This Ground House Is a Human Asset Amid Nature’s Love

The Ground House 107R by David Fewsom implements an extraordinary landscape design with gentle interiors & private property one should enjoy at least once in a lifetime.

Ground House

For the last 30 days, I am not sleeping properly, and as I wake up, a terrible headache follows my morning. Of course, it brings extra frustration, and even my morning coffee can’t cure it. Moving like a sloth towards my work desk, I read a few good lines to give myself new energy, but my pounding head makes everything horrendous. However, after a good meditation, I always get relaxed, but some days I miss it. And after this irritability every morning, I am just afraid to sleep again and get the routine done again. Now you might be thinking, what’s the cause behind it- is it stress or migraine? Fortunately, it’s not that but a shitty living being I am unable to get over with. It’s the greyish flying rat that makes a sound as loud as a human and eats and lives its own poop. Pigeons! Dancing on my window AC and space, scratching their feet at five in the morning, these birds made my life hell. Like in Lucifer, if hell exists, mine would be filled with stupid filthy pigeons. So, to get rid of them, I did something in my entire apartment, not net or ultrasounds but something beautiful. I will let you know about it but not in this article. However, I am presenting you with a beautiful project today where no pigeons or any kind of stress lives, as the plant territory lives forever. The way I narrated my story before starting my visit to an architectural structure may have puzzled you. But my purpose with an architectural project has always been to give a visualization of my best moments, but this time I twisted it to be part of reality. So, let us move forward without any more blunder stories. It is time to see the Ground house we have waited so long for. So should we start?

Designed by architect David Fewson; landscape design by LARC Landscape Architecture and interior designer Hanna and Jane Fewson; and photography by Tasha Tylee, this house is in Tintenbar, Australia named Ground House 107R. As the gentle breeze runs your hair towards your face, imagine entering the stupefying place, and meanwhile, let me give you a broader idea step by step!

The Scenic Exterior and the Exquisite Interiors of Ground House 107R.

Exterior Surroundings.

The soothing voice of the nightingale, the chirping of sparrows, and the gentle swishing of the breezy tree leaves welcome your entrance to the almost hidden property through complete vegetation. As you see the off form concrete structure blending well with the perplexing colours of nature, on one end, there is a sloppy entrance, and on another side, you see an open bathtub. Hazed by the complete beauty of the structure, you will never desire to leave the exteriors, showing a bushy terrace, rich trees, and purple flowers. It feels that every colour plays a role in exhibiting the graceful form. If there is a single key takeaway on how you can make your home look like a mini forest like this divine and glorious ground house, then you must fill every single place visible through different colours of plants. Now, moving next, as your heart throbbed and eyes diminished with peace, you take your foot to the grand kitchen plus dining area.

Kitchen Plus Dining.

And look what you saw inside, a place adorned with rustic decor. It has off form concrete walls, complimenting the high grey ceilings and similar flooring. With light brown wooden furnishings in the kitchen, the interior designer created an enormous storage space to keep the clutter at bay. The extended platform on either side of the cooking has pleated standing, which fills the area with a good texture. Furthermore, as a part of proper rustic decor, there is shiny metallic finished tapware, which gives a vernacular look, complimenting the kitchen design. Getting your perfect meal ready while your partner works on the dressing seems like never enough, and this kitchen is the right place to enjoy the moment. Walking through, you reach the dining area, having a small pendant light to create a warm atmosphere through its soothing light. It accompanies by a simple table and cream-coloured sitting, which makes the most out of the colour. Under the dining table, the carpet adds extra colour and texture, making the space look more inviting. As you have countless conversations on a candlelight dinner, you finally decide to spend your cosy evening in the living area. So, take a step towards and read about the next room of this ground house from the next section.

Living Area.

Towards a few more steps from the dining area, the living room extends, which consists of a soft padded beige two-sitter sofa and an end table with a minimalist vase. The entire colour scheme of this ground house is partitioned through different elements. As an example, the multicoloured carpet blends well with the beige sofa and the dark wood-finished side table with a dark green vase. Furthermore, there is a black automatic wood fire heater and an antique over the wall opposite the sofa. The soft ceiling light fills the space with proper lighting and comfort. The best thing one can experience on this couch is sharing the same read on the book while enjoying star gazing. There is so much natural light coming in through the windows and doors of the home, but for privacy, the designer used sheer white curtains, making the space seem bigger. Now as you enjoy a slow dance to the song Vivir Lo Nuestro, there comes our final place of this ground house; the bedroom!

Bedroom and Bathroom.

With a minimalist bed, a fan over the left and a bathroom over the right, the bedroom of the ground house is quite simple, like all you need to do is sleep. Spanning a large room, the bathroom has a few home plants and a spacious shower area. The brass-finished showerhead looks absolutely stunning with the grey surrounding. I love the concept of the concrete finish over the metallic bath wares to give a good contrast. Now, whether you take a singles concert or dance like a free bird, you can do it all.

Final Words.

Well, by now, you might ponder whether you can experience a stay at this property. Let me make your day by saying Yes. It is an Airbnb property, which is available for a staycation. It is not a sponsored post. The greens of the earth and the peace it evokes made me fall in love with this ground house. And I hope you loved it too!

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