Boho Decor: Easy Steps to Beautify Your Home.

Boho decor is a style that attract the sense of homely-ness like no other. Willing to heighten your living with it? Here’s the ultimate guide to excel the style.

Boho Decor

Bygone days were the crème de la crème days of my complete 2022 since I was over-ornated in refurbishing my home after an entire decade. The place we decorated at the outset was more than 35 years older and belonged to my grandparents. Before I move on to what I did and why, let me share a quick fact with you. You might be surprised to know that historically, Indians have not placed scads of value on luxury and comfort for the home; they have prioritized utility. It is the reason that when you visit a traditional Indian home, you will see the simple but intriguing home decor. But as we Millenials and GenZ move fast forward to the new living standard and changing preferences, we might find it ordinary, so we restore the places through our several ideas. Last time I introduced you to 80s decor, 70s style trends and many more related posts. Nevertheless, there is a horde of options for comfort in homes, and today I’m here to introduce you to one of those nostalgic decor styles for commuters who bring a few memories from everywhere they go in the form of solid artefacts. You guessed right; it is none other but Boho decor.

Before I give you an absolute guide to do it, let me first tell you why you should read this article. While I was on my way to redecorate my space into something unique, I read almost hundreds of guides, inspirations and old decor books to make that one perfect home style. Honestly, no guide on the internet will exactly tell you how to do it. It is the prime reason, why I got delayed with my decision-making even after research and prolonged consideration. To avoid all this clutter for you and make yourself a successful home inventor for bohemian interior design, I assembled all the points you must start with and end with in order to get the best! What are you still waiting for when you already have your purpose?

What Is Bohemian Decor Style?

The awakening of creativity in home decor through a variety of colours, vibrancy and textures involving musical, artistic or literary pursuits of the people living an unconventional lifestyle represents Bohemian Decor.

8 Steps to the Perfect Boho Styling.

1. Give Your Walls a Look, They Always Craved For.

From scrubbing the walls with sandpaper to the last stroke of a paintbrush and finishing through rollers, walls have a long journey to beautify themselves. When I decided to decorate my space, the strenuous task was to paint the walls on my own. Since they were thoroughly damaged and needed repair, we had laborious days filling their gaps, then rubbing through sandpaper and colouring with the first and the second stroke and then finally with the roller. I nearly damaged my arms, but it was all worth it. Let me return to our article, finding your colour theme is all you need to do. For some people, it is too confusing to match colour combinations of walls with the furnishing and texture. Hence it is better to go with the classic white.

If you have hands-on with colour combinations, you can choose warm earthy tones like light browns or greys and complement them with orange or blue accessories.

In case you choose white, follow the steps:

  • Adorn your walls with either jute baskets or plain mirrors.
  • Shelves with your collectables or books are a must.
  • You can also hang out macrame and cute abstract posters to give a classy look to your walls.
  • At last, you can pair the hanging plants with art and woven baskets to get a broader look.

Remember that I am here to make boho decor simple for you, but remember to choose the best.

2. Your Flooring Needs Your Attention Too.

For some of us, the basic idea to get a completely new home look is by complementing walls with ceilings and floorings. If you agree with this opinion, you are probably a designer nit-picker. However, there are still some people who don’t want to change the flooring that matters most. In terms of Boho decor, you have a few options over here. You must know that bohemian is a warm and inviting vibe, hence floors depicting cosiness are the key to accomplishing a boho decor. Bamboo flooring goes well with all kinds of earthy tones and white, or you can go for hand-scraped hardwood flooring with rough marks and scrapes that gives the room a bohemian feel.

Sometimes if you have off-white floors or warm-toned tiles flooring, you can let your hard work rest for this step, as rugs will do wonders on them too! Just a quirky tip for my lovely people.

3. What’s a Better Idea to Get Noticed by Your Furniture?

Furniture is the crucial step to fill comfort and utility to your homes. Despite the abundance of expensive and worthy items on the internet, what you need is that one perfect item for your butts that can enhance your woodworking. The boho decor of our home will be accentuated by the selections we make. Hence your classic furniture must go with your ideas and comfort.

