How to Choose Art for Your Home: An Effective Guide for 2023

Choosing art for your home can be a tough nut to crack. But not when you follow the correct steps and have the right knowledge to do it.

How to choose art for your home

The last weekend was quite a rush into things, and somehow even with all my capabilities to work faster, over-timing in the beautiful starry nights, I ended with a spare time of just an hour. Take a moment and tell me what you would do if you had just an hour to spare. For those, who are obnoxious like me about spending time on nonsense, you might watch ASMR videos or home tours on YouTube. And with no surprise, I did the same. And my taste and preferences landed me on an exceptional series of Brut for celebrity home tours. Perhaps you are wondering what a home tour could do for me to relax for an entire week. Let me disclose my small secret here. I niggle about their indecorous choices with my caramel popcorn and try to analyse their faces and gestures while the host tries to be extra comfortable and whatnot. No hard feelings, but it’s just a toxic social activity for a greater sense of observation for humans like me. But, hey, I brought something good out of it for you. So, while I watched a famous businessman’s interiors, I saw numerous mistakes or interior blunders; you could say. Most notable was the selection of paintings for his living area, which turned his luxurious space into a faux pas. Now, I would not name the celebrity or the episode because for some of you; he is a good entrepreneur. Oops, dribbled the hints already. But, hey, I can’t imagine spending time with my adorable audience without humour. Back to the serious conversation (yet light), after watching those interior mistakes, I thought I should write a guide on how to choose art for your home, even if you hired the dumb interior designer you could find!

Steps to Choose the Suitable Illustration for Any Space.

1. Know Your Colour Theme of Space.

The foremost step is to choose the colour scheme of your home so that you can find a perfect fit for any addition to your interiors. For those of you who missed my previous articles on home decor, you might be wondering how colour schemes are usually selected. Not to worry, I will tell you again about it. So all you need to do is have a small board and make four columns- wall colour, flooring, furnishing, and additional item to be included in your interiors. Now for newbies, this trick works wonders, as all they need to do is select one combination that stands apart. On a note, do not try to include all the colours stupidly. Try to balance the colour coordination.

Once you know the first three columns, consider which colour could bring a suitable character to your home through mix-and-matching. For example, you have a white wall and wooden flooring with light brown furniture. Put their colour sample on the board, and you finally have the colour scheme of your space. On the fourth column, you can have a space for the colour of your painting. By this, I mean the dominant shade by which the artwork is recognised easily, or say first colour you see in any art.

2. Experiment With Colour Tonnes by Palette.

Once you have your colour scheme, it is crucial to picking wall art with a dominant colour complementing your interior. The dominant colour of your artwork can be light blue or black if your palette consists of the colours I mentioned earlier. Please understand that we are only mixing and matching the paintings since the selection process of how to choose art for your home is still two steps away. Also, it depends on your choice if you really need something striking for your space, like a dominant pink, red or orange. Following the conclusion of your dominant colour in the artwork, let us move on to the next stage.

3. Choose From the Kind of Artwork.

To learn and know about art, you have to be a regular reader of my articles on culture, but I understand your rush and quick decisions for choosing art for your home. So, I am giving you seven crucial types of paintings you can use in your space.

Abstract Paintings.

Over the internet, there are lots of illustrations, which feature non-representation forms and colours. Often they have no message behind them except the art of legendary SH Raza’s Bindu. For those who have a modern or contemporary home style can consider to have this. They will fill the emptiness of your space with soothing colours and perfect shapes.

Bindu by S.H. Raza Abstract painting for home

Landscape Paintings.

Well, I believe there are a few common genres of artworks, and landscape is one among them. You might see ocean waves or forests or mountains or wildlife. They all come under landscape painting. Mate, if you have interiors with a darker colour scheme, you can try using it and leave an outdoor representation.

The Repast of the lion by Henri Rousseau art poster


If you are looking forward to putting a statement into your space, you can try using this artwork. Now it can have any subject, either an influential personality, a historically prominent man or just a face with beauty. It all depends on you.

Self-Portrait at the age of twenty eight by Albrecht Durer


There are numerous still-life examples, like the dining area with a few apples and pineapples in the basket, flowers in a vessel or any other everyday item. Any painting which depicts the inanimate object as their subject is still life artwork, and one can include them to bring more hominess and cosiness into space.

Still Life with Fruit by Caravaggio

Pop Art.

Often, you see Marilyn Monroe smiling in pop bright colour sketches. They are a kind of pop art. If you are a big fan of comic characters, cartoons, or marvel, you can use them on your walls. I would especially prefer if anyone had eclectic or maximalism home interiors.

The Blue Marilyn by Andy Warhol Pop Art

Impressionist Paintings.

