Living Room Plants: Suitable For All Interior Types

Finding living room plants for every lighting condition is a task. Therefore for pretty decor, we picked 17 plants for any interior.

Living room plants

For three days now, my living room has been filled with several indoor plants, and I am loving it more than ever, more than even walking to the beachfront. Despite all the beauty, there is a great deal of hard work and struggle behind it. And we all know it very well. So, the journey to furnish my living room with a minimalist accent gave me extra work to go through several books and catalogues and even meaningful knowledgeable conversations with local designers. However, the trickiest part of refurbishing my entire space was choosing the correct plants. Now you might wonder or ask me, hey Mahima, each plant is beautiful, so how I bothered to find a good one? So my answer to your confusion is that due to the lighting issues, accent plays, good luck stuff and many more, it was really strenuous to find one perfect pot for the purpose. Now that you know about the article, let me give you the ultimate guide to choosing living room plants and making it stand apart.

Best Plants for Living Room With Adequate Light, Warmth and Humidity.

Before I quickly tell you about some great living room plants for a perfect warm space, let me introduce you to a common mistake that most people do. You don’t have to bother, as even the best indoor gardeners usually come across it in their early days. And this is why it becomes crucial for all of us to emphasize. It is about placing one particular plant in the exact location throughout the year. See, even though north-facing rooms have a substantial amount of sunlight in summer, they have variably lesser natural light in winter. So the positioning of the plants should always be paid attention to. The Living Area has a brighter and warmer ambience than any other section of the home, so spring-flowering indoor plants are best. Let me list a few for the same.

1. Marguerite daisy.

There is no better greeting plant than a marguerite daisy for your indoors. Despite the fact that they only bloom in the winter, these are annual plants. As I have them in my hallway, I can attest to their greatness. There are no such demands of them except a well-drained and moist soil with a better sunlight spot. You can keep them inside the living area near windows where they can breathe in the fresh air and absorb most sunlight.

Marguerite daisy flowering living room plants for adequate light
Marguerite daisy | Source: micheile dot com / Unsplash

2. Italian bellflower Or Campanulla isophylla.

If you are among the flowering enthusiasts who love purple or white colour flowers in their space for decoration and an atmosphere, do not miss these mesmerizing bellflowers. You don’t have to get these living room plants into large pots, as even hanging baskets can help them bloom. These are lavender-looking flowers but do have excellent resilience to grow. All you need to do is put them near light wind areas or spots with partial shade and keep good moisture in the soil. They are obviously peace-loving, making the best effect on your growing and nurturing relationships.

White coloured Campanulla isophylla
White Campanulla isophylla | Source: Payakoff, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

3. Narcissus or Daffodils.

There is no such woman around the corner who knows nothing about daffodils. The yellow colour of the flowers provides me with comfort and warmth through visualization, making them my favourite type of flower. If you are going to include these living room plants in your area, you have to take special care of them, as they need at least six hours of great sunlight and well-drained soil. Place them near your windows or the entrance, which has sunny spots and enjoy their breathtaking blooms.

Flowering indoor plants
Yellow Daffodils | Source: The Spruce / Evgeniya Vlasova

4. Hedera helix or English Ivy.

Their trailing growth and instantly recognizable leaves make them the best plants for living room. Potting them outdoors on a balcony with bright sunlight and placing their one branch or segment inside through windows is the best way to incorporate them into your interiors. As they grow, you will see better growth in your financial life and relationships, so make sure you have them. If you think there is no way you can place them outside, try to hang them in a bright or sunny spot. And even if this goes in vain, you can try fluorescent lighting. The plant does not grow as wildly indoors as it does outdoors, so it can be considered a lower-maintenance houseplant.

Hedera helix or English ivy an indoor plant for living room with adequate light
English Ivy | Source:

5. Gerbera jamesonii Or Barberton daisy.

This flower, also known as an African daisy, can turn a sad day into one of inspiration. A bright spot in the sun and well-drained soil are the only requirements for a perfect bloom. Your indoors will love them, as who misses daisies over anything? Try to include these living room plants nearby your balconies or windows of your living space. And if you have a work desk setup near an excellent natural light spot, do not miss them.

