Home Library Design: 7 Easy Steps to Craft Your Reading Area

Having a home library is a dream for many. To make it a reality, I listed these 7 steps that can lead to the perfect home library design.

Home Library Design

The only time I proffer my brain with an impeccable foster to productivity is when I lacerate the hell out of overthinking through time travelling to the Renaissance period. Yes, I know we are not dealing with the history lessons, but which bookshelf is complete without a righteous discovery in humanities and science? And everyone knows that Renaissance and Baroque were eras of intellect. Though I admire this fact alone, one of the problems I often faced while reading about them was missing links as I got nabbed by distractions and disturbances. So to avoid them in every possible case, I thought to own a space where I may completely surrender all irrelevant thoughts and nuisances to form a better reading and get the splash of knowledge through the endless dive of it. By now, you might have understood what the article is about, the Renaissance. Definitely not it is about the home library design!

Every time I follow my intent to decorate a space, I check the internet to see what is on the trend. Mostly, I can find the best of all vogue, but this time was different. There was absolutely no appropriate guide on how to design a home library. But as I put my theories and elements together, I conspired the dash of hot style and some creativity for my soon-to-be favourite space and it came to me that I must share it with you, at least the thoughts. So, today proudly, I am here to share with you the internet’s most luminary guide on making a home library from scratch for your space. Should we start?

How to Design a Home Library Efficiently?

1. Find a Perfect Space.

The foremost step to making the home library is finding a space. It’s like sitting in the centre of your home and thinking deeper about where your perfect home library should be. Don’t worry; I won’t let you run a random guess instead I’ll give you a step-by-step procedure to follow. So let’s get started.

First, which point or corner of your home does have the most airy ventilation and a superb view?

Second, how often do you spend your time in that corner? Is it frequent or rare? (Choose the sparse place.)

And lastly, which place of your home seems plain but is majorly unused?

Now, if you came across the same place for each answer to the question, you finally have the sweet spot for your home library design. However, if you are still running out of options, I have a few fascinating ones. You can always go for unusual underground storerooms, areas under the staircase, or garden lobbies storage rooms. And if you have a small space and you are unable to find any corner, then the best thing you can do is pick the extensive wall of your dining cum dining room and adore your home library there.

Staircase home library design

2. Pick a Genre.

Now, this step could be the basis of your aura of the home library. When choosing a genre, what type of books do you like to read? For instance, you might like horror, adventure, fiction or self-help books. Now I know that reading and focussing on only one genre is somewhat complicated but try to figure out your favourite type of books. Once you do, close your eyes and think of what makes your genre so engrossing or fascinating. And start getting an image of the place where you would love reading those books. It might be under a starry atmosphere or a garden of lavender, or a picnic spot with a lake. Don’t get confused with these processes as they will help you build the foundations of your home library design and give it a final look.

Home Library Design with fairy light decor

Once you have that imagination, take a pen and paper and meet me in the next step.

3. Improvise a Rough Layout for the Home Library Design.

As you have a pen, write down all the elements you need to have in your home library. If you chose the horror genre, you could have a mask from the Scream movie or a painting, dark themes, and some tremendous things that make you feel haunted. For me, it’s always a clown. Now, this might look ridiculous to you but trust me, all the steps, which look silly, are creative, and it would make it unique and personalised for you.

The self-help genre would benefit from plants, motivational quotes or a warm colour scheme. And always remember, you can always have a sober home library if you wish, but we can still make it happen with just a few objects.

Home Libary design ideas with movie poster and objects

Aside from a theme, you should also consider your colour scheme and the kind of interior in your home to pick the best design for your home library. You can always find an appropriate colour combination through a board, making columns of colours from walls, floors, and furniture to mix and match. Once you noted each element and decided on a colour scheme, let us get going till we don’t reach the end.

4. Set up the Priority Rack.

Now that you have selected and decided on everything for your library, it is time to find the perfect bookcase or rack. You can always choose contrasting colours like mint green or bold orange for a maximalism touch and positive healing. In case you find odd colours too overwhelming, you can opt for mid-century or softwood racks. After you have selected your choice of furniture through the colour board, as I told you earlier, check for your book placing designs.

Maximalist Home libary design

Having a higher roof will give you the option of setting up a home library with an entire wall of book racks and a small ladder. If you have a low-roofed room, having them covered with book racks throughout the wall maybe not be a good idea instead have a book storage at lower heights and keep a sweet pot over it to give you an impression of a vast area. If you are getting confused, you can always check the pictures for an idea from below.

5. Add a Comfortable Sitting for Your Endless Reading.

The best kind of reading comes with the cosiest comfortable sitting. You can always choose to include leather sittings, ottomans and chairs. But the best option among a long list of finding a perfect sitting is a Power Reclining Adjustable Width Heated Massage Chair. You can always have your sitting nearby your bookshelves or in front of your window. One secret tip to finding a good chair is finding an elder chair instead of what goes in vogue. Trust me, that is the cosiest place you can give yourself a binge-read.

Home Library Design Sitting

And supposedly, if you are not looking for a chair, you can always use a low-sitting ottoman with a comfortable back sitting. Now all you need to do is check your space and get it done. Previously I drafted an article on the best chair design, and reading it will help you choose furniture wisely for your home library design.

6. Show Some Lights.

Now the most crucial thing in your in-home library is the ideal light, which is soft on your eyes but good enough for your vision to read seamlessly. Firstly, if possible, get tonnes of natural light in your library, but if there is no window, don’t worry, I have the best solution. Previously, I needed some soft light for my living area, so I did a DIY wall light. Basically, you need to join the two ends of a reflecting surface into a triangle with the third side open and place a light inside. And you can put it on a corner of your wall and enjoy the soft light. Next, you can always have different table lamps or ceiling lights with good reading lights.

Lights for home library

7. Finish Up With the Final Touch.

The final step is to arrange your furniture and lighting and set up your books as you are at the end of the process of home library design. You can use paintings for inspiration, a few desk plants, antiques or even a telescope, according to your passion and genre, as I stated earlier. Next, you can check for more inspiration from any figurines, murals or articles. And yes, do not forget long creepers and hobby instruments like a piano, typewriter or even guitar.

The perfect home library idea

Final Words.

It’s time to plan out everything for your weekend activity of building your own reading space by creating a terrific home library design and then providing its foundations. Creating your own space according to your needs and taste is the next level of happiness, and I think you would enjoy it with your beloved one or pet!

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