Paintings of movement or brushstrokes that convey movement are impressionist paintings. You can use them in your interiors if you really like to add motion to your space.

Garden at Sainte-Adresse by Claude Monet Impressionist art for home

As you know what kind of paintings are there over the internet, you can choose any artwork; as per your personality and colour scheme. For example, if you are playful and joyous every time, you can use impressionist paintings. They are brightly colour painting which looks fantastic when you are farther, and their loose brushstrokes give meticulous movement. Once you know the perfect illustration, it is time for the next step of choosing art for your home.

4. Try to Get the Handcrafted Frame.

The next crucial thing after picking wall art is selecting the frame; you want to put on display. Numerous people go for the furnishing coloured wooden frame to keep the colours in balance. You can try choosing between oak, mahogany and pine wood as they add warmth to your space and a peaceful environment to your home. Next, you have gilded frames, which represent luxury. They have a golden hue tint, which looks elegant, but an extra presence can damage your interior look. Maximalism look or mid-century modern interiors are the great picks here.

You can also choose to have metal frames if you prefer a modern painting with a desire for sleekness in your space. It is better to have wooden ones among all since the addition of shiny metals needs to be well balanced with the core of your home. But if you are an expert in mix-matching, go for it.

You can also try to put ornate frames, which add complete drama to your inside or a custom-made wooden frame. See, you don’t need to be confused, as these are just options to think about. Your palette board can help you to choose this. Experimentation makes you perfect.

5. Find a Perfect Position.

Once you have your painting and frame ready, it is time to embellish your interiors with it. Before you add them to your space, always remember it must be the first visible spot upon entry to change your mood into serene and calmness. Also, try to place it away from sunlight to avoid damaging it.

Furthermore, always try to add some source of soft light nearby, so that it reflects its colours lightly. The best ones are small shaded lamps, floor lamps and ceiling lights. But remember to keep those sources one hand distance with your painting for the best effects.

Legend! You are now a beginner beauty in the field of picking wall art. I am proud of you that you have progressed so well in the genre. Now, bring some creativity and decision-making skills within you and start adding the correct type of artwork to your home. But before you do so, I have a few tips for you from my end for each of your rooms; so that you do not confuse midway (also because I wanted my guide on how to choose art for your home to be useful).

Tips to Choose an Outstanding Artwork for Living Room.

Often, you start picking wall art based on a beauty totally out of context with your current space. Hence, to make it more relatable, you must absorb the vibe of any area where you are placing it. Living areas are full of energy with charm, inviting and fresh. So, you have to maintain decorum and choose any artwork fitting them. For example, I have Maa by S.H. Raza hanging in my living space.

The next crucial point is that try choosing art which has red or orange colours preceding as they are an indication of exciting energy. You can also hang abstract art if you have a minimalist or Scandinavian interior. It works best as the colours in it fill the emptiness with grace.

Living room paintings of Elsa Hosk

Tips to Choose the Right Painting for Bedroom.

I would say that bedroom is the first and last place of our day, so the art hung here must be exceptionally wise. You can choose bedroom art based on your personal moments or travel diaries, which you adore seeing every day. Or you can go for a landscape painting where you wish to be or a unique piece from a local artist to make it look stand apart. Remember that your personality must be seen through it as it concerns your personal space, and anything which opposes it might not be the right choice. If nothing fits, the best tip I can give to you is to choose art based on your emotion. Ask yourself, what was the first emotion you felt once you saw the art and do you want to face it every day?

Two art frames in a bedroom

On an important note, always try having two paintings in your bedroom for a better focal point of your room.

Tips to Choose the Correct Art for Workspace.

It becomes necessary to design a workspace where you can always be motivated to drift apart with your negativity and frustration while working. Hence, the best tip is an artwork with a place you wish to explore or still life paintings which can add creativity and thoughts to your productivity.

The best tip I can give you here is you can always choose a chakra-balancing painting to radiate a good flow of energy when you get disappointed by anything in your work.

Bindu artwork by S.H. Raza for office decor

Your answer to how to choose art for your home is now crystal clear, but i am feeling chatty and kind to share the following advice.

Make Smart Mistakes.

Legend, before we conclude, I have something to share with you. Some days back, when I asked my grandmother to let me redecorate her old space, she strictly neglected me for doing so. It’s not because she wanted them to be the same but because she wanted to do it. Upon asking, she replied that a home must be more about your choices, personality, ideas, and energy rather than a perfect person to do so. Sometimes even imperfections by you make it stand apart. Next, she redone her entire space, and I loved it. So, try making mistakes but smart ones, which belong to you. And all the best for choosing art for your home!

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