Feng Shui Home Decoration: 9 Important Tips to Keep In Mind

Most home owners experience lack of warmth & stability in their space. Feng Shui home decoration is a fix and here are the 9 tips to start.

Feng Shui home decoration

Hitherto, I have changed nine residences from my childhood: but the most loving home, which really shook me hard upon leaving with a twinge of sadness and separation anxiety, was my first home, where my entire family lived together for more than 15 years. I remember going to my grandma’s home while we were packing so that I couldn’t see my own home leave, and for years, I didn’t cross the street out of nostalgia. And from then, whenever I moved to a different place, it never held me very long, because I was not really into any. Recently, while visiting my relatives’ houses for some conjugal stuff (not mine, obviously), I felt that those homes, while well-maintained and decorated, weren’t welcoming and comforting enough. After returning home, I pushed my mind to focus on all those things that really prompted me to move on to a new residence. Amongst all of them, one thing was common, peace and state of mind. Hence, I started researching old Indian architectural principles and Feng-Shui principles to see if your home’s interior actually motivates you to stay comfortable without feeling stressed. Trust me, your home is not just a shelter for your physical needs but is also a way of your mental demands. And as a consequence, I have drafted this article to guide you in incorporating the principles of Feng Shui home decoration for your space.

Having tested these tips, I can attest that they work. I am assuredly not telling you that they would bring materialistic wonders as hard work is the only key to that lock, but your mind will rest peacefully that is what I am sure of. And for more explanations on why you must follow these tips, I have prepended a separate section below to compensate for your queries. So, let us start.

A Little Introduction to Feng-Shui.

Before we step into the details of Feng-Shui, let me clearly tell you that it is not a practice or something which would only work if you believe in it. It doesn’t make sense to welcome Feng Shui home decoration to improve your luck, as I myself do not believe in it, as hard work and consistency are the only ways to achieve success. I only trust the process because I’ve felt it every time our surroundings have an impact on us. Now some of the geniuses would say that it is not like that. So, I have many examples and instances to prove such.

Now you might read the article while curling up in the soft pillows to enjoy a comfortable reading session. Or you are reading it while sitting in a heat-wave vehicle waiting to arrive at your chaotic destination. Tell me what you feel, frustrated, focused, tensed or relaxed? I would like you to pause and reflect on your thoughts. Did your surroundings affect your mood and spirit of work? And there you have the reason for this whole read.

In its simplest form, Feng-Shui is the art of transforming a space into one which is warmer, more comfortable, and more conducive to well-being and happiness for everyone.

Some of you might still have a question, why does one care to apply it in your life? So for them, let me tell you that Feng Shui home decor is not just changing your surroundings as it provides vast improvements in relationships, finances and health as your environment accentuates positivity or negativity in you. And through improvising better principles in one’s life, one experiences greater happiness and satisfaction, which improves health, relationships and feelings of contentment. It is simple logic- you become what your surroundings make you.

Now that I have given you such importance, let us move over the best-applied tips for Feng Shui home decoration.

9 Best Tips for Feng Shui Home Decoration.

1. Make an Impression With Better Entryways.

Always remember that the first impression of the interior of a home where a crucial shift occurs is the entryway. Now look at it this way, whenever you are outdoors, you look at each side, and your mood is on constant alert, protecting you from any potential threat. When you just step into a building, your sensory experience of this survival calms and relaxes. So to shift this transition, you have to make sure that the entryways are the most immune and comforting to guests and occupants alike so that on entering the building, all they see is a sense and arm of comfort. For this, you can always add a buffer of lighter objects and houseplants: right before your entry. Or you can always experiment with other items, which you think make you feel safe. Also, make sure it is free of clutter, clean and well-lit.

Cosy entryway Feng Shui home decoration style
By William Jess Laird

2. Creative Use of Stairways.

Now, almost all of the people have stairways in their homes. If you are probably using it as a storage room, which you don’t touch for months, Feng Shui home decoration says there is something wrong with it. It accentuates stagnation and lethargy, so the best way to purposefully use a stairway is through creative means. You could use it as a little reading nook, a playhouse, a hideaway, a toy room, or even a wine cellar. All you need is a snuggly blanket with good light, a beanbag chair, or a proper wooden desk with a chair and some books for using this area. Don’t let the stairway become undisturbed for extended periods as they stagnate people’s lives.

Feng Shui home decoration room under Stairway
By Jeff Troyer Associates

3. Cosy Furniture!

I have seen in many houses that too much formal or luxurious furniture in the social room, like the family gathering room or living room simply neglects a sense of comfort. Hence, you have to make sure that you choose furniture which feels good. Make it comfortable and cosy. Also, make sure that the seating areas have a distance of eight feet from each other so that your conversations don’t leave behind. One more tip here, is that the seating areas must have adequate tables and storage for magazines, remote control, food and drinks. Imagine it is the super comfortable thing in your entire life. What all things would you include here? I am adding more pillows!

