This Brutalist Architecture House Is a Bend to Art & Aeronautics.

Amey Kandalgaonkar’s Folded House is a masterpiece that implements the knowledge of Aeronautics and Brutalism in Architecture. Close to how the future of housing may look like, this house is no less than a wonder.

Brutalist Architecture House Amey Kandalgaonkar

To all the Gorgeous People, I am very excited to share a next-level Brutalist architecture house project that will blow your mind. If you’ve managed to read any of my previous blogs, you probably understand that we always start with a snoopy question. So here it is – If you were to change any one thing into a fluid state, what would it be? If I could do that, it will be my relationship! You might now wonder again if this has anything to do with an architectural piece of beauty. To find out, you need to read the article thoroughly. And by the way, if you haven’t been following me from my last few blogs, I will attach the links below so that you never miss anything.

Before we begin to appreciate Amey Kandalgaonkar for his thoughtful master beauty, let us calm ourselves so that our attention is immensely devoted to what we are doing currently. To do this, you must take a break from whatever you are doing right now, whether it is cleaning, cooking, or scrolling! And let us breathe in and out to vein out all the stress or anxiety of the day. Let us have a dark-flavored Mocha today with your legs resting in comfort. Yes, you seem ready now! Don’t wiggle now.

Folded house visualization

Our tour takes us around the exteriors of this mysterious place, which resembles a half-bonded thick book with a zig-zag shape. The contemporary palace has laid its foot on a valley with two rocks supporting it. The roof appears to model from just one sheet of material deformed into the shape at once. However, it doesn’t look as simple as it looks!

Transparent glass covers the balcony or the inside of the house, allowing sunlight to enter and the wood flooring compliments its beauty. Imagine giving yourself a sunbath here rather than on the beaches of Bali.

From the top view, it is visible that it has long extended to the backside, generating a consistent flow of air. On the top, there is a symmetrical pattern of conical texture. There is a perfect combination of art and aeronautics here in this beauty. Whether you just woke up from a bad dream or you want to have some crazy fantasy about making love, it is covering you with its luxurious space and nature’s engagement! In a way, the long extensions resemble water slides in a water park, giving the building a perfect proportion.

Top Perspective View of Fluid Architectural Monument

Why We Adore This Structural Beauty?

The airy spaciousness that blends itself so well with nature is my favourite part of this beauty. Additionally, the simplicity it carries with itself despite its complexities is the perfect addition here. The abstract pattern of rooms and well proportion of the furnishing is another marvellous thing about this.

A detailed rear view of the folded house

Now that you have enjoyed the last sip of your Mocha, this article covering a Brutalist architecture house ends here. Answer the previously asked question in the comments down below. I will see you on another date of course!

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