70s Decor: 13 Steps to Adoring the Style That Never Left Us

Known for the bright interiors and comfortable style, 70s decor is no less a statement. As it strikes the trend again, learn how you can stand apart.

70s Decor

The other day, as I was gathering up unnecessary items from my room to move them to the basement for a perfect makeover, I discovered a genuine vintage treasure from the 1970s. Can you guess what it is? As always, I never know if you guessed correctly, but I hope maybe someday I can while you are sitting in front of me. So let me unveil to you the item for this time, which I found. It’s a sporting alarm clock my dad used to wake up for school in the 1970s. I still recall one of his Sunday routines. I remember him saying that his weekends were carefree days when the same sporting alarm clock with a funky clicking sound would begin his day, and he used to hug my grandma while she made breakfast while listening to a record player. Skateboard practice was something he looked forward to with his friends, and they would catch up every week at their clubhouse for fun and gossip. The stories he told made me feel like I was already present in his childhood, but this time I’ll bring you nostalgia with none other than 70s decor that still fancies the top of the list.

I revisited my grandma’s place revealing 70s interior design through pictures and searched catalogues from the 70s museums so that I can assist you to bring those memories back with this ultimate step-by-step guide.

13 Steps to Enhancing Your Interiors With 70s Decor.

1. Retro Colours Are Everything You Want.

In any area, the most crucial part is the walls. Talking about the 1970s era was more about self-discovery and self-awareness. So to convert your space and match it with the 70s interior, choose a nice colour related to you. Some extremely trendy colour combinations are- bright green and blue, black and white, yellow and white, pink and purple, yellow and orange, yellow and green, and pink and green. The combination of red, black, and white is a masterpiece too. If you ask me a quick tip, it is about more you can connect with nature, so warm turquoise, avocado green, sunshine yellow, and orange are quick picks. Several handfuls of brushes and colours are all you need for a perfect 70s decor makeover. Of course, with your pets and partner helping as well.

2. Hanging Chairs for Those Comfortable Reading Moments.

The hanging chair near your window is the perfect spot where you can cuddle your blanket or cat while sipping warm tea. Reading is fun when your back isn’t feeling the nerve out of pain, so this is the second reason for owning one classy and chic hanging chair. I would also avoid ergonomic chairs for it since these ones are less space-consuming and bring texture and vibrancy to the space. Plus ergonomic modern chairs were not common then. Now all you need is a good couch or a smooth and clean kitchen slab to be sitted on and discover some hanging chairs to suit your space. You can add this to your balcony or it can play a vital role in your 70s living room with warmth.

3. Rattan Furniture for Your Old-Smelly Books Is a Go.

The furniture in any space is a vital component of comfort, texture, and filling of voids between the rooms. When you get 70s style furniture, you’ll feel like you’re in the Victorian era of the 1800s when Rattan furniture first started. You can use as many rattan chairs, tables and shelves to get the hipster feel, and the only way to achieve the target of 70s decor faster is the quick furniture fix. Often many of us are confused about how to decorate the Rattan shelves. Whether put a few plant pots, your favourite reads or simply the records, it will just hit fire to your taste in front of your guests. They exhibit minimalism and bring rawness to the area. You can even use baskets, handmade antiques, and cupboards to enhance your space with the furniture.

4. Fringe, Shag and Vintage Rugs for the Warmth You Always Needed.

See, you can alter any bit of the thing to get a modern 70s decor look, but fringe rugs are something you can not change or skip. To relax your sobbing feet from cold, put on some warm shag or fringe rugs and let your mind tell you if you decided well.

Apart from rugs, you can also add fringe elements to your space that will bring a lush environment to your area. Try it, and you will relentlessly thank me for this tip.

5. Macrame Is Never Old.

The Bohemian element Macrame is just like the hot grandma’s soup in the shivering winters. The 70s home decor is just incomplete without them. The purpose of Macrame is to enhance the colour contrasts and texture of the space if one chooses minimalism. Additionally, you can use it for pots or jewellery hangers, but it looks perfect as wall hangings. If possible, you can make one on your own. All you have to do is find your grandma’s box of colourful wools and start moving. No, it is not as simple as it sounds, but you can give it a shot from this tutorial.

Knitted Macrame for 70s interior
By Macro Macrame

6. Terrazo Is a New Companion.

You might be wondering- Terrazo comes in the flooring ideas but wait, we are not here for the flooring ideas. We are getting the Terrazo articles which are durable, beautiful and sustainable as it is created by putting discarded marble chippings into cement. Well, you don’t need to go into its history or the production engineering. What matters is the kind of artefacts that will look amazing with your 70s decor aroma. To help you with this confusion, I am letting you know a few ideas. You can have coasters, vases, tiny mobile holders or stools. It enhances fun and creativity around you while being a statement in itself.

