A Modern Home Design From Parallel Universe | Mirror House

The Mirror House by Luis Fernando, though is a life like visualisation provides deep insights on how an open layout, modern elements and nature can go well together.

To all those lovely people with beautiful smiles, I am back again presenting you a superficially breath-taking architecture. As always, we will start this article with a question. Have you ever dreamt of living in a mirror house? By mirror house, I meant a clear glass-paneled modern home design that is see-through and has a surrounding of lush green vegetation. I can already see your enthusiasm, which is why I wrote this article. The Mirror House by Luis Fernando is no less than a real-life render project.

Let us start with a calming breath that will make you relieved from any stress or anxiety of the day. You know, what is the best thing about reading? It takes you on a journey across the world, and inspires you to make your day more merrily. Once you have inhaled lots of oxygen in your lungs, it’s time to release it through your mouth. No! I am probably not a Yoga teacher, but I can make you healthy mentally. It is time to get a hot chocolate mug with marshmallows and comfort your back on a sofa. Now let us explore the mesmerizing house.

Originally made in the middle of the vegetation, nature reflects its tranquility and calmness through this modern home design. This glass house is in a rectangular plot layout that makes it look perfect and functional at the same time. The reflecting mirror allows you to see everything outside you. The gleaming shiny stars or the first sun rays passing through the mirrors will fill you with positive energies. Its corners have bulged through black outlines that give it a bold look. The silverish low heightened stairs to enter this heavenly place are the right way to contemplate the modern look.

On stepping in to this mirror house, you find yourself greeted with the green couch that is comfortable enough and gives you the feeling of abundance. The asymmetric white low platform furniture blends well. Imagine having fun board games with your favorite people. It already takes me to think about it. A large LED is all set for the endless action thriller movie nights. An off-white rounded table with a cylinder-shaped balance is beautiful and proportionate to balance all the elements in this setting. The symmetrically shaped flooring is also a noteworthy addition by the designer. With the grey carpet under the couch, the place fills itself with grace and softness. The ceiling with wooden touch gives a rough texture to the area deliberating the bare minimum spotlights from the upper head.

The charcoal black buffet looks exceptional with the minimalistic white chair with golden legs in the dining area. The other end having an elevated board with raw wood finish also goes well with the white chairs. Whether, it’s a brief conversation, a meditative read, or maybe a little work in the office, this corner is perfect. Working here would fill us with great ideas.

The grey kitchen platform with lots of space allows you to cook connoisseur of Indian food. Why Indian food? I would recommend that you make it just once, so you will know how much space it requires! The white almirahs are the perfect solution to endless storage problems.

Why We Adore This Project?

A simple and elegant solution to living a life in the lap of nature is found here with this modern home design of architectural beauty. Lots of natural light, calmness, and serenity are the dominant aspects of this project that made me fall for it. Moreover, there is a lot of space which makes it possible to have yoga sessions here.

Let me know how you responded to my very first question in the comments. Also, these small dates with you here over the articles relieve me from every stress. I hope I do the same for you!


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