9 Best Bed Frames: Reviewing Each Option With Detail

Finding an appropriate bed frame at any given budget seems easy until the internet floods up with results. I reviewed numerous options and listed the nine most reliable beds.

Best Bed Frames

Last week, as I diagnosed myself with Buyer’s syndrome, the medicine of Amazon and social media pursued the act of Doctor and hooked me with some of the pretty-looking furniture and decor objects. As I was craving to switch up my bedroom comfort, I started my search with the best bed frames and looked deeper, avoiding the sales perspective and adopting consumer satisfaction. This list is a product of a week’s worth of searches, review collections, and designer’s recommendations. But first, let’s determine how it differentiates from most recommendation posts on the web and why you should trust the article mentioned.

The Strategist VS HGTV VS SimplyKalaa.

The moment I began my search for the best bed frames, some of the first destinations to pick the better names were through the recommendations of prominent publications like The Strategist by the New York Times and HGTV. Obviously, there are more in my search history, but knowing the strength of these publications and their trust percentage, I am writing a note on these two.

Starting with The Strategist, I think most of their recommendations are motivated by affiliate purposes, providing no information on how consumers reviewed them. One of the classic examples of this list is Floyd the Bed Frame– a product that looks stylish in pictures and has promising reviews on their website. However, changing the patterns of searches will make you aware of the quality of the product. Some of the reviewers extended to note,

“it looks hilariously cheap and DIY for a $1000+ frame.”

In conclusion, I found The Strategist and even the Wirecutter dishonest and inadequate.

Further, talking of HGTV, I liked that they picked products listed on Amazon, Crate & Barrel, and Target. Knowing how the transparency of reviews works on these platforms, any purchaser can have a deeper look at the quality of the products. The only downside was the lack of options that may lessen the flexibility with different decor styles.

You may think, let’s talk about you and how you differentiate and what are the downsides of the list you have curated. A drawback this list presents is that I did not or do not use any of the products mentioned below. However, each of these is listed only after hours of research on their materials, reviews across the web, and the decor style, as well as the pros and cons they have. To understand how I used different points to pick the best bed frames for your bedroom, let me elaborate in the next section.

What Was I Looking For?

In determining the 9 best bed frames, I found the following aspects to be the most reliable.

1. Design.

As an individual with five years of experience in the furniture industry and the way factories and woodworkers perform their tasks, I tend to pick only the designs that differentiate and in the process examine the minute corners that can make any furniture piece stable and polished. Through this aspect, you can expect to enhance your interiors and learn about the furniture’s properties, both good and bad.

2. Materials.

Common knowledge makes us aware of how materials help determine the age and quality of any product. Using this, I am listing information on the materials used in each bed frame so that you can further pick the best bed frame for yourself.

3. Reviews.

How can I forget this? Every e-commerce nowadays has a separate section to review any product, similar to the case of these bedframes. However, numerous brands have a selective review system publishing only the positive ones. Keeping this in mind, I have browsed through thousands of reviews on these products to learn their authenticity. These reviews have further helped me to list some pros and cons that you cannot simply realize through the product details.

4. Pricing.

To make this list suitable for every budget, I have picked the best bed frames in most price ranges including the ones below $100 and $500.

9 Best Bed Frames You Will Find Online.

1. The Bed by Thuma: The Most Reliable Bed Frame.

One of the highest-reviewed bed frames on the internet, The Bed by Thuma is a stylish piece of furniture to complement most modern styles, including Scandinavian and Minimalism while having options to match any room area. One of the exciting aspects of getting The Bed by Thuma is its assembly, known as Japanese Joinery, which requires no tool and is as easy as playing Jenga. When looking at the variations, other than the size, Thuma offers The Bed without a headboard, with a pillowboard, and with a headboard with cushion, with the latter three having their respective price tags. What I found during my research is that the pillowboard is not sturdy, and even after Thuma had added a wooden headboard in 2023 a few customers have complained about the distinguishing wooden tones as well as the lack of precision in their design. If I want to get this bed, which I do, I will most probably save myself a few bucks and pair it with a custom wall cushion, a technique Scandi follows.

