The Ultimate Guide on Choosing Throw Pillows | Step-By-Step

Choosing throw pillows is a necessity for making any space comfy but the task can be hard in itself. So we made a step-by-step guide to help.

Choosing Throw Pillows

You might remember if you read my previous articles on decor that I used to have weekends planned for my home touches every few weeks or months. It is bizarre for my family when they see my this much involvement in making my place better, but as I always say that a home is incomplete without the necessary comfort. So I put in all those things with a better arrangement to stand it apart. Amidst all the finishing touches and furnishings, the best and least tricky way to add colours, shapes, patterns and texture in your room to build a bold statement is by adding throw pillows. Not only a mere function of a statement pillow, but it is also the nurture to your outstretched back on Sunday evenings while you read and blow your thoughts up with coffee and even naughty small pillow fights with your loved ones. I still remember my grandma stacking up an immense box of fabrics, buttons, remnants, antique textiles, marbles and other fancy items that she would arrange to make the cutest cushion covers and clutches. As you pile all these things together, let me tell you the reason behind a whole-long article on just throw pillows. As you already know, pillows serve not only to support your back but also to give your room a splash of colour. For example, a neutral colour plain sofa or a rustic antique armchair can create a dramatic vibe to the whole room with a few coloured pillows. So what’s the best way to keep you going? When choosing throw pillows, the best advice is to mix shapes, colours, patterns, and embroideries and experiment with the looks. Now the next question is how would you do it. So, here it comes, as a solid instruction to create and choose the best throw pillows, I am providing you with the seven best ideas and inspirations to get you started (You can even make them on your own).

7 Elegant Ways of Styling Throw Pillows.

1. Bring Out the Unusual.

The thought of having throw pillows automatically directs your mind to choose square-shaped pillows. But my pals, there are tens of different-shaped pillows which can adore your living space. You can have a tailored based triangle with dark piping emphasizing asymmetry, box cubes made from firm materials for a modern look, a mattress effect created by deep buttoning on the back popular and perfect for benches and hard stools, and a star-struck shape providing a three-dimensional effect to your plain sofas or chairs.

Knotted throw cushion on a sofa

You can explore more options and have at least one differently-shaped cushion, beating the ordinary. These shapes will provide an unusual accent to your decorative schemes. So choosing throw pillows with contrasting colours and unusual-shape is best to see the change.

2. Choose Bee Bolsters for Daybeds.

If you have an item of formal empire furniture or anything which look luxurious and modern, then bee bolster is your pick on throw pillows. Pick a small cute bolster-shaped pillow to make it upright for your chaise-longue and couches. Align it centrally instead of regular side positions for an off-beat look. Plus, one more tip is to make it from a bee motif fabric with pleated ends and put it on the buttoned sofas.

Black and white checkered bolster

3. Keep Bobbles in the Round.

If you love those little comfortable circular throw pillows, then I have something for you. Bobbles are the perfect fit for those pillows as they will provide some traditional touch to your space. Now don’t get confused about picking the right throw pillow among all these options. One quick tip is that choose according to the theme of your house. For example, if you have a minimalist neutral colour shade at home, then at least one bobble throw pillow will help you to fill colour in your space. If you want a starting point for choosing them, I must say that you can think of particular interests and passions and then pick elements from them. Let’s say you love gardening, then you can always use a single abstract leaf cushion cover to help you inspire.

Circular throw bobble

4. Placing Throw Pillows Correctly for an Emphasized Focus.

While you walk yourself through choosing throw pillows, you just need to know about its placements. So this tip will not only help you to place the cushions fairly but also let you understand which kind of pillows are the perfect fit for your spaces. You already know the different styles of throw pillows. So let me get them for you one by one. Decorative and practically versatile cushions can give an entirely new look to the different corners of your home. You can place a sizeable odd-coloured throw pillow on a versatile study chair or wicker chair in your bathroom and mass them on your squishy sofa. This way, you can experiment with fabrics, colours, patterns and textures to form different styles and embellish them in each corner of your home.

Large knitted throw cushions

5. Use a Shocking Pink to Maintain the Colour Scheme.

I think all the neutral-coloured and white rooms have a contemporary or traditional style. So a lot of people use accessories or fabrics to emphasize and detract from the modern look. Here, if you have a similar scenario, you can use a single pink coloured throw pillow to showcase a powerful impact. Honestly, if you have a white look, trust me blindfolded on this! Now, if you guys have a loud colour in your living spaces, then the best way to choosing throw pillows is by contrasting and employing light and darker tones to offer a variety. A naive embroidered motif of soft pinks and whites would make a nice addition to any peaceful living area if you have an entirely white appearance. It will radiate the countryside vibes.

Bright pink throw pillows

6. Try to Include Throw Pillows With Adorned Trimmings and Fastenings.

Most of the time, I see people putting the same type of throw pillows and cushions, literally blending into their seating or surfaces, it is placed upon. Hence it becomes crucial to check for clever ideas to feature the pillows for a bold statement.

For this purpose, interior designers and especially the best homemakers like you go on to embellish pillows in dozen of ways through decorative trimming and fastenings.

For example, you can try using rope-edged knotted pillows, which are made of Indian madras cotton paired with bright-red rope, giving an expensive contrast to the space. If you are looking for something formal, then you can always prefer choosing the luxurious off-white fabric with a silk inner lining, dressed up with the silk tassels, delicately edged with drawn-thread embroidery. Among all the experimented styles, my favourite is the checked linen with contrasting ties. It has a checked fabric as the inner flap and ties closed with the wide ties, making an elegant yet cosy look for the space.

Navy Blue Knitted Throw Pillows

7. Customize With the Initials on the Cross-Stitch Pillows.

If you are one of those lovey-dovey types who wants everything to reflect the love between you and your partner, then try decorative throw pillows with the initials of your pet, lover, or anyone dear to you. You can always make it the centre of attention by placing it in the centre of your sitting.

Personalized grey cushions with a couples name

Now that you know how to pick the perfect cushions for your space, let’s forward this conversation to choosing throw pillows for the same.

Step-By-Step Technique for Choosing Throw Pillows.

1. Check for Inspiration First.

The foremost step is getting to know your inspiration. It means, whether you want an artistic home theme like Michele Morrone or a luxurious one like Travis Barker, you have to choose your passion. Take a moment to think about what kind of things you would like around you.

For example, I love historic and renaissance art especially. Therefore, I would like to design my home with a similar theme to make it feel like I am in Paris every day. The best throw pillows in my living space would feature abstract art or starry night effects. Now it’s time to find your inspiration.

2. Play With Shapes.

You have tens of shapes, as I told you earlier. So, you can obviously choose among them. Keep in mind you need to blend this step with the previous one. Once you know what you are passionate about and what theme will your throw pillows carry, choose shapes wisely.

3. Follow the Fabrics Through the Colour Scheme.

We now have the option of choosing throw pillows that are either cotton, exquisite silk, satin, or durable fabrics. The step will decide how you make your imagination and practicality work in picking the right throw pillows. I have given you many tips earlier in the same course on choosing the fabric you want to try. So it is time to include what you like. About the colour scheme, I have merged a few hints for you, previously. Combine them, and I trust you will do great here.

4. Experiment With the Look.

Now it is time to choose trim and style for your desired throw pillows. Further, you can place them on the sofas and chairs, you love.


It is now time to leave you with your imagination and approach to choosing throw pillows for the perfect look. I wish you will create wonders and magic in your living area, bedroom, and even bathroom. Bidding you bye for this time. Don’t forget to drop in your creativity below in the comments!

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