Baby Room Decor: A 7 Point Guide to Cheerful Smiles

Baby room decor is a beautiful yet complicated task for parents to be. Therefore, this guide lists easy steps to achieve the best look.

Baby room decor

Before writing this article, I asked my brother about how he felt about babies for some hints to drop my thoughts in the introduction. Honestly, I don’t have much craze over babies. However, I love playing with other’s newborns till they don’t weep harder. According to my brother, babies are goo-go-grr speaking little creatures, expressive enough to show angriness, clingy, joy and several other emotions. Do you think the same? Or, if you don’t, let me know your thoughts. But, hey, I heard babies react to their surroundings and habits, so tell me, which foods or TV shows make them react in your belly? Do they speak through their tiny legs, even when you go out to new places? I know it’s a blessing to feel all those special moments with your partner, so you must provide a similar warmth when they finally open their eyes for the first time. Because the least I understand about them is that their surroundings teach them how to behave and put things up for a lovely baby room decor.

So, ladies put a rocking chair in your baby’s room and guide your partner with the following steps to make him work! Beauty mom-to-be, you have all the privileges.

7-Step to Perfect Baby Room Decor.

1. Choose the Suitable Colour Theme.

Making the most out of any space depends on two factors- the colour palette and the functionality of furniture. When well-coloured, even in a dark basement, worn-out walls and old furniture can create an aura of ambiguity and tranquillity. Of course, you need a few repairs alongside.

Getting back to colour combinations, women are born with the ability to choose complementary colours. However, some men, like Kanye, are ahead of the competition! You do not have to go for pink and blue colours, as hundreds of baby room themes. Choose the extraordinary to stand apart!

You can go for the unusual mint green with tints of pink and greyish tones. See, you have to keep in this combination,

Walls + Floorings + Ceilings + Furnishings.

Let me give you an example! Keep your walls lightish blue with greyish flooring, off-white ceilings and creme white furnishings. I am giving you a hint on how to do it. The best way to crack it is to bring a cardboard surface, pick your colours and create combinations. The ones you love most, pick them for the baby room design.

2. Add the Dazzling Art Print to Your Wall.

It is a rarity to meet a parent in India who does not decide on the career of their child before he is even born. I don’t know other countries, but there is at least an expectation behind the newborn, whether you make him an astronaut or an artist. Keeping those in mind, pick a theme like a fairy princess, jungle animals, florals, or legendary 80s-90s cartoon artists.

You don’t have to make it on all the walls. The wall nearer to the baby is a far good option here. Also, if you want to give your baby room design a resemblance to a natural landscape, go for it! Try making dark clouds on the window wall so that when sunlight enters, it appears to pass through them. You can choose more scintillating themes for your kids, as there are no boundaries in witnessing creativity!

3. The Ceilings Must Convey a Message as Well.

While creating a space for your baby which can inspire and encourage them to spot good and bad things, most of you will forget about the ceilings, which also affects the child’s growth. Whether you wake up first in the morning or sleep while counting stars, ceilings are the climacteric element which affects our well-being. It goes the same with your baby.

You can have a short ceiling for a welcoming and friendly atmosphere with a pastel colour.

You can also try using wood pillars horizontally on the roof for a good texture and freshness. I often see people filling abstract colour combinations in an unattractive manner. Please do not follow it. You have to maintain a good colour theme and then work accordingly for the entire baby room decor.

The best you can do is use a light-coloured panelled low roof, which creates an inviting atmosphere, helpful for your child’s growth.

4. Letting in the Top-Notch Furniture.

The most crucial part of your baby room decor is here because choosing furniture can be a daunting task. You may ask, Why? The reason is that you may be desperate to provide everything for your baby, resulting in a suffocating environment for them. To avoid that, you have to start from the basics to make sure they have plenty of room to crawl, play, and even walk!