Sturdy with no wobbles.Heavy, thus cannot be easily moved.
Minimal design and easy to assemble.The headboard is not sturdy.
Lifetime warranty.Colors may look different than what is shown on their official website.
Pros and Cons of The Bed by Thuma

As promised, it is time to share details that will help you decide if this is the best bed frame you require.

PriceStarts at $795 and ranges up to $2355
SizesTwin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cali King
MaterialRepurposed solid wood with cork-padded bottoms, CertiPUR-US® certified foam with a pebbled linen weave or boucle cover
WarrantyLifetime warranty
ShippingArrives within 15 days.
Additional information about The Bed by Thuma
Best Bed Frame by Thuma
The Bed by Thuma | Source: Thuma

2. Article Basi: Best Overall Bed Frame.

An easy favorite among the other bed frames, Article Basi is a great bed to be accommodated by Minimalist, Japandi, and Mid-century modern interiors. Conveniently priced at $499, this bed frame has a practical and low furniture design, making it sturdy and comfortable with no wobbles or possibility of getting damaged. The lag of the headboard and no additional placement, however, is a dealbreaker for owners who do bed reading and admire the comfortable cushion to support their back. A close look at the fittings and corners reveals that the company had paid attention to the conventional uses, as well as the longevity of the products. However, the short warranty tag fails to approve that.

Solid ConstructionLacks a headboard.
Great customer service.Short warranty.
Fast delivery.
Fair pricing.
30-day satisfaction guarantee (or return).
Pros and Cons of Article Basi
PriceStarts at $299 and ranges up to $499.
SizesTwin, Full, Queen, King
MaterialRubber wood, Pine, MDF, Walnut veneer, Metal
Warranty1 year
ShippingArrives within 15 days, Cancellation after shipping is paid
Additional information about Article Basi
Best Bed Frames by Article Basi
Article Basi | Source: Article

3. Tuft and Needle Essential Platform Bed Frame: Best Metal Bed Frame.

One of the best bed frames made of metal on the web, the Tuft and Needle Essential Platform Bed Frame is a minimal-looking furniture piece that can work great in adding a statement to your room with its black. The brand is noteworthy in providing the best quality products as well as for its 100-night trial. It is a great way to find your desired bed frame and knowing how reliable this one is, I would say no less to recommend it in this list. Again, as drawbacks are the points for brands to improve, Tuft and Needle can do a better job with the headboard, which looks too ordinary and doesn’t complement the classic design of the bed frame. If it had been anywhere closer to the Crate and Barrel Mason Shadow Queen Bed, it would have scored the design points as well. One thing to note here, however, is that the latter doesn’t provide the best sitting support as much as Tuft and Needle does (knowing Tuft and Needle has cushion). Further, to summarize, it is a sturdy bed frame with easy assembly, and at a price tag of under $350, it is a steal from a reputed brand with reliable customer service.

Easy assembly with no required toolsThe headboard is not as statemental as the frame but completes the look
Clean design suitable for most interiorsNeed to verify if it slides easily on the floor or not
No box spring needed
Fair pricing.
100-night trial
Pros and Cons of Tuft & Needle Essential Platform Bed
PriceStarts at $245 and ranges up to $345
SizesTwin, Twin XL Full, Queen, King, Cali King
MaterialMatte powder-coated steel frame, wood slats, Upholstery grade fabric
Warranty12 years
ShippingShips within 5 days
Additional information about Tuft & Needle Essential Platform Bed
Best Metal Bed Frame by Tuft and Needle
Essential Platform Bed by Tuft and Needle | Source: Tuft and Needle

4. Olee Sleep: Best Budget Bed Frame.

Olee Sleep is the cheapest bed frame you can buy on Amazon. The heavy-duty steel frame might need excessive effort to decorate, but the pricing makes it great for budget sleepers. With 4.6 ratings on the e-commerce store, I don’t seem to catch issues with the product. However, a few customers have reported one or another part breaking in or after a year that can then be repaired through welding. I will mention the cons in the following section, but not to confuse you with the purchase, it is one of the best bed frames under the $125 price tag, and the customer service is responsive and helpful.

