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Mid-century design enhances life by its functionality and organic style. Confused how to cover every corner? Don’t worry, this is the easiest guide to help.

Mid century interior design

Last night I saw a dream, and yes, unlike most ones, my brain remembers the close details of me walking through the long iconic streets with shiny, bright, showy colours, exposed to neon tubing and reflective metallic surfaces. As I paused to absorb the beauty around me, I saw a coffee shop adoring vintage style. The pleasant aroma of coffee blended with dreamy interior characteristics whispers in my ear, and I get carried away by it. As I stepped inside, I saw people sitting on stools near the counter and tables just by the long windows. In the middle of this chat noise, my mind told me to divert towards a pleasant song playing on the record player, and I suddenly realized- it was Elvis Presley, my favourite. After having a hot latte and spending some time with my cat Jinxy, I took my journey back home. As I woke up, I saw Jinxy, next to me, relaxed and watching me sleep. I picked her up, opened my curtains, and moved towards my coffee machine- I suppose, in reality, we have to do a thing on our own. While I took my coffee and thought of the dream, I realized that my home needs redecoration and what is better than the mid century interior design?

So, now that you know why we are here, well to get a classic mid century modern interior, let’s bring our dreams to reality and move a step ahead of decorating our place into one.

Steps to Decorating Mid Century Way.

1. Embellish Your Walls With Perfect Colours.

Colours can’t go wrong any day and anytime. You must know that this kind of interior was a trendsetter after world war 2, so the Americans were on the mission to spend more time in a snuggling environment with their families around nature. Colours have a crucial role to play in overcoming any mental pressure. In fact, when I am overwhelmed by overwork and disinterested in anything else, I give my walls a makeover with some colourful hands.

Do not hesitate to use some olive green, loud orange, fire engine red, or neon shades but do not use too much of it as it will over-read your surroundings.

Further, wood panels are a classier choice than you might expect. In mid century modern interior design, there are materials like plywood, vinyl, glass or wood; you can use them at your convenience. Choose it and shop it! It’s that simple.

2. Using Minimal Ornamentation Is a New Class.

It is common to replenish any area with the use of minimalism decor, and that is the target theme of mid century modern interior design. Understand it this way you have to keep things airy, spacy and well coordinated with a bare minimum of clutter. So using powerful message sculpture, statement pieces, and sometimes basic accessories.

3. Your Sofas Do Need a Makeover.

Well, I should have covered the whole upholstery at the same place, but I felt that sofas, chairs, and tables are different; and they have a lot more to discuss besides size and comfort. So while we welcome the discussion of chick and slim sofas, we must not forget to give homage to the mid-century designs through it. Anything abstract with high craftmanship that looks expensive is the cheat code you can take from the style. Well, you can always thank me later for quick codes!

4. Use Chairs That Let Run Your Creative Mind Around.

Whether we work, talk with our guests, or have dinner, we need our butts to be comfortable, so we need chairs for the purpose. Now picking up as per our mid century interior design is a tricky one. But as usual, I am here to help! All you need to find is a comfortable, simple, sumptuous designed chair with the thinnest legs possible. Yeah, Exactly, a model-legged chair but with a contrasting and bright appearance. For the mid-century modern living room or bedroom, you can prefer low seating, lounges, shell chairs made from plastic and consoles of plain surfaces.

5. Rugs Can Never Be Replaced.

Rugs are the next subtle thing of a peaceful atmosphere, and if the point of the mid-century interior is calmness, then obviously, you can not miss them. In addition, it brings texture and colours to your space. Whether you slumber over to read your favourite book or your cat finds home on it, rugs are pretty yes to every occasion. Colourful rugs are all you need for a bomb shade blast! Of course, there are colour themes for them from the mid-century interiors catalogue, which I am putting down here. Choosing the right colour palette for your rugs can be strenuous, but there is a simple trick to picking things. Anything that eases your eyes means picking up the warm, toned and hue shades.

