Decorating With Rugs: 6 Easy Tips to Knit Your Empty Corners

Decorating interiors with rugs is one of the ways to bring warmth & colours. However, the process can get difficult. Here are tips to learn.

Decorating with rugs

In nearly all of my interior decor articles, I have emphasized the importance of using textiles to change the entire scenario of your home. If coordinated correctly, throw blankets, quilted cushions, and rugs can all do wonders. Previously, I have drafted a guide for throw pillows, but this time, since the very hyped-up trend of rugs foregoes, I have decided to put on the easy and thoughtful tips for you on decorating with rugs efficiently. It is worth knowing that whether it is a brilliant Persian, a fiery new Berber carpet from Morocco, a simple shaker runner or a Kashmiri wool exotic rug from India, they seem to add space and define the taste and style of the homeowner. Somewhere it is their individuality described through weave, texture, pattern and colour, which makes them exquisite. Now you might be wondering that there are thousands of options for rugs, but how should you put them in your interiors to give a statement? That’s what the article is about. We will find out how to accommodate them and make them relevant in our homes. So, let us get started.

6 Proficient Tips to Decorate With Rugs.

1. Incorporating Area Rugs With Refinity.

With the thoughtful usage of the area rugs, you can bring warmth and a new vibe to your interiors. A lot of people may think about the right way to choose its size. So there is a quick tip for managing the size. All you need to do is leave three feet from all sides of your walls, which is the desired size for your interiors for area carpet.

The choice of colour or texture is up to you but remember with the warm colours of your walls, flooring and furnishing, choose a light shade or absolutely contrasting hue. You can also select Persian or Turkish rugs, as they are much warmer, cosier and more intricate with the craftsmanship. Look, the best way to plump for the right mat is by carefully noting the colour theme and then selecting one. I will let you know about it in a later section about colours. For now, let us focus on area rugs. If you are still confused with the furniture placement over it, remember that the majority of them will be on the rug. And if you desire to have a distinct vibe for your living room, you can put short rugs over distant areas on the one big carpet and experience the best of rug decor.

2. Glorify the Unnoticed Spaces Wisely.

There are numerous areas and corners where wistful usage of small rugs can change your entire space. For example, you can use a rug under your dining or coffee table. There is extra comfort while slurping a smoothie or enjoying a family dinner if you put a thick mat under your dining. Plus, it can pull the entire room together while complementing the shades and texture of the room. One thing to note here is that either you get a short rug which could stay inside the dining and doesn’t mess with the movement of chairs or keep a better dimension of them, including the placement of chairs.

Next, you can also place a rug, running with the kitchen platform of smaller width, which helps you to add comfort to your feet while cooking and give a fascinating twist to your kitchen interiors. It feels like I am blabbering less about decorating with rugs and more about bringing utility through them. Anyways, taking you to the next tip!

3. Blend Your Boring Furnishing With Rugs.

The only thing that can repair your outdated or older furniture is the mat. Think of it, you might have chairs or ottomans with steel legs and older fabrics, but those were your favourite, and you remember it picking with your partner for the first time you shifted to your new home. Now you could keep them, giving them a better look than before. Either drape them with the Vermeer still lifes prints or floral; you have all the rights to customise them. You can also choose a Turkish or Persian rug for the medieval decor element to get something new. Additionally, try putting them on your sides of the table or the heightened-side of the kitchen platform for a better look. Don’t just fill everything with rugs because you have to maintain harmony between the elements, as these are a few ways or tips, which can push your mind to think better.

Patterned sofa for living room
By Anthropologie

4. Add Texture by Decorating With Rugs.

Remember that choosing rugs can be confusing because of hundreds and thousands of options to explore. But if you are hunting down through a filter of texture, you will reach to find the perfect rug in lesser time. For instance, if you have minimalist decor with peaceful-white colours filled, then you can give weight and texture to your space through fur or woollen mats. You can’t neglect the point that each rug with its interlocking style has an individuality, so to get the most out of them, select handcrafted rugs with good texture.

Jute area rug
By Rugs USA

5. Wall Hangings Are a Big Yes.

The best way to appreciate the spirit of colours, shade and texture is through artwork, but unlike, ordinary posters or prints, you can go different this time. Try incorporating the famous paintings of Vermeer or Caravaggio in the wall hangings or even simple animal or floral imprints in form of rugs. Don’t get carried away in the race to find a perfect frame, as even wooden frames can do a great job. They would not only bring a spectacular look to your interiors but also bring cosiness and warmth, which everyone needs. So try decorating with rugs while taking inspiration from this tip and give a new look to your walls.

Wall hanging Rug decor
By The Rug Seller

6. Maintain a Colour Scheme Throughout Your Home.

To comprehend and work according to the colour scheme is strenuous. In my earlier articles, I have given you an idea of how to check colours through a wooden board. If you haven’t read it till now, let me give a brief of it. Make four columns and name them as – walls, floors, furnishings and rugs. Now put the colour shades of your existing three elements.

Meanwhile, check on any fabric colour or texture sample by putting it against them on a single row. You can easily find the right rug for your home. For different rooms and colour schemes; add more rows and experiment to start designing your space.

Living room rug decor
By Bed Threads

Now that you are efficient at decorating with rugs, start experimenting and giving a makeover to your space. You would not believe it, but with only additions and changes of textiles, you can change the entire area. Let me spill a bean to you. Every season, I don’t buy items of furniture or decor items, but by only playing through colours, textures and patterns of textiles, I give a refreshing look to my entire home. Saves time and of course, lots of bucks!


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