If you see yourself more grounded with earth and a loving atmosphere where the rugs give you warmth, you can choose floor cushions or low-sitting ottomans. Having confusion with colours is not even an option because all those dark colours or light ones will go with your perfectly paired walls.

If you think that you wish to choose minimalism even in Bohemian style decor, you can go for a cosy L-sitting and 2-sitter sofa with comfortable and colourful pillows.

In all these ottomans, do not forget to include the inexpensive bamboo lounge chairs, hanging chairs near sunlights, rattan cabinets for storage and rounded tables with bamboo fencing. I will put a few ideas in the pictures so that you understand better.

4. Boho Decor Isn’t Complete Without Proper Curtains.

You will be surprised to know that even after painting walls, correcting floorings and even the right furniture, I had something missing in my place while I was renovating. It was the curtains. Without them, it seemed like a fish without water. Maybe the proverb isn’t good enough but respect the feelings inside. The curtains were the quintessential elements in any house. Bohemian curtains are simple. There is no need to put weights on your brains and disturb your peace.

You can choose the fairy tale white curtains or any simple cotton ones. They will look amazing in your boho style room. Sometimes few people use beaded curtains, you can use them too if you are in love with colours. The best curtain I suggest is the handwoven curtains like macrame that fill texture and cosiness to your place.

5. You Can’t Miss Those Artefacts You Brought!

As your guests watch you reveal your artefacts, the time has finally come to impress them. You won’t have to worry about your boho home decor being compromised, whether you put sculptures or your Marvel toys. Do not worry if you are not a keen lover of toys or collecting artefacts, those musical records you collected can also be a piece to display exquisite musical taste.

If you have none of the things above, you can put some clay potteries too to adore your area.

Take it this way, whatever you keep in your surroundings defines your aura and personality.

Now, what is the first thing you had in your mind?

6. Anything Can Get Better With Those Green Leaves.

Plants are those lively creatures that have a nourishing power to revive your mind and body. Amidst all the decor trends, plants are the foremost things that are simple and bring the most out of any place. You can not miss these oxygen promoters for your boho decor journey.

It was an ancient Indian tradition to have Holy Basil in the centre of each home, which provided therapeutic benefits and promoted oxygenation. Though Boho decor has nothing to do with Indian home decor, the key taking of plants can never be neglected.

You can include palms, money plants, vines, and cacti to make your home stand apart.

7. Rugs Never Get Outdated.

Rugs are the most cherishing pieces of bauble that fill the space with elegance and colours. In the shivering cold winters, the soft knitted fabric touches your feet and soul together while comforting you. Boho decor rugs are no different, but the kind of vibrancy it spreads is the same. Put on the jute rug or the most terrifically colourful rugs and see the magic by yourself.

8. Perfect Lights Do Exist if You Choose One.

Typically natural light is the showstopper of all the expensive lighting appliances, but amid sunsets, you have to have a good source of light. Here, we finally approach a better light that complements both our ceilings and interiors in a sexy boho decor way.

You can use lampshades and colourful shades as well. Well, some of us need a minimalistic bohemian look, so for them, I have a quick tip. Grab the abstract design drop lights of golden polish and place them across the sofas or sitting. You can also use the bamboo lampshades and pat yourself for an exquisite taste!

Boho Decor Is Simple, Make It Happen.

Now that you already know a bit about Boho decor, what are you still waiting? Just bring out those baggy used clothes, fix your attire and start doing a makeover of your place, which is always needed. Meanwhile, tell me which other design you think I should write about and what point I missed here.

I am bidding you bye for this time, but I promise to bring something inventory for you in my next article.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Which colours are used for Boho Decor?

The colour palette of Boho-style interiors has warm or earthy tones like light browns and greys complemented with contrasting colours. Some of the most commonly used colours for boho decor are yellow, red, green, orange, brown, white, etc.

What type of furniture goes best with the Bohemian style?

Vintage and classic furniture are the best to accent Boho Decor. One of the other things to pay attention to is comfort, which makes hanging chairs, daybeds, floor cushions and rattan-style furniture a common choice.

What is modern Boho Decor?

Modern boho decor is the newer version of the bohemian style that combines modern elements with the design aesthetic. Otherwise, colour tones, textures and patterns remain primarily similar to boho.


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