Mid century interior colour palette
Mid century colour palettes by Thrive Home Furnishings

6. Great Tables Bring Natural Vibes.

It is the signature style of mid century interior design to own a giant dining table with fancy, simple and fun legs. You must emphasize that coffee or dining tables should be made of wood with brass tones or contrasts to give them a sleek look. Now the dining ones can be round or small-rectangular shaped with something extra-ordinary with their legs.

7. Mirrors for Your Glamourous Everyday Life.

There is a saying that no house can be without our reflections on those shiny accessories. I know it is kind of bad because I just created this. Though the accessories, I refer to here are mirrors. Whether you take 80s designs, 90s designs or just mid century interior design, you can’t miss mirrors, but hey, they all are different. Let me tell you about the last one. The best combination of design and geometry can be seen in those asymmetrical-dazzling mirrors from the mid-century era. Ensure your surroundings are dazzled with luxurious reflections by selecting inexpensive mirrors that look expensive!

8. Cabinets Are All You Want for Large Clutter.

Remove your space’s clutter as the first step to redecorating. The enormous almirah storage in my home keeps me from decluttering unless I’m asked. The most stylish almirahs from the outside have trash inside, so we don’t compromise on their first appearance. Choose a trendy mid century cabin interior that is extra large and can help you to get rid of all of it. Sleek and stylish with a hefty radio body, derived from Scandinavian design is the cheat point here. You can not go without the geometrical patterns, so it is a big yes too.

9. Perfect Lighting Can Give a Makeover to Anything.

When you first check the mid-century lights, you will find there are unlimited options but what I see is the hanging light everywhere. You will rarely find those wall-mounted lights or lamps, but due to the epic taste of designers and their creativity, we have a few options of floor lamps and table lamps that are just perfect than your eyeliner, I guess! So here we are with the temptation of finding that one appealing lighting solution for your home space that flickers your attention every time. There is no doubt that daylights are less preferred due to the coordination of sunlight with the interior plants in your windows.

10. Nature Was Always Our Buddy.

This step was always familiar to you till the start of this article. As we know that nature is the best healer. Sometimes all my frustration, work stress, and fatigues go away with a hot-cocoa cup with my plant pots on the balcony!

All you have to do is choose great interior plants and outdoor ones but please, instead of hiring someone to do that for you, go with your partner to buy them. Just a tip!

11. Colour Contrasting Fabrics Are a Must-Have.

Now with all the simplicity, colours are the must thing. Whether we are lying on a white or grey recliner, or a black mattress bed, we have to add some pastels to keep ourselves with the trend. We must not neglect soothing colours at any cost, as they are essential to our well-being. By the way, if you still think about the contrasting fabrics, let me tell you that you need to put a few colourful pillows, rugs, door hangings, and a throw blanket. Check out a few ideas below.

Mid century style Sofa with throw blanket and cushions
By Dress Your Home


The other day I found myself stuck in a dilemma about how to create a new look for my apartment; I checked out easy guides to help me. Sadly, I haven’t found any, so this is for us all. In case I missed something important, please let me know in the comments below and I’d be happy to add it as well as credit. Now since the weekend is on, let us redecorate our surroundings in the best possible way in mid century interior design.

Frequently Asked Questions.

What is mid-century interior design?

Mid-century interior design is a style that abandoned European modernism and flourished around the United States post-Second World War. It is a stress-relieving style with natural tones and an emphasis on outdoor spaces.

What are the characteristics of mid-century design?

Mid-century design is characterized widely by its cosy and stress-relieving space. To achieve it, designers use minimal orientation, raw textures, plants, colour contrasts, geometrical patterns, and unique lights.

What colours are mid-century?

The idea of picking mid-century colours is to overcome mental pressure. You can use neutral shades with clever accents of colours like olive green, loud orange, fire engine red, or neon shades.

What makes the best mid-century interiors?

Clean space, exposure to natural light, plants, and contrasting colours are some of the essential elements for mid-century style interiors.

Is mid-century design still popular?

Mid-century style is still popular and growing largely to dominate further in 2023. One of the reasons is its minimal layout, modern styling as well as comfort.


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