The Perfect 9 Steps to Fall Decor for This Year

Fall decor is the cosiest style to take pleasure of. As the season arrives and the old ideas get boring, this guide covers the aspects for fresh and cozy look.

Fall Decor

As I gaze outside, I witness the twirling of wind and a calmly satisfying smile on several faces. I look down on the ground, and there lay a delicate layer of leaves, dried and unattached with their plant bodies. It is the arrival of reasons to meet each other without selfish reasons, the relaxing breath of a farmer to greet their loved ones and essentially an excuse for many to infuse the voids inside their home with dreams. Fall is the enchanting transition of seasons celebrated vastly and differently around the world. However, one of the few things that remains largely common is fall decor.

It retains the intention to imbed a sense of comfort and invitation to a place amid the temperature drop and increased gatherings. The timing may defer, but the importance doesn’t.

And as we are too close to welcoming autumn, let’s follow these simple steps to doing our fall home decor.

9 Easy-Peasy Steps You Need To Follow For Fall Decor.

1. Pick up an Inviting Colour Scheme.

It’s splendid to have your walls painted white in summer, but as we approach autumn, there’s a common belief to brighten up your space through darker palettes and bring in the sense of warmth in winter. You can either rely upon a whitish beige tone, a darker palette like green, black and blue or the standard autumn colours from light yellow ochres to deep rich reds.

2. Use Your Current Supplies, and if Needed, Let’s Go Shopping.

Cost-efficiency is one of the ways to survive an idea, so the first thing you need to do after deciding upon the colour scheme is to carefully pick among your current supplies that can enhance your fall decor. Items like glass bottles, baskets, trays, crockeries, pillows and more can come to help.

The shopping part continues throughout the article, and as I list ideas, I will try to include online stores you can shop from at the most effective price for your autumn decor.

3. Start With the Garden- The Outdoor Fall Decor.

One of the ideas behind decorating the garden is to maintain its greenery throughout the autumn and winter as there is a good chance of your garden becoming bare land these autumns. And to prevent that, we will decide upon some evergreen shrubs, colourful trees, creepers and late flowering plants that can bring life to your outdoor fall decor.

Evergreen shrubs for outdoor fall decor

I will advise you to look for the same in your local nursery and ask its owner to guide you with it, as the availability and growth of plants differ according to the region. We don’t want something that looks great on the internet but is unsuitable for your garden. Pick wisely.

4. Invite People Through Awesome Fall Porch Decor.

As I mentioned before, the cultural activities amid autumn are an excuse to invite families and friends over. It may start with a call or a text, but when they arrive, the first thing they notice is your porch or door. Therefore, it is necessary to add cosiness, contrast and eye-pleasing objects to this area. How may we do that? I suppose you are going to find out just now.

But first, take a step back to your garden, and watch how your plants accommodate the area. We need to maintain a similar flow until we step on the porch. To do that, add some pots on or near the stairs, and if there are no stairs, arrange them circularly so they appear like two pillars outside.

Porch Stairs decorated with pumpkin, plants and lights

As we move further, place a warm-coloured doormat as another inviting gesture. Surrounding it are a few pumpkins and one or two pumpkin-style pots with flowering plants. You can also throw a few leaves near the carpet while adding candles to brighten the section.

Front door fall decor with pumpkins, plants, lanterns, and door mat

On either side of the porch are sitting areas which should carry cushions and blanket throws. My favourite ones are those with dark colours and stripes that add perfect contrast. In addition, you can have a small table paired with two or three pumpkins, candles and a few treats you love.

Fall porch decor with pumpkins, cushions, throw blankets and lights

The last thing you need to do with your outdoor fall decor is add a hanging lantern lamp, and you are all set to go. (Remember to add candles to the corners carefully).

Fall front porch decor with cozy sitting, lanterns, dim lights and pumpkins

This idea works great with brick walls too. The only change is to add beige-coloured items with additional lights.

In case you are going minimal, you need only a few white pumpkins, candles, and a sitting area with beige cushions and an orange blanket throw.

Fall porch decor with minimalistic seating

Lastly, add your favourite fall wreath to the front door.

5. Make Your Entryway Appealing.

As your guests arrive and get amazed by the lovely fall front porch decor, greet them with a comfy entryway that entices them to move to the living room, but at the same time, speaks the love language to provide a sitting.

One of my favourite approaches to make this possible is to add mirrors, cushions, pumpkins, lights, vases, and importantly no carpet.

Start with the heavier items- decorate a bench (if you have one already) or a chair with cushions, just as an accommodating gesture.

Entryway sitting decorating for autumn decor with cushions and bench

Opposite it, add mirror decor paired with floor candle holders and baskets. You may also use a console table aside from which pumpkins on a set of cushions will look appealing and fresh.

Entryway fall decor ideas with pumpkin diy, baskets and mirror

Lastly, add a vase and a trinket dish for keys (placed on a dried leaf).

Now, if you are going minimal, look out for jute planters, brown candles, a round mirror and cushions with an orange pumpkin.

