10 Best Candle Holders to Illuminate Your Space This Year

While candle and their soft light can lighten up our space, we need some of the best candle holders for decor. This article lists the same.

Best Candle Holders

It feels that whenever candles are mentioned, my brain conjures my favourite and most overwhelming realm of the Conjuring series. I still visualize the haunting sound of three claps from the first part, the possessed Ed from the Devil Made Me Do It, and ofcourse, Loraine and Ed’s immense love, which hardly left anyone with a desire and a brightened eye or hopes to have the same partnership bond. Well, Well, Well, you might be thinking whether I am in the mood to write a movie review today or explode a few secrets of the demonology. So let me inform you it’s quite different, as I am just giving wings to your imagination and building up for this interaction of discussing the best candle holders. But since I already mentioned the Conjuring 3, let me glance at you that at the end of the movie, as Lorraine entered the witch territory, you might have seen the devil’s book with the candleholders, ceramic bowls, sculptures which gave an extreme horror look to the surrounding. It made me wonder that few antiques or candle stands can change the entire ambience of your interiors. Maybe you expected a good twist, but it’s been a while since I twirled a conversation into a realistically idiotic one! So cheers to this one. But as you overcome this incident, let me compensate by giving you a few articles to pick for your home, candle holders being particular. And I promise they won’t accord a dreadful or terrifying look to your home interiors unless you pair them up with the Disciples of the Ram!

Candlestick Holders for Every Corner of Your Home.

1. Ceramic Knot Candle Holder.

I feel the French or European dining attics present a twist of fanciness and romanticism to the table. For instance, if one of the most boring foods like Khichdi is presented with the sparkle of Danish crockery aside the fragrant flowers occupied by a rich vase, I will most definitely enjoy it more than the Spaghetti made by an Italian granny. It is no wonder if I dissolve in this atmosphere and keep the lights on. Don’t misunderstand me; it is no conventional light to ruin the mood, but the soft light of the candle placed on this clever white ceramic candlestick holder depicting a knot. If there’s only one thing you can do to replicate my thoughts is to own this article and complement the interiors of your dining or study, it fits all.

Knot Ceramic Candlestick holder
Knot Ceramic Candlestick Holder by Gigi And Tom

2. The 3 in 1 High Candle Holder.

The careful selection of interior objects can exhibit the identity of any space. While most designers continue to ignore it, special ones are those who contrast our visuals with these elements. It may sound like an exaggerated introduction for a candle holder but believe me, what I have come to know after reading hundreds of interior design books and finding value in different spaces is that every corner should preserve a perspective. While unique things or plants can often prepare us for the same, it is the smooth touch of a candle that can make a big difference. And as we don’t want our melting friend to stand on its own, it is this among the other best candle holders in this list you can take help of and stand apart every time with your well-defined choices and corners.

3 In 1 High Candlestick Holder
3 In 1 High Candlestick Holder by Sunset & Co.

3. Brass Sparrow Candle Holder.

As I was visiting my Grandparents during Christmas, I couldn’t help but notice their maximalist decor that arranged some luxurious articles around the space. One of those things was a candle holder that they sourced offline and as we live to access even the rarest things in today’s world through online means, I dug in to find one of the attactive best candle holders that corporates the use of fine craftsmanship on the Luxurious Brass. If you are taking the liberty to infuse these candle holders to suit your mid-century or maximalist interiors, I can assure you your job is complete right here. Though, I will suggest looking at this list for us to continue our lovely conversation right up to the very last.

Best candle holders made of brass
Brass Candle Holder by Symetree

4. Torino Candlestick Holder.

Last night, as I was going through the complex yet elegant artworks produced by Salvador Dali. I found out how elegance is a practice of making careful choices to bring wonders; how shapes define even the body. And by no means I am here to be an art professor (for that you will need to read the art section) but to signify the use of different forms and patterns in our life.

As you may often find, filling an empty area or corner with the simplest object can bring massive change and provide its own identity; similarly using the correct shapes, forms and materials can define your decoration according to the concept of Elegance.