Circular Vase for minimal 70s decor
By Speckl Goods / Etsy

7. Velvet Couches and Pillows Are Lovie Dubbie Places.

Velvet couches are like the arms of an old lover, soft and comfortable. It is an element of luxury with rich colours and all types of wool embedded for extra rich-comfortable solutions. Did I sound like a commercial? Never mind, but these specimens you can not resist for your 70s decor turnover. You can have at least one couch in your reading corner or 70s living room and let it sparkle the shine from its velvety look.

70s home decor with colourful velvet couches and patterned wallpapers
By Dani Nagel

8. Palms and Greeneries Are Always a Big Yes.

Palms and greeneries are the positive-energy suppliers that can nourish every enviornment, whether interior or outdoors. Placing these leafy-long greeneries in beautiful pots of clay, cement or terrazzo to fill your space with nature embedded with texture is the right way to give your area a 70s decor vibe. Do not forget to add them to your bedrooms and even bathrooms because they symbolize tranquillity and peace.

Indoor plants for 1970s interior design and decor
By Laurel Bern / Via Pinterest

9. Who Said No to Floral Wallpapers?

When you speak of 70s home decor, it is impossible to not find a wall with floral wallpapers. There is a pop colour blast with your walls and furniture, but not to forget there are corners which need a contrasting appearance and for that you can use these floral wallpapers. Their presence fills your space with a different sense of serenity, and you can’t fully describe this without experimenting with 70s wall decor.

Floral wallpaper for 70s room decor
By Alison Pickart

10. Linoleum Floorings Are Your New Favourites for 70s Home Decor.

Linoleum flooring is a sustainable means to an elegant design with exceptional durability. Most of us negotiate with the flooring styles, which is a crucial element to design. When asked by my friends, I felt that flooring for them is just like a coating for your raw home floor that can make you walk easily and have nothing to do with the interior design. Shocking right? But it happens most of the time, so for all of my lovely audience, I decided to put this cause in this distinct point. Just like the brownies in the bakery take away all the brownie points of its existence, linoleum flooring is the one for interior design. Give it a shot, and you will be happy in your soul for how beautiful and unique your 70s decor turned out.

Red Linoleum Flooring for 1970s interior design
Unknown Author / Via Pinterest

11. Bean Bags for Extra Gaming Days.

Gone are the days of those tremendously snuggling video game nights with our friends. WAIT! Did I just say those days are gone? See, we have to bring all those days back after this long pandemic gap. I started the article in the 70s decor guide with a bit of nostalgia, and even towards its end, I am feeling it. I badly want those old days back, and so do you, I know. The best way is to put those bean bags in again and bring on the PlayStation and party drinks. Let’s not wait for the weekend, please!

Grey bean bags in a 70s room
By Winnie AU / Elle

12. Stone Fireplaces Are Your New Statement.

The bedtime stories were always incomplete without starting to sleep on the couch in those warm fireplaces. Winters are about to approach, and we need fireplaces but let us play with the design and put some twists. Bring back the stone fireplaces where the generosity meets your comfort of the 70s home decor.

Stone fireplace with two red couches for 70s home decor
By White Arrows Home / Via Pinterest

13. Fringe Lampshades and Pendant Lights Are All Sources of 70s Decor.

Last but not least, the lights are on! Unlike ordinary or modern lights, for 70s decor we are embracing the fringe lampshades having eternal beauty. Pendant lights can complement all those places where you think lampshades won’t work. Fill the dark areas with light and rejoice in the arrival of sunshine at night!

Final Words.

My attempt thus far has been to arrange the points in a step-by-step fashion for the 70s decor, but I’ve neglected to include the area where they should go. As I think my audience out there is charismatically intelligent, but forgive me for it. Can you think of any other home 70s decor detail I missed? If there is, let me know in the comments below, and I will add it (while giving you the credits). I conclude this article by saying that decor is not a luxury but a need to make up your mood again and fall in love with your space again. I hope you find this guide helpful and I will see you with another one very soon!

Frequently Asked Questions.

What is the 70s decorating style?

The 70s decorating style is about bringing a character to your space through elements such as plants, geometric and decorative objects, floral wallpapers and comfortable yet rustic furniture, preferably rattan style.

What are the 70s colours?

Some extremely trendy colour combinations for 70s decor are bright green and blue, black and white, yellow and white, pink and purple, yellow and orange, yellow and green, and pink and green. Additionally, the combination of red, black, and white is a masterpiece too. Further, you can connect with nature, so warm turquoise, avocado green, sunshine yellow, and orange-orange are quick picks.

What furniture style was popular in the 70s?

Rattan style and velvet furniture.

What makes the best 70s interiors?

To enhance the 70s interior look you must consider using terrazzo, floral wallpapers, rattan-style furniture, Linoleum flooring, palms, fringe rugs, macrame and a suitable colour palette.


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