Gerbera jamesonii or Barberton daisy best plants for living room with adequate light
Barberton daisy | Source: Rebecca Niver / Unsplash

Indoor Plants for Living Room With Utmost Sunlight.

Due to the adverse amount of sunlight available in most of our homes, we can nourish our favourite houseplants. A sunny living room is an obvious place to display your exquisite taste in indoor plants. It is a hostile place for all the sun-lovers, but at the peak of the light, you can convert your entire space into a blooming and nourishing area. My coming list is of living room plants that thrive in the sun, so even in the hottest months of summer, you enjoy blooms.

1. Flaming Sword.

Flaming sword belongs to the Bromeliad family, where you will find a burst of colour and combination. Known for thin and orangish leaves, they are popular choices for indoor gardening. You don’t need to maintain them regularly as they are low-maintenance and easy-growing plants. The interesting thing about them is that they move towards direct sunlight, like attaching themselves to trees. It has to have fine sunlight, not too much, but it cannot survive in the dark. They are excellent decorative indoor plants for living room, balconies and even office desks (in the living area).

Flaming sword Bromeliad planted in a garden
Red Flaming Sword | Source: Karl Gercens

2. Rainbow Star Plant.

If you love short and tiny vegetation with beautiful foliage, it is one of the perfect living room plants to have. These belong to the Bromeliad family, so some others, like Guzmanias, Neorgelias, and Aechmeas, are also suitable for potting. You can put them on your table tops, dish gardens, on living area walls and extract the best look from them. Take care to water them regularly and prevent them from hotter and brightest sunlight.

Cryptanthus Rainbow Star Plant for indoor with heavy sun exposure
Cryptanthus Rainbow Star Plant | Source: Air Plant Decor

3. Urn Plant.

Urn plants, also known as silver vases, are popular for indoor display as bromeliads from the Aechmea genus. Common names stem from the shape of the plant’s centre, which resembles an urn or vase. Upon maturing, the plant produces a large flower head that can last from midsummer to early winter. It looks beautiful as the large vessel-shaped leaves and the pink flower takes away all the glamour of the surroundings within itself. Go for it without giving it a thought.

Urn Living Room Plants
Urn Plant | Source: Florgeous

4. Geranium.

In addition to making popular bedding plants, geraniums are also grown indoors or out in hanging baskets in the garden. It is easy to snowball them if you give them adequate sunlight and well-drained potting soil. The excellent red colour of the flowers makes them suitable for indoor decoration to brighten up the space. You can even use them in cottage gardens, window boxes, and hanging baskets to encourage the space to radiate its best beauty.

Geranium indoor plants
Geranium | Source: Stan Shebs via Encyclopædia Britannica

5. Golden Trumpet.

If you are a vine lover, provide your living space with plenty of warmth and colour through golden trumpets in the plenty of sun. These are some of the best plants for living room with good southern or western exposure, which means you must have good light and a thermostat to enjoy the rich yellow flower and foliage. You can also try potting them on the balcony and taking the branches inside the window to give a vernacular look to your living space if you don’t have adequate lights.

Closeup of Golden Trumpet flower and plant
Golden Trumpet | Source: Maniraj M B / Flickr

Living Room Plants That Will Survive Under Cool Lighting.

By cool light, I meant cool-morning sunlight or a really light and north-facing window. So here, if you have a living room with just a big window with some sunshine, you can try decorating it by using the following plants. Remember that the list here only provides you with the names of such plants, which you can try in indoors. There is nothing wrong with keeping them, but almost all of them can adorn only your living room window with great colour and texture. So if you don’t have sunlight or any direct source of light, unlike you staying in a mirror house, try skipping this portion for choosing houseplants. However, you can always sneak them into your space by having a window boundary.

1. Azalea.

Azaleas are the most flourishing and beautiful houseplants if you love braided stems. Your only concern should be that you must have a good source of natural light. You will brighten up any day with these pinkish flowers, regardless of how gloomy it is. It’s winter time, and azaleas bloom in the season, so choosing them as your winter blooms is an excellent idea. One graceful habit of theirs is that when you keep them a little away from sunlight, they will try to stretch themself towards it. Finally, they will create a beautiful aroma indoors as well.