Feng Shui home decor living room
By Future PLC/ Dominic Blackmore

Next, always choose softened angled furnishings and avoid sharp angles as much as possible. But whoever has sharp-ended furniture, try to place it on a diagonal in a corner. Also, this will make the chairs better arranged at an angle in the seating area. Thinking out of the box sometimes gives you the best results. So try it!

4. Add Bookcases for Elegance.

To create balance and harmony in your room, always add a bookcase. Of course, there are a few Feng Shui decorating tips for the purpose of arranging books. The trick is to get rid of any tattered or used paperbacks and organise the rest of your books according to spine colour to create visual stimulation. Next, position these books in the front of the shelf, so there is no irregularity in settling them. And yes, don’t push them back.

Feng Shui decorating tips for books
By Unknown Author / Via Peace Love Feng Shui

Now many of you could have a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf. To organise it, keep in mind that place the colossal and heaviest books on the lower shelf and smaller-thinner shelves on the upper shelves. And be sure that you have spaces in the upper rack. Don’t fill them completely.

5. Play With the Windows.

Now several people would usually fill their spaces with the finest cloth fabric as curtains and drapes for their windows. But see, if your windows provide an excellent view, then all you can do is add a mat below it and skip drapes or curtains. Whenever your eye rests on this mat before looking out the window, you will feel safer and protected. Also, remember that before adding drapes or curtains to a large window, they don’t need to cover the entire window and that only a few panels on either side of a window are enough. Next, if you have sharp edges of windows, activate the Goldilocks Principle by balancing a large, smooth window surface with a well-textured cloth to make your room achieve the standards of Feng Shui home decoration.

Feng Shui home decorating tips for windows
By Ellei Home

6. Put a Mirror Under the Range Hood of the Kitchen.

If there is a dark area under the hood hanging over the stove, you can always put a mirror on the wall of your stove. My approach is to add a reflective material, which is lighter than glass and doesn’t shatter. Try Mylar! Also, if you have tiles or granite in your backlash, then try placing a mirror behind the stove. Using a mirror in the kitchen will transform your kitchen look, and there will be an enormous space generation feel.

Feng Shui home decoration for kitchen stove
By Deb and Danelle

7. Give In-Depth Attention to the Lightening of Your Kitchen.

Some of you might think that is why I am emphasising more on the kitchen. It is because during the day, after the bedroom or bathroom, you spend the most time in your kitchen, which makes it crucial for us to give it desired mindfulness. Now many kitchens can be darker, and you might have absolutely no idea to fix it. According to the Feng Shui home decor, one must have a sunny kitchen to receive positive energy and enhanced mood throughout the day. You can always install a skylight or solar tube for the purpose. And try replacing your lights with partial-spectrum light bulbs, which mimic the natural light of the sun.

Feng Shui home decor for kitchen with natural light
By Jessica Helgerson

8. Retreat for Your Bedroom.

The bedroom is the most crucial space for your home, so it must be restful, private, intimate and comfortable. You don’t need bigger space and way too much floor plan here as the most bounded your bedroom is, the more restful sleep you will get. There are a few Feng Shui decorating tips regarding this. For instance, always create a sitting area with snuggly, luxurious fabrics and pillows to make a restful mind. Then, paint your walls with brown, tans, taupes, rich hunter greens and warm purples to make your space more welcoming, inviting and cosier. Try to include drapes on the windows with similar colours and add a patterned rug to take your visual space without cluttering the room. And by the way, please give more attention to the bedroom furnishing. Anything too big, small, hard, soft, hot, or cold will trouble your sleep as they are not meant to give your mind relaxing comfort. So, always neglect to stuff your bedroom with too much or little furniture.

Feng Shui home decoration bedroom
By Nikki Heaton

9. Last but Not the Least!

Choosing Artwork is the final tip I am putting up in the article, which plays a significant role in making your space compatible with Feng Shui home decoration. Always plump for serene and pragmatic images for your bedroom and living area. A lot of times, it happens that you pick a few paintings which bring unsettling emotions and ruin the peace of mind. So, always check for the vibe of the paintings, and if anything brings distress, instantly remove it. It is best you choose pair of pears, trees or birds painting in your bedroom, which could bring your relationship closer.

Also, in the master bedroom, avoid pictures with religious overtones or familiar people.

Final Words.

There are many crucial other things of Feng Shui home decoration, which I have intended not write in this article as these are a few easy tips to apply. I am hoping that I would need more time to draft a detailed feng shui guide, and you have to work hard to remake your entire aura. Due to the fact that these tips are elementary, you can easily apply them and expect some change in your life. About detailed guides, I will make sure that I pass them to you as soon as I can!


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