This House in Mexico Is the Perfect Blend of Architecture & Nature

Casa Catarina, designed by Taller Hector Barroso, is an exceptional house in Mexico that takes the pleasure of natural landscape and provide space and openness through its structure.

House in Mexico

While searching for the best destination for tourism in the world other than my homeland, I find Mexico intriguing because of its beautiful beaches, vibrant culture, and delectable spiced foods. Travelling is the other fairest thing there, but the first one still lies in dwelling there. What comes to your mind after I uttered “Living in a House in Mexico?

To meet your dreams and expectations into reality, we are presenting you with one such marvellous architecture of casa living that is remarkable to live in. Fabulous by its name, Casa Catarina, designed by Taller Hector Barroso, is a residential architecture model in the lap of nature. Even though the structure is still under construction, we are here to provide you with an up-close look at it.

The natural landscape from Casa Catarina

When I am moving on the architecture of the place, it is visible that it has all the vents open for natural light. The calming environment surrounding this luxury home gives an extraordinary standard of living. Furthermore, the rooms enjoy plenty of sunlight and picturesque views. The wooden ceiling with frills is an exceptional choice for ventilation and airiness. Along with the pillars, the wall on one side is roughly textured, while on the other, the surface is smooth. It ensures there is a uniform reflection of light in the room. I just love the textured walls because my hands feel it that way!

The outer space has heterogeneous sitting options to relax with a glass of wine with your lovers. The lounge chair is the quintessential option to enjoy the calmness of the beauty and sunbathing, whereas the bench and table are perfect for dinner parties and enjoying gossip with friends. The roof allows you to decorate it with hanging grape vines or flower climbers.

Exterior sitting of Casa Catarina

The inside glimpse of this luxury home is breathtaking. The dining space with the modular living room blends with huge glass panel windows. The spacious living area comforts your living with endless memories of playing games. Furthermore, wooden furnishings give an elegant look to the space. We love the ventilation spaces by the designer blended with modular and sophisticated furnishing.

Dining space of Casa Catarina

Why We Love This House in Mexico?

The first reason is the location and the space and airy ventilated rooms. Our utmost love is for the designer due to his minimalistic approach to making this casa living place. Furthermore, the textures and elements of the site add to its uniqueness.

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