It may sound a little stretched and complex, but believe me, it gets easy when you look at this candle holder. Undoubtedly, an article that can add a classic tang to your minimalist or Scandinavian interiors. Pair it with your historical book collection or your outdoor dining area and see what I was all chatting about.

On a quick note, this candlestick holder can also act like a unique gift option.

Luxury Candlestick Holder
Luxury Candlestick Holder by Merci Dehradun

5. Interconnect Candle Holder.

While you saw a glimpse of my art nerd the point before, it is time to learn physics and find out the fascinations of depth and logic while also understanding things that strike thoughts within us.

The Interconnect see-saw candle holder is exactly what I am talking about, a model of how gravity works and its presence in any space that can move eyeballs, fascinate you and push you to relive the moments you had in your childhood. For some, it may also cause scientific thoughts and for others, it simply arise emotions to contain the empty mind.

Moving further, this is among the best candle holders to create a focal point in your living room and embrace your interiors as no minimalist object has ever done.

See Saw shaped best candle holders
Interconnect Candle Holder by Design Stuff

6. Brass Wall Sconce Candle Holder.

If you find yourself dusting the historical pages to glorify your inner stories and expose your ever-hungry mind to past quotes, I think I have something for you too. Sadly, it’s not a book but one of the other best candle holders with a property of conserving the space for a vintage look. By adding this to your den, I can assure you that the now boring walls will feel like a mystical and modern cave that can also be a house for late-night conversations.

Brass wall candlestick holder
Brass Wall Candlestick Holder by Remodelista

7. Lorin Taper Candlestick Holder.

Are you a social media user; if yes, how often do you use it? You may answer that in a comment while being polite enough to ask about me but moving forward. If you use Instagram and Pinterest too often, you may have seen several industrial designs that are too minimal yet stand apart from their identity. Lorin Taper Holder is one of them too simple to own yet a sculptural approach to sparkle your basic interiors. Pair it with a home plant or with white-ish objects, and your job is done.

Industrial design candlestick holder
Industrial Design Candlestick Holder by Crate And Barrel

8. Hand Carved Wood Candle Holder.

One can never speculate the influence of simple and modern design depicting a natural finish. They are similar to friends who can calm you in difficult situations. Like ASMR, which makes no sense, but your brain watches them continuously and forgets the sins you made today. So to celebrate peacefulness in the surrounding, I picked this candlestick holder for the list. With its sleek design and the exhibition of balance, it can have a positive impact on your interiors and can even accompany you for cosy hot water showers at the end of the day. Not convincing enough, well, we have more options to look at!

Wooden Candlestick holder
Wooden Candlestick Holder by Hudson & Vine

9. Lyra Candle Holder.

To display your tastes ostentatiously so that everybody turns their table to check your property is a task. Like, imagine if someone asks you across the street, “How much do you pay for rent in New York?” And once they enter your modest home, they see extraordinary items for decor to just say, Wow! So, to carry out your interior decor, I am adding this perfect candlestick holder.

It is not just an article but an invention of a design to celebrate even its imperfection. Keep these near your windows and see your surroundings bright and airy, and at the end of the day, enjoy watching the candles illuminate your living space. If I were to be a bit biased, then this item would be my choice among the other best candle holders on this list to make my living room more beautiful.

2 In 1 Flower and Candlestick Holder
Candleholder & Flower Vase by Mom Maison And Objet And More

10. Driftwood Candle Holder

I definitely know that this piece is a fusion of skills and creativity with everyday items. So let us keep this exquisite piece of individuality in our favourite place in our homes. Oops, in case you are wondering; why I am not narrating another story. Of course, I am keeping it for the conclusion. So meet me in the next section, where I can finally meet the end of this article.

Driftwood Candle Holder
Driftwood Candle Holder by Folksy

Final Words.

As much as I desired to play a drama by calling my friends at home and scare the hell out of them through fake ouija spirits, I have been left in spits as I saw the series Marianne on Netflix. So I am no longer doing anything crazy like this. But, hey, who said no to the best candle holders even with no ouija?


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