Azelea blooming indoor plants for living room
Azalea | Source: Proven Winters

2. African Hemp.

The best evergreen shrub you can gift to your indoors is the African hemp plant. See, we have already learnt lots of flowering plants, but white colour foliage with yellow stamens to mesmerize you every day can not be missed in this long list of living room plants. Plus it is never enough to give your best shot to the spring flowers. A partial shade can work for African hemp, which does not require a lot of sunlight. I must say that your dinner tabletop is incomplete without them.

African hemp flowers and living room plants
African hemp | Source: Sheila’s collection / Flickr

3. Black-Eyed Susan.

If you appreciate wildflowers of the UK and are madly in love with the fast-growing traits of a plant, then buddy, this is for you. All you need is a few seeds and good soil, and see the magic in just 4-5 months. Trust me, they are all worth having in your garden. It is possible to grow them indoors, but they need a lot of sunlight, so if you have a window that burns in the scorching heat of the sun, place them there.

Black-eyed Susan are the best plants for living room that also have flowers
Black-eyed Susan | Source: Qwertzy2 at the English-language Wikipedia, via Wikimedia Commons

4. Lilies.

Another flower which comes in lots of colours and makes a great ambience is lilies. They require plenty of sunlight and well-draining soil along with your constant attention to maintain them for your indoor garden. There are several colour varieties of Asiatic lilies, and each bulb produces numerous flowers. So you can definitely pick these indoor plants for living room, but you can also try choosing border lilies or orienpet lilies. They resemble peace and prosperity and bring sweetness to your relationships as well.

Asiatic Lilies flowering indoor plants
Asiatic Lilies | Source: De Selva / Flickr

If You Have an Utterly Dark and Shady Living Room

Now you know that flowering houseplants can not survive in the shady areas of your home because they need maximum light to thrive. And for beautiful foliage, you have to keep them in some bright spots. But, hey, that doesn’t mean those shady living areas are not capable of thriving plants. Instead, there are much more plants for a darker environment. Now check on the final list of the plants for a less light living room.

1. Ferns.

The easiest-growing and probably the best plants for living room or any indoor space are ferns, which require neither bright light nor direct sunlight to thrive. They come in a variety so that you don’t need to compromise with the corners of your living area with the same plant every time. You can try button fern, holly fern, bird’s nest fern, asparagus fern, tree fern and rabbit foot fern. Depending on your requirements for size and texture, you will be able to choose the best one for you. However, my suggestion is to have all of them in your indoors.

Holly Ferns next to Buddha Statue
Holly Ferns | Source: Wilson Bros Gardens

2. Narrow Leaf Fig or Ficus binnendijikii.

Narrow-leaf figs are beautiful indoor plants for nourishing a minimalist look to your living area. However, my only concern is their maintenance. These living room plants do not need much light, but they can not survive in shady areas too. You can take them outside and give them fresh air and sunlight for an hour or two, but you cannot isolate them in darkness for an extended period of time. It might be worth your while to put a little effort into it, but they will pay off, I promise.

Ficus binnendijkii plant for living room
Ficus binnendijkii | Source: @casaverdesj / Instagram

3. Snake Plant

The snake plant is the least bothered plant, one that promotes oxygen, and the most prosperous plant for your finances. Whether you have space or not, you can find a little space for the snake plant pot. Also, they come in two varieties, a golden one and a normal one. You can also pair them in a single small pot and put them in a bedroom, living area and kitchen. You don’t need tonnes of light as they grow in lighter shades and even thrive in the lowest light.

Snake plants for living room
Snake Plants | Source: Ugaoo

Embellish These Living Room Plants in Your Space and Your Way.

A few seconds ago, I suggested a great source of information about indoor plants for living room. The choice as to how to embellish them and include them is entirely yours. Do not get bothered by the selection process as every single plant speaks and raises a story. Also, the best part of having plants is all your effort through your muddy hands. Now, here’s a quick task for you. You have to select at least one plant from each category above, as per maintenance and suitable conditions. Try putting them and experimenting with the look. Don’t forget to express your creativity by pinning your images in the comments below. Let me see what my buddy is capable of. All the very best!


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