Espacio Latest Project Is a Hotel in Mexico With Round Design

La Ventana is a hotel in Mexico with views of deserts. Adoring a circular structure & wabi-sabi style, it is designed by Espacio 18 Arquitectura.

La Ventana, Hotel in Mexico

The holidays are just around the corner, and we are frantically hunting down the perfect vacation to help us relieve our year-long tedium and rejoice in happiness. To slow down your rummage around the sojourn spot, I have decided to dedicate this article to all the carefree fliers like me. Obviously, it is an architectural project, which I am covering because of its charismatic beauty, but with a little twist. It simply means that it is not only for your visual tours and inspiration but also a solution to find peace and adventure in your Christmas-packed holidays. I have always dreamt of a place with the blues of the ocean and tall mountains epic combination, so for me, it is a perfect fit. Interrupting between the article, I have something to say. Even writing at a good place is always what I demanded, and since the new area can’t let me focus on work, I have created a greeny spot including gerbera daisies, palms, roses, Jasmine and adorable winter flowering plants on my balcony where the fine smooth sunlight allows me to work for more. Dont bother thinking why I am telling you all this because the only reason I am doing it is that I wanted to connect with you, so describing my insides while I am talking to you can make a worthy point. Moving back to the article, can you guess the perfect spot where I am taking you this time? It’s none another than La Ventana, Espacio 18 Arquitectura’s latest project which is a hotel in Mexico. About Mexico, I am always fantasized about the food, culture and art (especially Frida Kahlo). And so a village with kiteboarding having the breeze and aroma of sea waves on the rocks even gives a better reason to go there and spend even more time.

La Ventana is a circular hotel in Mexico whose extreme desert weather gives you the courage to deal toughness with the calming sea view emphasizing the clarity of life. Forming itself in the circle house, it integrates amenities and landscapes beyond perfection. Be ready now as we move into the interiors. On the exteriors, you see the desert vegetation dominating the place with a clean pool for relaxing after a sunny day of surfing. Every vacation need is met here, which is why it is such a fascinating place. But, wait, we are still not inside.

A warm neutral colour theme allows you to fill the voids in your life or thoughts. On entering, you see an elegant, symmetrical, and minimalist dining counter dominating the entrance, surrounded by numerous houseplants. The ceiling pendant lights complement the earthen wall colours and the wooden-style furnishings. Giggle with your friends, family or beloved partner on these minimalist stools to adore the hotel coffee.

Circular design kitchen counter with stools and open layout

Entering the bedroom, you see a long mirror glass door that allows the first sunrays to appreciate your natural beauty while you doze off on the comfy bed. A rustic wooden finish of ceilings especially blends well with the warm earthy walls and darker floorings. Further, you see there are round painting artefacts that fill the emptiness of the walls. And for night lights, there is a hanging side light and a floor lamp, emphasizing the contrast and beauty of the area. A side rocking chair further exemplifies the vibrancy of the room with comfort. What I love most about it is the raw dark wooden finished table with a minimalist pot and a tray.

Further, you see there is a living space with fine wooden chairs and a table. Under the perfect symmetrical floor lamp, you can read a worthy book or just cuddle on a floor seat with a nicely woven gushy cloth. The warm colour of the seating contrasts amazingly with the muddly earthen tones of the room. You can also have a key takeaway for your interiors. Have a must-have floor seating that allows you to stay ground just like wabi-sabi style under the bliss of nature, where you can read your favourite book. There is plenty of space in the living area for you to display your unbreakable dance moves or to dance the night away to a romantic salsa. There is nothing more evident than how perfect a getaway can be in this luxurious yet comfortable hotel in Mexico.

View from the living space of the La Ventana hotel

We are at the end as it seems that neither texts nor pictures provide enough description of what fun you have in La Ventana. Now is an appropriate time to bid you bye and give you time to pack up and surf for the holiday season.

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