Heavy-duty steel bed frameSlides easily on the floor
AffordableBuilt quality is not the best
Responsive customer service
Doesn’t scratch floors upon sliding
Easy assembly
Pros and Cons of Olee Sleep
PriceStarts at $80.21 and ranges up to $93.56
SizesTwin, Full (comes in foldable and non-foldable variants)
MaterialPolished steel
Warranty5 years
ShippingArrives within 15 days
Additional information about Olee Sleep
Best Bed Frames Affordable Olee Sleep
Olee Sleep | Source: Amazon

5. KD Frames Charleston Platform Bed: Best Unfinished Wood Bed Frame.

Among the best bed frames and the most recommended unfinished wooden beds, KD Frames Charleston Platform Bed takes the lead with its economical pricing and minimalist look alongside a reliable poplar wood construction. Through the most helpful reviews on the web, I gathered that the frame looks well built with no issues of dent or breaks in long-term usage (some near to 5 years). The assembly of the bed does require drills and screws, but it is not tough to need the assistance of an expert. Further, I noted that a few customers dusted their KD Frames bed, and it helped them achieve a desirable and a little expensive look for the bed frame. Getting to the drawbacks, I spotted no failures in any field, including the details. Lastly, the construction of this bed allows it to be friendly with most mattresses (a factor that you should pay attention to before buying a bed), and the space below allows the owner to accommodate it as storage. I did find the visible screws to be a bit distracting, but it is a personal taste that can heavily differ.

Fair pricing
Detailing is precise and not cheap-looking
Solid construction
Pros and Cons of KD Frames Charleston Platform Bed
PriceStarts at $249 and ranges up to $319
SizesTwin, Twin XL, Full, Queen
MaterialPoplar wood
Warranty5 years
ShippingArrives within 15 days
Additional information about KD Frames Charleston Platform Bed
Best Bed Frames by KD Frames Charleston
KD Frames Charleston Platform Bed | Source: KD Frames

6. Tilly Upholstered Bed by Joss and Main: Best Comfortable Bed Frame.

A bed frame to carry maximalism, the Tilly Upholstered Bed is one of the best bed frames that pleases a sleeper with its smooth comfort (foam filling and linen upholstery) and luxurious appearance. This is a furniture piece I came by through numerous positive reviews and their mention of its increased lifespan. I specifically love these types of beds for their comfortable headboard, and Joss and Main had made sure of the low maintenance through their choice of Linen as the upholstery material. Additionally, the upholstery guarantees it to be of ceaseless appeal and of course, eliminates the rubbing of hardwood on the calf muscles when sitting or getting out of bed. Some of the drawbacks include the lack of detailing in the corners and the requirement of a box spring. Apart from these, the bed seems epic and provides buyers with various color options. However, one must note that the warranty extends to only a year.

Luxurious lookTad expensive
ComfortableNeeds box spring
SturdySmaller duration of warranty for the price
Transparent reviews
Decent customer care
Pros and Cons of Tilly Upholstered Bed by Joss and Main
PriceStarts at $900 and ranges up to $1020
SizesTwin, Full, Queen, King, Cali King
MaterialManufactured wood, Linen, Foam filling
Warranty1 year
ShippingArrives within 35 days
Additional information about Tilly Upholstered Bed by Joss and Main
Tilly Upholstered Bedframe by Joss and Main
Tilly Upholstered Bedframe by Joss and Main | Source: Joss and Main

7. Mysa Bed by Akron Street: Best Modern Bed Frame.

Among many bed frames, the Mysa Bed is one of the options that I picked precisely after taking a look at its design and learning the materials. It is an article of the Modern category desirable for most decor styles, including the Mid-century. The frame has fewer web reviews, causing me to not learn any real-life situations, but the basic information profiles it to be lightweight, durable to moisture, and an authoritative construction (knowing the type of wood and its precision). The assembly looks quite basic as well. However, all these create Mysa Bedframe to follow the high price tag conventions. I recommend visiting any Brooklinen store nearby to learn about the frame.