A dark coloured entryway fall decor with round mirror, pumpkins and more

6. Where Do You Spend Most of Your Time- Living Room, Duh!

Step into the living, a room we will put most of our time decorating.

One of the few things to start with is a rug.

A spanish style living room with a rug

The next is your sofas- decorate them with differently coloured cushions that match each other and the interior warmth. To complement them, add a woven blanket throw. Craft the centre table with autumn leaves, a vase and a few candles. Also, add a basket near the sofa inside which is a cushion and a pumpkin.

Fall living room decor

Now, one of the corners is our reading nook to keep our brains sharp. And to decorate it, choose a spot which is near a window to admire the splendid views of the outside and the inner warmth through your perfect autumn decor.

Reading nook autumn decor idea

Align any comfortable seat even if it is just a cushion, and decorate it with some striped cover and a throw blanket. Additionally, place your cosy room shoes nearby so that cold won’t touch you. One of the other things that I love to add is a record player near this seating to set the mood.

The next is your fireplace, the cracking sound of wood while the record player streamlines the atmosphere through beautiful music.

As the fall decor task is not only mine, I will leave it up to you to decorate the fireplace. Make sure to comment on what you did. I will look forward.

Fireplace fall home decor living room

Moving on, we will use dim lights on the roof to create a beautiful net depicting stars and add lights wherever required.

If you are going minimal, make sure to limit the use of lights, nicely use some of your minimalistic furniture and some vases, as well as limit the use of other objects with candles to give your fall decor a much better look.

Minimalistic fall decor with candles and neutral colour

7. I’m Hungry- Let’s Get Some Food and Decorate Kitchen, as Well.

See, this is why everyone hates me. I can’t keep myself away from the kitchen, and as we get over with the living room fall decor, let’s turn our eyes to the kitchen.

To bring in a fresh look, rely upon the walls, the ceiling and the platform (a little, we have to cook too).

Start with the walls- make use of the hanging baskets, frames and hooks to arrange spoons, plants, and word art.

Kitchen Wall autumn decor

Now, look up! Here, we will add some plants alongside a few hanging lamps for contrast.

Kitchen fall decor scandinavian style

Lastly, pick up a tray, vase, candle and a small pumpkin (or a few of them if possible). Together make beautiful use of these for platform decoration. You can also take an old paper with a heart-touching note and add some of your craft abilities to attract eyeballs.

Fall kitchen decor platform

The food is ready to be served, and it’s time for us to leave for the dining table. This is the area where conversations happen so, we will apply the best of our resources here.

Remember when I told you to take out your current supplies for the fall decor? They can be really useful here. Select your best crockery set, a handmade table mat or a macrame table runner paired with an elegant candle set or a bouquet. To add persona to this space, you can add mirror decor, and plants around it and really craft it in a way you love to sit around and talk!

Minimalists, you know what to do here, keep the elements as low as possible and rely on just nature and candles to spark.

8. Something Still Lacks, Oh! It’s the Scent.

Touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste – The five senses. I assume which one is missing out. Of course, how can we not use a diffuser to add our favourite aroma!

Scented oil diffuser

Using aromatic candles can work too, but is your budget too high? If not, use this diffuser and your favourite scent to complement your fall decor.

9. Do I Have Permission to Get In Your Bedroom?

Ah, fall room decor, so where do we start? Let’s decide upon the perfect rugs, frames, plants, candles and maybe if you have a kitten.

Bedroom autumn decor with orange bedcover and a cat

Arrange them for the comfiest place, and if you lack out on frames, a macrame can work as a great replacement. Also, adding a bed net is my favourite as well as a bed tray with some beautiful and tasty supplies.

Lastly, if you are going minimal, set the mood with a whitish beige tone with a little contrast through a blanket or any other item of your choice. A macrame will work as an epic option here, or a simple abstract art on the bed wall will work too. And as always, don’t forget to add plants, they are my favourite, you must know that by now.

Minimalistic boho style bedroom with macrame art

Happy Fall!

That’s it from my side! What more ideas do you have for this year’s fall decor? Also, do you think I should add a product list? Let me know in the comments, and Happy Fall Adorables!

Frequently Asked Questions.

What month do you put up fall decorations?

The best time to put up your fall decorations is anywhere between September and October. While doing the same, you should see if the decoration remains in sync with the season.

What is popular for fall decor?

Use scented candles, pumpkins, blanket throws, dried leaves and vases for the perfect fall decoration.

How do you make a cozy fall?

To bring cosiness to your fall decor, create a warm and comfortable reading nook, add the carpet on the floor, use fairy lights or scented candles for fragrance, throw soft cushions and blanket throws and lastly, put up a few indoor flowering plants.

When should fall decorations be taken down?

The best time to transition from fall to Christmas decoration is the 1st of December.

What are fall colours?

You can either use a whitish beige tone, a darker palette like green, black and blue or the standard autumn colours from light yellow ochres to deep rich reds. The trick is to choose either to be inviting.

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