This Glass Lodge Is the Perfect Cabin in the Forest to Stay

Looking Glass Lodge is the newest stay in the beautiful forest of the United Kingdom. With one-of-a-kind ambiance and forest views it is the perfect place for a couple or mindful living.

Cabin in the forest

Hey, from the other end! It’s been so long since I haven’t covered any architectural project, so this is a quick Monday shot to boost you up with the placidity of a natural scenic landscape. What I see nowadays is the rush of getting momentary happiness in this rabbling world. Despite our best and sincere efforts, we could not make it through. Gaining joy from a single thing can be a real struggle, as we lose ourselves in the process, and once we earn it, we don’t find peace within, and therefore we move on fast pace for another item. And this endless race gives us nothing but fruit to our ego. Does that happen to you? Don’t be pretentious or shy, as I am on your train too. Fortunately, my philosophical lessons taught me that it happens as we lack the most crucial element. Can you guess it? Think deeply, and tell me. Oh, C’mon, it’s nothing but self-introspection. It is about our ability to discern what is truly important and what isn’t. Now tell me the last time you did a deep introspection. Don’t you bother to share with me, at least? Even if you don’t, I have the right thing to get you started. It is not a guided step, a routine, or a philosophy lesson but an escape from an illusionary world into the woods. So, with all the honors, I unveil to you a project or the perfect cabin in the forest for a delightful staycation at any period of the year with a bounty of silence, solitude, and tranquillity for your mind.

Looking Glass Lodge at late evening

The property is on the edge of Layydams Nature Reserve, an hour away from London, UK. Get ready, Welsh! We are exploring your place (thank me anytime). While you land at the location, the first moment goes with the mesmerizing fragrance of damp mosses, wet tree trunks, and wildflowers. The second sense will open your eyes to see the irresistible beauty of nature, help you to remember your existence through mother earth, and glorify soft music from it. Every time you find yourself below a canopy and shade, the breeze of trees welcomes your arrival, which is the best indication of their presence. Even when you sip coffee, dark Cocoa, and freshly brewed tea here, the aroma shuts your endless thoughts, giving you the greatest gift of the ultimate state of thoughtlessness. What more should I say? Words are not enough to describe the nature spells. The exteriors are even more compelling than my description. However, I missed telling you that it is a wooden forest cabin with full-height panoramic windows, which allows you to relish the sunrise and sneak the moments with your partner while star gazing.

Before you plan to visit it, let me take you to its interiors.

Living Room.

While you almost find yourself in peace through the property exteriors, the enthralling experience of interiors is equally revitalizing. The living room of this cabin in the forest comprises a comfy and soft sofa with a warm brown color, taken from the hues of tree trunks or mud. An off-white lounge chair with good knitting completes the minimalist furnishings. How can I forget about the black-modern fireplace, which further enhances the ambiance? I love the textured part where the designers used a cream-white rug and rugged scotched lights. Enjoy reading a book or rolling over your partner for warm hugs on the ottoman while you sightsee from the windows. The raw wooden ceiling compliments the white walls and the brownish flooring, further giving a fresh look together with the furnishings. The minimalist recessive lights and pendant lights add further illumination. Once you savor the warm ambiance of the living room, let us move on to the kitchen and dining area.

Living room of the forest cabin with a black fireplace

Kitchen Plus Dining Room.

The panoramic view of the entire landscape is visible from the terrace adjoining the kitchen plus dining room. When you enter the kitchen, the core of the space adds drama to the whole situation. The perfect complimentary furnishings with minimal add-ons with a large area allows you to move freely and even perform quick salsa steps with your partner while cooking. With its beige color and adjoined two dining areas, the platform eliminates the gap between the cook and the diner. A beautiful vase with flowers and simple metal pendant lights further enhances the forest cabin’s area. While you wish to stroll for a few steps and talk with your lover in nature, you can always go on the terrace. Finally, it’s time to see the bedroom after you have been moved by the moments.

Bedroom With Bathroom.

Passing through the vast passageway, you finally enter your bedroom with a king-size bed and a soothing bathtub on either end. Even imagining that the bedroom of this glass lodge consists of a bathroom with a bathtub overlooking the jungle is exciting. Moreover, the area is well-lit by pendant lights. The elementary art frame with a vase adorns the plain wall of the bedroom. With a big white bathtub in the bedroom, the look of the room is even better. Whether you keep the bedroom for romantic moments with your partner or an enthralling solo experience, it is all worth it. I have truly mentioned bathtubs several times in one paragraph but imagine what it would be like. Doesn’t it already excite you enough?


Folks, there are no conclusions, addition, and subtraction when you hit someplace like this. It is not a sponsored post if you think that way. I want to still conclude by saying that winter is coming and you can’t miss a to attend a place like this cabin in the forest and spend the lovely holidays. Also, tell me in the comments if I missed anything. And I promise to see you next time sooner!

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