Modern designLack of information by the company as well as on the web by owners
Solid construction
Pros and Cons of Mysa Bed by Akron Street
PriceStarts at $1095 and ranges up to $1495
SizesFull, Queen, King, Cali King
MaterialWhite oak
ShippingArrives within 15 days
Additional information about Mysa Bed by Akron Street
Mysa Bed Best Bed frames by Akron Street
Mysa Bed by Akron Street | Source: Akron Street

8. Elton Bedframe by Bolia: Best Scandi Style Bed Frame.

As much as I would love to elaborate on this bedframe, Elton by Bolia speaks for itself with its Scandi aesthetic and a brand value that never disappoints. The design intellect of Glismand & Rüdiger using fine materials, including solid Beech for slats and base and solid oak for legs and outer frame, not only makes it light and expensive looking but also a furniture product that lasts almost as long as any buyer at this price point would want. The reviews explain the quality of Bolia to be among the best and one that your old customers always rely upon. The drawback, as I previously mentioned, is the price tags, even with Elton Bedframe. Additionally, this bed requires to match the aesthetics with a cushioned wallboard or a nice set of beddings (a topic I will be writing soon on). I would highly recommend this bed for buyers who admire the Nordic taste or live in any European region. However, if you are looking for offline purchases with a qualified brand, Bolia can be an easy pick too.

Elegant designExpensive
Quality constructionCan’t place online orders outside Europe (however, offline stores are available in selected regions, and special online orders can be placed through inquiry)
Brand valueHas only one size for two sleepers
Pros and Cons of Elton Bedframe by Bolia
Price€ 2.768
SizesSuper King
MaterialSolid beech, Solid oak
Warranty10 years
ShippingArrives within 15 days
Additional information about Elton Bedframe by Bolia
Elton Scandinavian Bedframe by Bolia
Elton Bedframe by Bolia | Source: Bolia

9. Yoko Bed by Sarah Ellison: Best Designer Bed Frame.

Yoko Bed, designed by Sarah Ellison, is one of the best bed frames enriched with soft curves, warm tones, and an appeal that can make any bedroom designer grade. The spherical legs replace conventional stands, and the veneered wood not only makes it unique but also becomes a crucial fragment of the circular design that has become standard in interiors recently. Being a part of the designer family, it is also an expensive piece, more than the others on this list, but has a warranty of a mere one year (two years at Sarah Ellison Store). Though the materials used in this bed don’t reflect restricted boundaries, an official warranty label can be of great help and assurance. On the plus side, DWR, unlike many furniture models in their store, hosts a piece with no replicates. Sarah’s unique bed has positive reviews across the web, including social media platforms, and I would suggest this bed frame to buyers who want characteristic interiors, mostly expensive.

Unique designSuper expensive
Excellent detailingShort warranty
Postive reviewsSingle size
Promising materials
Pros and Cons of Yoko Bed by Sarah Ellison
Price$ 6,095 (From $4,099 at Sarah Ellison Store)
SizesQueen (King at Sarah Ellison Store)
MaterialSolid and veneered oak or walnut
Warranty1 year (2 years at Sarah Ellison Store)
ShippingArrives within 15 days
Additional information about Yoko Bed by Sarah Ellison
Best Bed frames Yoko Bed by Sarah Ellison
Yoko Bed by Sarah Ellison | Source: DWR

Final Words.

This was my take on the best bed frames on the web. There are more products I am currently keeping track of, and will soon add them after complete assurance. Also, I would love to know in the comments which of these bed frames you find suitable and if there’s any information that you might need from my end. For now, I will bid you goodbye and soon arrive with a list to serve another purpose.

Frequently Asked Questions.

What is the best bed frame?

The Bed by Thuma is unarguably one of the best bed frames for most purposes, including high weight capacity, easy assembly, modern looks, and lengthy life.

What is the best bed frame for a heavy person?

Tuft and Needle Essential Platform bed and Thuma Bed are two of the best bed frames for a heavy person, with weight limits of 800 and 1500 lbs, respectively.

What are the best bed frames to buy?

Some of the best bed frames to buy are The Bed by Thuma, Article Basi, and Olee Sleep. Read this review to learn about more in detail.

What is the best type of bed frame?

Metal, followed by Wooden, is the best type of bed frame to purchase. While the former is often reasonably priced, the latter can get pricier with the variation of the type of wood, details, and life.


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