This Mexican Home Blends Too Well With the Nature

Casa los Tigres is a Mexican home by César Béjar Architecture and Luis Fernando Sánchez that presents the best natural surroundings and an open layout to complement its minimalist interiors.

Mexican Home

While I was dead on my feet and considered taking a twenty-minute power nap, I reflected inside to get the emerging thought that there is never enough time to rest amid endless work demands. Whether it be a weekday or weekend, it seems that we millennials are scratching our bottoms to work harder and consistently push ourselves to become what we always dream of. And it is incredible that we work and never give our minds to rust in emptiness, but balance is a must. Despite knowing the value of equilibrium concisely more than the always-on-the-go, shortcut-prone Gen Z, we often compromise it for the sake of productivity. While we live in a pressured society and operate in a stressful system, there is a need that does not always end with a vacation but a different system that can always offer us the advantage of peaceful minds and comfortable lives. It is none other but a nature-inspired architecture of our home. You might think about how architecture helps to degrade mental trauma. So let me quote you from the oldest architect, Vitruvius, there is no architecture which does not solve a problem. The problem with our current livelihood is our stressful and busy lives, and the only thing that will help is a good home which makes us miss it even if we are on the beaches of Bali or nature escape hiking. And good home never ends with only luxury but a lifestyle and an experience of life every moment. Obviously, there’s only one innocent being that can help us: plants. So, today I brought you a Mexican home that fulfils the continuous aim of living in harmony with nature. Hold your breath as I am taking you inside Casa Los Tigres, designed by César Béjar Architecture and Luis Fernando Sánchez and photography by César Béjar Studio.

Travelling Through the Exteriors and Interiors of Casa Los Tigres.


The beautiful exteriors include a central property inside a warm green lush surrounding with long trees. If we look inside the common space that connects the two of its buildings, we will find that there is no compromise with trees and the rustic look through the wooden-modest sitting and balls on a paved flooring. Imagine you are inviting over your friends to this modern and minimalist Mexican home and having a French-style breakfast with the pops easy on your mind or someday you can star gaze while having your favourite drink with your dogs or cats. In either case, the best thing is to experience the moonlight sparkling on your skin a little more, the soft breeze through the dancing leaves of a tree, and the adorable dark sky coveted in the sheet of stars with your loved one, which is all that you need for a perfect date. Now if you have already been into daydreaming, I am nudging you for a bit to give you a look at the living area of this Mexican home.

Living Area.

With airy ventilation, the living room has a concrete-coloured slant ceiling, adding more character, light and space to it. Further there is a harmony between wall and flooring is through the use of wooden-finished walls and tiled flooring, also complementing the higher slant roofs. Now to add a weighted simplicity blend in with creativity, there is a minimalist white sofa, a low-level dark wood table and a recliner chair. Further, in addition, there is a minimalist carpet and two big-rustic potteries, enhancing the touch of coherence. Whatever you choose to do, whether you enjoy reading near the table or taking a power nap on the recliner chair, it is all worth it. Or should I say that the classic move is having a perfectly blended Arabica coffee with your beloved while talking about your day on the sofa?

Living room of the Casa los Tigres

Kitchen Plus Dining Area.

There are no close-up pictures of the kitchen and dining areas, but little did I know the living room of this Mexican home extends into the dining and kitchen areas. With the circular dining table and modest soft wooden chairs, the white bottom creates a contrast, ensuring that you are never alone enough to sip tea alone. Of course, the round furniture helps to maintain completeness with your own, which we see here. The same furniture-themed kitchen has a clutter-free environment and is spacious enough to dedicate some time to reading your favourite recipe and following the instructions to cook for you. After you spend a satisfying time with your photographic food, it is time to check for the bedroom.

Patio of the Mexican home Casa los Tigres


Finally, as you enter the bedroom, you see a nature-inspired minimalist bedroom that adds well to the interiors of this Mexican home. The fact that this casa has only the most important items to enjoy and doesn’t have unnecessary clutter is especially appealing to me.

The minimalist bedroom of Casa los Tigres by Cesar Bejar Studio

Using a shining metal ball as a decor attic, a soft bed, and potted plants, the designer put an effort into this bedroom to complete its Japanese style with low furniture and tranquil surroundings. There is no better way to find pleasure than to spend a romantic evening in an open-air comfortable bedroom (wink-wink).

Final Words.

I want to end the article with one last statement: no matter what tastes you have or which choices you prefer, I assure you that nothing can relieve your stress like fresh air from the great outdoors. And as the climate needs these living creatures, let us pledge to make our homes more beautiful with them similar to how the designers of this Mexican home did!

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