This House in Desert by Woods + Dangaran Is a Luxury Delight

While many of us fail to consider the nature that deserts have, Woods + Dangaran took advantage of its surroundings and luxury to make the perfect house in desert to exist.

House in Desert

On my last trip, camping in the Thar desert of Rajasthan, I beheld there were more shiny and glowy stars than our usual home terrace sky. Mockingly, this does not mean that we have customised skies because that is impossible, even though how hard we try. The breeze of the desert at night is different, and the changing colours of the airspace in the day phases are delusionally beautiful. While I thought of staying for an extended period, I gave thought to settle down there. Those nostalgic nights of born fires with music and dance over the shining sky as if no lights are needed is an unforgettable trip. You might be thinking about today’s story since I have already explained much about desert experiences. Since I am here to cover one of the exquisite desert homes, I wanted to go in little imagination! To start with the newest architecture project, we are covering Rim Rock Estate, a house in desert, designed by Woods + Dangaran.

Let us dive into this desert mansion and take a complete look at the interiors.

A Look at the Exteriors and Interiors of Rim Rock Estate.

The Exteriors Asking You to Spend Little More Time Than Usual.

Generally, the exterior comes with a bushy and lush green environment or at an elevated platform, but there is something more here. When you look around, the warm colours of desert sand blends with a twisting visual through the earthy tones of the sanctuary. The house in desert uplifts itself through elevated long hills that surround it. In addition, whether it is a clear blue sky in the morning, the hazy afternoon or the dark black night with starlight, the texture and colour compliments well with each other.

Rim Rock Estate Property with shrubs and a tree

When you the built process of the surrounding area, you will see some trees and cactuses provide further addition to the visual effect by contrasting with warm hues of orange-red colours from the sanctuary. There lies a large swimming pool for your stargazing experiences while sipping the perfect pink wine with your beloved. There is a further sitting area in naturalistic white tones with carefully elevated flooring of wood.

Luxury swimming pool and exterior of Rim Rock Estate a desert mansion

The outer area compliments the artistic beauty of the structure through different trees, plantations, and rock gardens. While you are in love with this fusion of indoors and outdoors, let us move on to the living space of the area, taking along our peaceful and harmonious mood.

Living Room of the Desert Mansion.

The warm environment with earthy tones welcomes you while entering the living room of the house in desert with the glass doors. Few abstract paintings flourish the entrance with the local vegetation behind these glass panels. The fascinating part is the round ottoman, where you can have the peace to sit while watching the sunlight and moonlight exhibiting sparkles in nature.

Glass entrance of the house in desert

The wood ceiling blends well with the easy lighted flooring. The spotlights on the panels are the perfect sources of light alongside the natural light.

A further addition to the area, a minimalistic dining table awaits your footsteps that have designer pendant lights of abstract shape above it. On the opposite, there lies a comfy brownish L-shaped sofa, displaying a brass pendant light on the wood-furnished ceiling.

On both sides of the open spaces outside the living room, there are textures through the plantation and concrete flooring.

Living room of Rim Rock Estate by Woods + Dangaran

While you enjoy the serene and calmness around the area, let us go to the bedroom area.

Bedroom Covering the Stargazing Moment.

The bedroom encompasses a large king-sized bed in front of the long sliding glass doors for fresh air. In front of it, there lies reddish ottomans exhibiting low sitting with a simple table. The lamp near the sofa sitting is the required light for the area. In addition to the minimalistic decor, there is an abstract artwork of greyish walls that goes well with the wood ceiling and light flooring. The rug adds overall texture and comfort to the area.

Why Do We Love This Project?

The careful choice of colours is the most adorable part of this house in desert. Open spaces invite the true spirits of a human being, which evolved in this structural beauty. I loved the concept of the welcoming gesture from the earthy tonnes of colours, minimalistic furniture and local plantation. Tell me your last experience with desert living in the comments below, and I bid you bye for this time and promise you to come here with another perplexing project.

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