The first thing you need is a good and safe crib. Now I would say that you better have a convertible crib instead of a standard one as it can be transitioned into a bed, used for up to five years. Before buying it, make sure its mattress is of good quality and does not have treatment with flame-retardant chemicals known as PBDEs, which can cause skin irritation and other allergies.

Next, you need a rocking chair because, trust me, you will need complete support for all those late-night or even evening zzzs. You have to ensure that your rocking chair has a good cushion so that even sitting for long hours won’t rob you of your baby’s special moments.

Next is the storage cum changing table. You can keep your baby’s cloth in the small wardrobe or hang them out. Use the front space as the dressing space.

And it is done! In case you need more storage, a wardrobe may help. But I would recommend you go for a mid-century one as it has better space with a shortened height.

5. Create a Functional Layout for Your Baby.

Changing diapers and the baby’s weeping at midnight are the least you can expect, which is why having a functional baby room design is crucial. It not only makes your life easier, but also lets you have comfort while spending a little more time with your baby.

Don’t worry about it, since those whose mommies don’t have an architectural background can draw a basic sketch on paper to determine how furnishings and rugs should be arranged.

Now draw the shape of your room, whether rectangular or square and through shapes try checking and putting your furniture appropriately. Whatever suits you best is your answer!

Functional layout for baby room design

6. Preparing the Organic Lightning for Each Corner.

My favourite section is choosing lights in any interior. Choosing lights is all about knowing how to play with natural light. Allow your baby’s room to be the first to see sunlight in the morning and to receive sunset light in the dawn. This way, you provide for and nurture him/her.

If you have a darker room, paint light colours, remove shields and use light-coloured curtains or blinds. Additionally, lamps are an essential kit for your baby room decor. At the start, try having soft yellow or orange light through bedside lamps or hanging lights. You can also go for a translucent light bulb which creates a cosy orange light.

Another option is to choose a corner, add a spotlight from the floor, and make it resemble a cave. It will provide your baby with a sense of comfort. Also, floor lamps are an acceptable option to create a spacious aura!

7. Use the Dazzling Carpets, Curtains and Plants.

There is still a lot to do for your baby room decor, though you may loosen up since most of it is finished. Now, you need to carve the extra touches by adding warming carpets, curtains and accurate plants.

Choose woven carpets with a texture so that there is the least risk of slipping. You can also go for fur carpets, as they will be softer on your baby’s little knees. As far as I think, you already know the best ladies, so pick it wisely.

Choose light-coloured curtains as per the colour theme. You can also go for translucent ones, but if you have heaps of sunlight and the baby needs a nap, you won’t be able to make him sleep quickly. Further, you can go for silk drapes for a sense of luxury.

Choose interior plants which have softer leaves and are safer. Do not go for cactuses, beautiful flowers, unusual wild plants and even palms. Instead, go for really soft-leaved plants.


Mommy-to-be, I hope you find the guide helpful in assembling your baby room decor. Do not forget diapers, soft wipes, clothes, cute little toys, and other essential things. Did I miss anything over here, that you would like to include? Let me know in the comments below, and I wish you a Happy Baby!

Frequently Asked Questions.

How much does it cost to do baby room decor?

A nursery setup can cost anywhere between $1800 to $3500. However, the cost may vary, both negatively and positively, according to several products you may or may not pick.

What are some of the baby’s room essentials?

A baby room must have a comfortable crib, changing table, diaper pail and a rocking chair for an adult.

When should I start organizing a baby’s room?

To avoid difficulties, you may start organizing a baby’s room before 18 to 20 weeks of postpartum.

Should I keep babies in dark or under a light?

A clever mixture of both light and dark is necessary for any baby. You should play with natural light and a colour palette to keep the room bright in the daytime. Further, use curtains or blinds to restrict lights when the baby is resting.

What type of furniture should I pick for my baby’s room?

Any furniture that is of good quality, comfortable, allows room for the baby to play in, lacks sharp edges and serves longer is best for your baby’s room.

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