end of this entrance corridor, a few pots are present to eradicate the emptiness of a corner. Let us now move inside the living area, which includes a kitchen and dining.

Living Area.

Albeit the kitchen and dining form a part of the living room, there is a partition through a lowering platform, making it a separate area. The ceilings are at a distance, but there is no use of grills, and also there are large skylights, which add an extra amount of natural light to the area. Now on one side, a soft-coloured wooden shelf with potteries, glass objects and jute baskets, giving a great texture and resemblance of quite a natural appearance, completes the wall decor. And to form the basis of the sitting space, the architect decided to use a strenuous concrete foundation with the corners of jute vase soft lights. There is a coordinated and easy-peasy colour scheme- grey-white-brown, with a spectacular choice of objects.

Living room of the weekend house Camelia

Kitchen Plus Dining.

The kitchen has elegant and effortless interiors using raw-coloured wood for furnishing. A soft accent of artificial lighting fills the space with the utmost sense of comfort and security. The region now has pendant lights made of jute, which add warmth to it. In addition, there are similar grilled ceilings to create depth, and open sliding glass doors, which give the room a beautiful view of the greens while one is having dinner. Every corner of this weekend house has its own pleasant spots- whether swimming, reading or cooking. Now through the staircase, we neglected at the start, let us move to the bedroom.

Kitchen, dininng and living area of the Camelia Weekend House


There is a sense of cosiness and calmness in the bedroom of this weekend house, that I have never seen before. The use of concrete for the foundation of the bed and holding area is really impressive, but what most intrigued me were the warm accents of coloured lights positioned in a way that caused them to glow on the walls.

Final Words.

I really loved the place for its soberness, generous space, enthusiastic use of artificial lights and tones of natural light. Each object has a tendency to create an earthy feeling through its natural form. This place is really a weekend house where all your beloved ones can have a beautiful time with you!


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